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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

It saves you the time and hassle of searching every nook and cranny of the web for the best flight deals.
Review Pros
If you’re primarily seeking discounts on last-minute domestic travel, Premium’s Weekend Warrior deals are for you.
You can customize your profile so that you’re only shown deals for the departure airports and destinations that are relevant to your upcoming trip.
It sends well laid-out fare alert emails.
You get great deal alerts sent straight to your inbox.
With the premium plan, you can choose your preferred airlines and well as the departure airports.
It’s super cheap.
Premium version has the ability to select any departure airport.
You can access flight deals from DFC’s mobile app for Android and iOS.
You don’t have to worry about booking in a single session after clicking through an affiliate link.
The getaways show not only destinations on sale, but the percentage you save if you book the flight.
DFC does not earn a commission for any bookings or any of the premium perks redeemed.
Dollar Flight Club has both free and premium membership options.
With international availability, it doesn’t matter where you are – you can receive fare alerts.
You can start a 7-Day Free Trial, so theres no risk at all.
When you first sign up, you get a 7-day free trial.
You’ll even have a 7-day free trial to decide if it’s for you before your card gets charged.
The app features guides and resource articles.
Having the convenience of getting emails directly to your inbox for your preferred destinations will save you a lot of time!
The average savings per ticket is over $500 USD.
Site offers pro tips to help you find better deals.
It’s perfect for those with limited vacation days as it makes it easier to find cheap flights over the weekend.
They have a dedicated flight finding team and more resources at their disposal than you since finding cheap flights is their raison d’etre.
Dollar Flight Club will provide better value to frequent travellers who fly at least 3-4 times per year.
It’s tailored to your chosen airport, the class you want to fly and the places you would like to visit.
DFC Premium members enjoy special perks with DFC’s travel vendor partners.
If you want to get the flight deal alerts via text message, you can add your phone number.
Premium members only get deals with their departure locations, so it’s very personalized and relevant to you.
Premium members can pick their airports.
You’ll also find some amazing reviews and feedback from fellow travellers on their social media.
If you act on only one deal, Premium pays for itself many times over.
If you run into any difficulties or have a question, Dollar Flight Club also have a help centre where you can view FAQs and a number of other articles about your membership.
Dollar Flight Club has a very simple pricing structure with just two options.
Dollar Flight Club is the only one that has the iPhone app and offers text message notifications.
A 30 day money back guarantee is also offered.
You also have the option of adding in a mobile number if you want to receive SMS notifications.
The 7 Free Day Trial allows you to try out the Premium Plan so you can see the full value of Dollar Flight Club without any obligation.
They offer 30-day money-back guarantee.
It’s best for people who don’t love every aspect of travel research, and want to know they’re getting the best deal.
Premium members get a “Book Now” button.
You’ll have the option to choose a free subscription, or upgrade to a premium membership plan.
If you buy just one flight with your subscription, the service pays for itself 10X.
As a Premium member, you can choose up to five departure airports.
DFC offers a no-obligation 14-day trial of the Premium plan.
There’s a 7 day free trial on the Premium Membership.
The plane fares from the Dollar Flight Club are typically 60%-90% off and the savings average around $500.
It has easy-to-use interface.
You can choose to get these deals sent via email or text.
You can accurately determine whether there is value in paying for the Premium Plan once your trial is over.

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❌ Cons

Some of the deals that DFC comes across are usually for specific dates.
Many deals are time sensitive.
The Departure Region isn’t always the one you select.
It’s still a new service, finding its niche.
The specificity of DFC’s Premium plan may actually hinder mobile members looking for wider discount options.
There is no android app.
Only premium members get the new Weekend Warrior deals which are US domestic flights that save you $250 per ticket.
You will see great deals, but you have to search to find the dates and other relevant information.
DFC’s Free plan allows you to choose your home region only.
The best flight deals that you receive are often specific to certain dates .
To me, the biggest downfall is the number of emails you get.
I’d prefer if the deals listed in my dashboard where organized by departing airport, as currently they all appear in a single section meaning you have to look around.
I’d also like it if the email alerts could be sent for selected airports, not all that I chose to get alerts from.
The free deals they send are generally for departures from US airports.
Phone support is currently not available.
You would need to cancel the monthly membership after 4 months to save money over the annual plan.
DFC doesn’t have a built-in search engine.
DFC’s Free plan is ad-supported, meaning its deal alert emails feel cluttered and commercial.
It isn’t worth signing up at the moment if you predominately travel business class or only travel domestically and live outside the USA.
Since the initial publication of this article they’ve changed their membership tiers and scope of service.
Basic members aren’t able to book flights.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Whether you start out as a free member, or jump into a premium membership straight away, the only way to describe Dollar Flight Club is that it’s f****ing awesome! I guarantee it will save you SO much money on flights.
The team at the Dollar Flight Club spend all day, every day, trawling through the internet looking for cheap airfares, discounted flights and any deal out there. It’s tailored to your chosen airport, the class you want to fly and the places you would like to visit. They make travel for people like you and me so much easier, and affordable. You can start a 7-Day Free Trial, so theres no risk at all.
Dollar Flight Club does what it says it does: finds flight deals. But it doesn’t do it all. There are a lot of keystrokes you have to hit to complete the process.The site allows you to find fares but you can’t book through it. It basically works in conjunction with sites like Google Flights, Momondo, Skiplagged and and on carrier websites. Those places are where you book the flights.
Dollar Flight Club (DFC) is a technology-based company that helps its 500,000 members save money on flights. You won’t find a bunch of people manually searching for flight deals behind the scenes (like at Scott’s Cheap Flights). Instead, the technology aggregates flight data to identify outliers and find the best deals on air travel. It’s the easiest way to find cheap flights because they do all the work for you!
Mighty Travels and Dollar Flight Club exceed the other guys with international departure airport availability. None of these services are good for searching one-way flight deals (which is important for many digital nomads). In some cases, though, I’ve followed up on some of these fare alerts and performed one-way searches and found comparably good deals.
Dollar Flight Club caters to experienced domestic and international travelers who frequently depart from one home airport — or, at most, a handful of home airports. If you’re planning an international trip in the next year or two, there’s little downside to springing for the Premium plan, which pays for itself many times over with a single booking. Overall, Dollar Flight Club is a great choice for international travelers and domestic weekenders looking for serious airfare discounts.
Dollar Flight Club has both free and premium membership options. Premium members can pick their airports and the travel nerds at Dollar Flight Club will use their algorithms to scour the internet for deals specific to their airports. When they find one, you’ll get an email. The flight deals that you receive will be the cheapest that are currently available, therefore, the deal destinations are random. Perfect for someone just looking for an adventure at a great price.
Dollar Flight Club is a very useful tool to have in your toolbox when it’s time to find incredibly cheap international flights. The service will save you a ton of time and a ton of money by delivering the very best flight deals straight to your inbox and cell phone and by alerting you to error fares and other fleeting deals before they vanish.If you rarely fly internationally the free membership might be the best option for you but if you travel once a year or more the premium membership should pay for itself 10 times over.
The premise of Dollar Flight Club is quite simple. You tell them where you live, where you want to go and then receive deals directly to your inbox or phone. Depending on whether you choose to sign up to the Dollar Flight Club Free or Premium version, you will receive different benefits.
Dollar flight club is a somewhat new service that simplifies the process of finding great flight deals to destinations all over the world. The platform is actually very easy to use and should provide huge discounts when used- the deals they find are bargains.

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