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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

It is easy to use.
Review Pros
It’s easy to load the cartilage.
It includes practice skin.
It is suitable for semi-professional and professional tattooists.
The pen could be used for hours on end without heating up and spluttering.
It’s not even the most expensive on the market but feels like it should be.
When the pen is turned off the needles do retract into the pen.
The power supply comes with a clip cord and foot pedal for quick and accurate activation.
It hits quite soft so it suitable for shading and also black and grey type of work.
It is suitable for lining and shading.
It uses moduled injected plastic.
It is compatible with traditional needles and cartridges.
It is suitable for controlled, accurate movement and precision.
The foot pedal can gauge the performance.
The ink is smooth and vibrant, just as advertised.
It is a great introduction to the art.
It is appropriate for established artists.
In the kit, you’ll find 20 pieces of sterilized needles with disposable tips.
The Dragonhawk Full 2pcs Coil Tattoo Machine kit contains one machine for shading and another one for lining.
Their high-end construction helps to minimize fatigue, especially if you are working with it for long hours.
It’s a complete kit.
It is strong and durable enough to serve you for a long time.
It’s hard to beat the Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit when it comes to price.
There are little to no vibrations.
With this device noise, and vibration is reduced. Tattooing operation can now be done stealthily.
A DC socket helps in stable high conductivity.
It gives you everything you need to practice tattooing on fake skin.
It works silently.
It helps in precise tattoo designs.
It has high-quality motor.
The machines are high quality and made from cast iron to provide great magnetic and electrical conductivity.
We really love the fact that this pack is just, well jam-packed with equipment and accessories.
It’s a great choice for professional tattooing.
It is available on the market following extensive testing by a number of specialists and professionals.
A mixture of metal and mouldable ABS plastic materials creates a solid and lightweight frame.
It is fast, simple, lightweight, and efficient.
There is little to no vibration.
It is versatile.
It is the most popular kit on Amazonost popular kit on Amazon.
The practice skin is a welcome inclusion. It’s the perfect way to gain enough practice and not make fatal mistakes on actual human skin
It is compatible with all types of cartridge needles.
It makes tattooing more pleasant for artists and less painful for clients.
The Japanese motor helps in quiet operation and vibration-free session.
It was also quite lightweight, which helped lengthen the tattooing time as our hands wouldn’t cramp easily.
It is compatible with many cartridge needles.
It has ergonomic grip for improved control, consistent strokes, and accuracy.
This kit was quiet, precise, durable, stable, and versatile.
Silent, no weird noises and it doesn’t vibrate, especially with grip tape.
It is easy to put together.
Due to its ease and comfort, we found that this pen would be the perfect accompaniment to an amateur artist’s underdeveloped skills.
It has everything you need to start.
It gives precise and accurate results.
It is made with a Japanese motor.
It has a variable voltage operation for easy operation.
It’s cute, lightweight, portable, and easy to carry. Tattoo drawing can now be done anywhere and anytime.
The power supply feels heavy and well-made.
Users no longer have to struggle with the device. Its setup is simple and needs no extra logistics.
We also like the practice skin.
You don’t have to fine-tune it like a coil machine; it’s already done for you.
It has quiet and vibration-free operation.
Comfortable to hold, because it has the width of a marker pen what makes it really easy to tattoo.
It can be used for trying different styles.
The application was extremely smooth – the pen allowed a seamless glide across the skin that made working with it absolutely effortless.
As expected, the Dragonhawk line of tattoo kits is impressively affordable.
It’s needle curvatures are designed with first-line safety protocols to prevent cuts and injuries.
It is worth the money for beginners.
The instructions throughout the video are easy to understand.
It is lightweight and durable.
The machines are made of cast iron and superior composite material.

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❌ Cons

The voltage is not consistent, and the machine feels flimsy and weak.
It comes with a small case.
The gear rotary often increases the Puncturing Frequency of this device.
A low-voltage power box may frustrate experienced artists (or speedy beginners).
A carrying case would’ve been great for storage.
The case has no space for other equipment (extra gloves, razors, etc.).
You have to build the machine yourself.
You’ll need to upgrade to better power supply equipment once you start mastering the art of tattooing.
The motor might malfunction overtime.
The inks may be vegan-friendly, but they’re not very art-friendly.
Plastic needle tips are not as sanitary as steel tips.
The needle depth can be always adjusted, but the stroke length or “throw” is set to 3.5 mm.
The ink and needles are lower-quality and should not be used on human skin.
It’s oriented to beginners.
The coil machines that come with the kit do not work well and are difficult to tune because they’re made from low-quality materials.
There is loud and rattling noise during operation.
There were cases where the machine loses and gain power due to voltage adjustment.
Some customers didn’t receive a cord or had a problem with the cord malfunctioning.
One pair of gloves only lasts one session – you will immediately have to purchase more.
Despite being easy to assemble, we felt that the brand could improve user convenience by providing an instruction manual.
The power supply is not the best either.
It has 30 days return policy.
The gun is not the best at packing in colors.
It did not come with shading needles.
The machines heated up so much mid-tattoo that we smelled burning plastic.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Are you in scout, for a smart, portable, and ergonomic rotary tattoo machine? Then look no further. The dragonhawk rotary pen is just about the perfect brand.
Really, you need to look at this as an investment, if you’re just starting out in your experimentation with ink, needles, and art. It’s not the best set in the world, but it’s a good starting point.
We aren’t big fans of the Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit. There’s plenty of rave reviews about it on Amazon, but our opinion is that the materials feel pretty low-quality, and the machines do not work well (especially when compared to professional-grade machines). However, the kit does come at a very low price point, which makes it more accessible to people interested in practicing on fake skins.
This machine is excellent for semi-professional as well as professional tattoo artists. Because of its durability, ergonomic grip, and lightness, it is suitable for long tattoo sessions. It can run for a long time without heating. The machine has an excellent setting adjustment system while allows a smooth transition between different setting options. It is affordable compared to other machines of the same quality.
Even though some professionals use this kit, its intention is for newbie artists. The lightweight guns, thin ink, and foot pedal are all features that help novices learn the ropes.
The machines from the Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine brand offer efficiency, durability, greater accuracy, control, and affordability.
This dragonhawk complete tattoo kit is the best value on the market, providing everything you need to get started. It comes with two wireless batteries that have a combined usage time of 12 hours, in addition to the added convenience of an RCA cord that can be used when the batteries need to be charged.
Dragonhawk’s Mast pen rotary machine is the perfect choice for beginners, thanks to its lightweight design, powerful motor, and precision. And I love its ergonomic grip!
I will give this product a 4.5/5 rating, and indeed it is worth the money I spent to buy it. I admire the fact that it is so lightweight and quiet. Even at high power, this mast pen rotary works quietly. Moreover, the briefcase that comes with this device has a very professional look, and carrying the tattoo gun in this briefcase is fun.
If you’re just getting started with ink, needle, and art, you should consider this an investment. It’s not the best set out there, but it’s probably the best to start with.
Overall, the adjustable needle depth, ergonomic design, and powerful motor make the Dragonhawk tattoo pen a versatile and high-performance tool for tattoo artists.
Suppose you’re a beginner-level tattoo enthusiast on learning and experimentation mode. In that case, this basic yet comprehensive tattoo kit by Dragonhawk is a worthwhile investment.
This kit bagged a place on our top 5 list with its smooth application, quiet performance, and enhanced precision. The high-quality material translates to durability and steadiness in the long run. Although the machine has a high frequency, it vibrates much less than typical tattoo machines.
This machine has awesome ratings, and the customer feedback left on various marketplaces is nothing short of heart-warming. So yes, the chances are high that it won’t suck for you. Secondly, it’s compatible with multiple cartridge needles. That means it will be easy to get replacements and at usual costs. Being a rotary type, DragonHawk Rotary Mast Pen is silent, vibration-free, and feels light for long tattooing sessions.
The Dragonhawk Full 2pcs Coil Tattoo Machine kit contains one machine for shading and another one for lining. Both have 10 wrap coils and work perfectly. Their high-end construction helps to minimize fatigue, especially if you are working with it for long hours.

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