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✅ Pros

The products come in a well presented box with options to gift wrap. Ideal for gifts and events.
Review Pros
A Caramello Koala is a koala-shaped chocolate filled with caramel on the inside.
Fantales are caramel covered with chocolate candy.
Shapes were barbecue flavor.
Compared to similar companies they are less expensive.
The box came with 5 Redskins.
There are no fake products or false advertising.
The products are from Australia.

❌ Cons

It is a bit stingy on the Milo, Fantales and Minties.
Redskins are very, very chewy.
It is a bit slow at times.
They only offer some selection at the moment but are looking to increase product line.

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Review Summaries
Down Under Box great is for showing off some Australiana because the products come very well presented. It’s perfect as a gift to your friends or in a corporate setting. The only thing is a bit of a small selection of products but they have the main ones.
A Down Under box is a box that contains Australian classic treats, as the company carries some of the most popular candy and snacks in Australia.

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