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✅ Pros

The company also has a handful of VPS hosting packages.
Review Pros
A stellar feature of’s support is their complete, orderly, and very handy knowledge base with step-by-step guides, WordPress video tutorials, and informative articles.’s web hosting packages come with a number of security features.
There is free domain name with all plans.
Feature-packed e-commerce plan is available.
They offer premium marketing services including full service design and marketing and design services.
Their WordPress offerings are also solid.
They also offer WP Live, a monthly service that can help with all WordPress website needs: from tweaks and fixes to advice and customization of your site.
They’ve worked to reduce their environmental impact over the years.
If you ever outgrow your shared plan, you can easily upgrade to a VPS plan. is 100% transparent with their pricing.
It has helpful live chat support.
It is very easy to transfer domains to and from.
The domain services offered by are some of the best available.
Their offer domains in cheap price.
All of’s hosting products come with a 30-day money back guarantee, provided you’ve paid with a credit card.
We noticed excellent uptime.
Shared and VPS options are pretty good.
Affordable pricing options are available.’s biggest pro is definitely how straightforward the platform is.’s three shared hosting plans are priced affordably considering the unlimited storage and bandwidth they include.
It offers quality customer service.
Windows and Linux-based shared hosting plans are available. offers solid web hosting and VPS plans that fit nearly every small- to mid-range user and business.
Unlimited hosting options are available. takes uptime and security seriously. has a variety of complementary products, from hosting packages to email management to site builders.
It has easy to use interface.
They have very few annoying upsells.
It offers easy-to-use drag and drop site-builder. provides multiple tools for building a website, including the highly-rated Weebly.
It has great customer support.
Its hosting plans, especially its shared plans, are very economical ways to get started.
Affordable rates are available for both shared and VPS hosting plans.
The company offers many extra features to make sure your site building and maintenance processes are simple.
It offers simple website setup. offers WordPress-specific hosting plans with SSDs (solid-state drives) for speed.
The support team is open 24/7. also offers one-to-one support via live chat and the phone. is a top domain registrar, and these services tie directly into your hosting account.
The support team is available to help you around the clock.’s spotlight on infrastructure and its relationship to how fast (or slow) your website loads is something to applaud.
They offer simple hosting options with the choice of Linux and Windows OS.
It has pretty good customer service.
It offers reasonable value.
You’re not bombarded with pop-ups and emails like some registrars.
Multiple website-builder tools are available.
It is one-stop destination for all your online needs.
All three shared hosting plans come with unlimited storage.
We noticed excellent speeds during testing. has good shared and WordPress hosting packages.
Their customer service is also pretty good.
Free marketing credits are also offered.
The prices for their plans are affordable, and come with everything you need to get your website running smoothly.
For an affordable price, you can get a custom business email as well as the tools you need to collaborate with your employees.
Registering a domain is simple. offers a ton of TLD options that go beyond generic domain.
It offers a large range of domain extensions.
It offers everything you need to develop and maintain your online presence.

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❌ Cons

It has limited product range.
There is no uptime guarantee.
Perhaps the biggest pricing disadvantage of is their $8.99 for WHOIS Privacy.
It doesn’t offer Windows-based servers.
While does take calls at any time, they can start to slack with some pressing issues.
The host does not state the location of its datacenter.
They advertise monthly pricing, but their plans are far from monthly.
If you want ultimate hosting power, you’re not going to find it with
We faced signup hassles.
There are mixed reviews about them.
It has limited features.
There is no monthly billing on some plans.
The service seems outdated.
Unfortunately, unless you pay for them to hide your information, you’re stuck.
Not all plans include cPanel.
If you have no domain management experience and are looking for more guidance, doesn’t provide much of it.
There is no cPanel and Softaculous.
If you need high availability, especially if you run an online store, you might seek a hosting provider that guarantees you a certain amount of site uptime.
There is no month-to-month billing with shared hosting. does not state an uptime guarantee on its website.
It lacks premium features that are offered by many other providers, such as a free CDN.
There is also no data about uptime history or performance online. does not offer month-to-month shared web hosting options.
Dedicated server plans are not available.
Monthly plans are not available.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Endurance International Group has swallowed up many hosting companies. On the upside, that kind of support gives providers the resources they need to offer solid hosting. On the downside, it can make them homogeneous and interchangeable. is fighting that trend by trying to be a one-stop hosting/domain registration shop like GoDaddy and Namecheap. They aren’t quite there yet, but they still offer everything most users would need.The bottom line is that provides inexpensive and reliable basic web hosting.
While they do offer a variety of services at amazing rates, I cannot point at something that is only offered by them. In a way, right one they are like jack of all trades, master of none. Different features they offer are also offered by other hosting platforms and in almost all the cases, there is someone who is doing it better than But if you are looking for a feature-packed and affordable hosting platform, is the right one to choose.
Founded in 2000, is considered one of the biggest providers of domain names and various web hosting services in the world. has a range of hosting plans, which includes some niche services, but its main focus is affordable shared hosting. Pricing plans are split into Windows and Linux variants. The company also has a handful of VPS hosting packages.
It offers everything you need to develop and maintain your online presence: domain-related services, web design, web hosting, and digital marketing services. However, it doesn’t offer cloud-based, dedicated, or reseller hosting. VPS hosting is a middle ground, which delivers many of the top-tier benefits of dedicated hosting but at a lower price point. can be a good hosting candidate for the average user that doesn’t need a hosting plans chock-full of features they might end up not using anyway. The lack of an uptime guarantee and advanced features, makes unqualified to become the hosting of choice for high-traffic websites and professionals that need more advanced hosting options.
hey lack dedicated hosting. They lack a full featured site builder. They don’t even offer monthly payment options. You can do worse, but you can also do much better if you go with hosting from more advanced platforms.
Start working with to secure your new custom domain and try out their hosting. If your site grows and starts to garner a high amount of traffic, you can always make a switch to their VPS plan. If you hit the cover off the ball, and hundreds of thousands are stampeding into your site, you can always switch to an enterprise-grade hosting solution. is an experienced web hosting company that offers a variety of shared and VPS hosting products. Customers who want user-friendly hosting at entry-level prices will find almost all of their needs catered to here.
All in all, is a great registrar to work with. Getting your domain is a simple and quick process. Plus, there are hundreds of different TLD options to choose from. The company has solid customer support to help you out should you encounter any issues during the registration process. Pair that with a bevy of optional features that you can take advantage of whenever you need them and is a great one-stop-shop for all your domain registration needs.’s basic product range and shortage of features left us unimpressed, its excellent speed test results helped rescue the review. Check it out if you’re looking for simple but speedy shared hosting (or maybe a web store), but give it a miss for everything else.
Web hosting service gives you many tools for setting up an entry-level online destination, but it lacks the advanced tiers of hosting growing sites may eventually want.
For those looking for a small to mid-range service that offers most of the functionality needed to host a website at a low cost, then it’s worth it to take a look at
Solid name-brand company with good onboarding and transparent pricing. A bit expensive on renewals and does not bundle WHOIS privacy.

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