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✅ Pros

It is cruelty free.
Review Pros
It is vegan-friendly and BPA-free.
Their products claim to be over 90% organic and containing no harmful chemicals.
It has a soft, sweet mint flavor.
Dr. Brite uses natural and organic ingredients in their products.
Activated charcoal removes toxins and speeds healing.
It takes less than a minute to paint all of your teeth.
It is made with Vitamin C to help support gum repair and organic coconut oil to get rid of bacteria. Vegan-friendly and BPA-free.
They use sustainable and ethical practices.
They claim this toothpaste is 100% natural.
There is no artificial colors.
The ingredients are Organically Becca approved.
It uses all-natural ingredients to fight off gingival disease-causing bacteria.
The gel formula stays put so you can go to sleep or go do whatever you need to without worrying that the product will drip all over the place.
It’s minty and fresh but not too strong or overpowering.
Aloe vera juice helps alleviate gum pain.
It is a quick and easy way to brighten your smile.
Dr. Brite is certified by the Environmental Working Group Verified (EWG) All Natural Oral Care Solution.
You can also buy them with or without food-grade hydrogen peroxide.
The Natural Teeth Whitening Pen is incredibly easy to use.
There are no GMO ingredients.
The natural minty taste is pleasant and there is no aftertaste or pastiness.
Tea tree oil kills harmful bacteria.
This product is made in USA.
It Flouride-free.
They do not test on animals.
It has no artificial colors or sweeteners.
They make a range of products including toothpastes, teeth whitening pens, mouthwashes, sonic toothbrushes and pet oral care.
It is free from SLS.
It improves your overall oral health.
It contains only organic natural ingredients.
There are no sweeteners.
The ingredients are organic and they are always natural.
It leaves a fresh taste in your mouth for a while after use.
There are no harmful chemicals.
The Whitening Mineral Toothpaste contains coconut oil and vitamin C to kill bacteria and improve your gums.
It works very well for coffee stains.
Even if you have sensitive teeth you still can use this whitening pen safely.
It’s infused with Vitamin-C to help improve gum health and reduce gum inflammation, too.
Dr. Brite continues to manufacture all products in the USA.
Products from Dr. Brite are only produced by plant-based ingredients to help you shine bright and healthy in nature.
It is also vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and EWG certified.
Thanks to longtime experiences, Dr Sabo and Dr. Ramezani not only focus on the quality of products but also pay attention to their taste.
It has recyclable packaging.
Dr. Brite’s whitening toothpaste is fluoride-free.
I think it’s reasonably priced.
Toothpaste is free from Fluoride and.
All Dr. Brite products are produced in small batches at the sunny and eco-friendly Southern California office in Fullerton to capture the peak efficacy.
Over the years, Dr Brite occupies a huge love and trust from customers.
Each year Dr Brite spend 5% of their revenue donating local nonprofits to help their community thrive.
It was very easy to use with good instructions.
They also promise to be natural.
It contains coconut oil and hydrogen peroxide to lighten stains.

❌ Cons

There are some of the ingredients that are questionable.
The paste does tend to separate and look a little liquidy.
The only downside is that I sometimes found it hard to spray my gums accurately without accidentally getting some mist around my mouth.
It doesn’t work for deep discoloration due to genetics or antibiotics over exposure.
Their packaging indicates that results may vary.
It contains Hydrated Silica.
The taste wasn’t very pleasant. It felt slimy and bitter.
Applying it to your teeth was very tricky though, as once you applied it, you had to keep your mouth open so you didn’t get the gel stuck to your teeth.
If you decide to buy this toothpaste then make sure your dog doesn’t eat it because xylitol is very hazardous to dogs.
I did notice some tingling around my gums.
It contains some sweeteners.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
I’m pretty blown away by Dr. Brite’s whitening oral care. I love that they incorporate coconut oil and activated white charcoal into their products which naturally whiten teeth. These products taste yummy, they’re effective, and I adore that this company is run by two mommies, and that everything is made in the USA.
This is one of the few natural teeth whitening products in the market today. It contains absolutely no peroxide and it is adapted for sensitive teeth. In 1 week it can make your teeth whiter by 3 up to 4 shades which is not bad at all. You can use it easily on the go and have it on your pocket or bag wherever you go.
I highly recommend these products to anyone and everyone that is looking to get rid of nasty chemicals in their day to day routine. Also, with every purchase, Dr. Brite “provides safe everyday products that are free of harmful ingredients to people in need.”
Dr. Brite toothpaste is excellent for your teeth. It will make them healthy with all that healthy ingredients. There are some of the ingredients that are questionable but nothing too bad. The main problematic ingredients like fluoride and SLS are not in the toothpaste so I would say this toothpaste is safe to use.
I really wanted to like this product, but unfortunately I can’t recommend it at all. It was really hard to keep my mouth open and dry for the 2 minutes required once I applied the gel. I felt like the gel just got all over my lips and mouth and not on my teeth. It would be better perhaps to have a tray or some other method to keep the gel just on your teeth.
They target to make highly effective and toxin-free oral care products that are available to every household. Thereby, smiles everywhere can be taken care carefully without the anxiety of harmful ingredients. In their site, you’re provided high-quality whitening tray, toothpaste, mouthwash and products for kids.
Since I’ve been oil pulling for about two years, my gums have tremendously healed. However, I try to be very proactive about my gum health to avoid slipping back into gum disease and have been using this spray daily after brushing and flossing. So overall, I definitely recommend this if you have irritated gums, gum disease, canker sores, bad breath, etc. or just want to maintain healthy oral hygiene.
Dr. Brite continues to manufacture all products in the USA, using sustainable and ethical practices. Whenever possible, the ingredients are organic and they are always natural. They are also vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and EWG certified.
A much safer option than conventional whitening strips! I love using mine whenever my teeth are looking a little dull.
I have personally made the switch to Dr. Brite’s products. I love what she represents and her passion to provide safe and effective oral care for adults and children.
As you can see Dr. Brite really worked for me. However, remember their packaging indicates that results may vary. I would definitely suggest Dr. Brite’s Teeth Whitening Pen if you’re looking for a safe, free from harmful ingredients way to whiten your teeth. I just purchased more Whitening Pens and their toothpaste and mouthwash. I can’t wait to try more products from Dr. Brite.

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