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✅ Pros

One-Year risk-free sleep trial.
Review Pros
The individually wrapped coils are excellent at isolating and controlling motion, making this a great pick for couples with different sleeping habits.
You might like it if you are seeking a more luxurious mattress without breaking the bank.
Luxurious construction at a relatively low price-point.
Quality materials
Unbeatable Price
Good solution for sleep partners.
It is for you if you want a mattress that sleeps cool.
You might like it if you are after the hybrid or more traditional mattress feel.
The firmer the mattress the better it tends to be for stomach sleepers because it can help support your stomach and keep your spine in neutral alignment.
Free shipping, free returns, 365 night trial and Everlong warranty.
Handles on each side
Great edge support for people with limited mobility.
Hybrid means you get memory foam AND coils.
Dreamcloud is the best choice for individuals with lower back pain.
Lifetime warranty and 365-night trial period.
DreamCloud is getting good feedback from customers, as it is firm enough to support one’s hips and keep customer’s spines aligned.
If you want a bed that is firm, but not hard, the DreamCloud might be the mattress for you.
It comes with a 365-day risk-free trial, giving you a full year to decide if this mattress works best for your sleep needs. This offer is paired with the company’s proprietary Everlong Warranty, guaranteeing the mattress for long as you own the bed.
The edge support is enhanced by the foam encasement around the mattress and lets you maximize your surface area.
The combination of pressure-relieving foam and supportive wrapped coils makes for a sleeping experience that’ll have back and stomach sleepers celebrating.
365-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty with minimal fees for owners.
Luxury materials
Little motion transfer
Great edge support
This bed offers many higher-end features, including a cashmere cover, tufted design, and five-zoned compression system made of a patent-pending pocketed coil technology.
The use of plush memory foam and cashmere gives the DreamCloud a luxurious feel at a price that’s pretty hard to balk at.
White Glove Service (upon request).
The combination of high-density memory foam and supportive infrastructure is most comfortable for the back pain patients.
Outstanding level of support.
Hand Tufted
If you are a hot sleeper and prefer mattresses that can help combat your rising core temperatures, this is for you.
This mattress works well with different sleeping positions and the firmness appeal to most people.
Ideal for back and stomach sleepers
Super thick
Great choice for couples
It is good for you if you like to sleep on your sides or on your stomach as it caters to your different needs for a bed which will cradle your body.
Affordable for premium category
No offgassing
The Cashmere cover and hand tufted Eurotop definitely give a luxurious feel to this firmer mattress. Typically, these features are associated with more expensive brands but this mattress is more affordably priced.
Professional cleaning service (after one year)
Dreamcloud is a hybrid mattress, so you can enjoy the comfort of memory foam, cooling and bouncy of latex foam, and support of coil pocket spring in one mattress.
Quality materials
Lightweight and fairly easy to move.
Foam encased outer edges, so you can’t feel the coils
Sleeps Cool
Free delivery for customers in the contiguous 48 states.
Some people just don’t like the feel of an all-foam mattress. While the DreamCloud bed does contain foam layers, it doesn’t give the hugging, wrap around sink of a soft memory foam bed.
Great for heavier sleepers.
Layer combination offers excellent combination of comfort and support for the average person.
Soft and comfortable
Zoning and high-dense foams prevent indents, and lack of a weight limit works well for those who are heavier.
Great value for the money – just $1,199 for Queen.
Tufted & quilted top adds a luxurious feel.
Hybrid’s quick responsiveness can allow you to change positions with ease and offers pressure relief and support for side and back sleepers, with the firmness necessary for most stomach sleepers.
The DreamCloud mattress provides the nice, cushioning feel of multiple foam layers, but gives great support without too much sinkage, making this bed a great option for heavier customers
If you don’t like off-gassing for a long time and prefer mattresses whose smell gets warded off quickly, this is for you.
Quality of materials
Superior edge support
Everlong Warranty.
If you are looking for an affordable luxury mattress, then Dreamcloud must be one of your best choices.

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❌ Cons

It is not for you if you prefer a removable cover.
Limited size availability.
At 15 inches, the DreamCloud is a fairly high.
You experience some immediate sinkage from the soft foam on top.
Pretty heavy and difficult to move
Not entirely USA made.
Only one firmness level.
If you are don’t like the hybrid mattress, it is not for you.
Warrenty does not include Burns, cuts, tears, stains, and other types of physical damage that directly result from owner misuse, improper cleaning, or inadequate foundational support.
It is not for you If you like your mattress delivered to you in short time as the shipping process is sort of slow.
A bit pricey for an online mattress.
This mattress is available in one firmness level (6.5 out of 10) that is not suitable for heavier people.
King Size mattresses will take 2 strong adults to set up/unbox.
No Twin or Twin XL for the guest room.
This mattress doesn’t have a removable mattress cover.
Puffed-up squares in cover can be annoying
Average at limiting motion transfer
You began to feel pressure forming at your shoulders and hips when you use for the first time.
Sometimes you feel stuck in the mattress.
Perhaps it’s just a bit too much soft foam in the top layers.
Very tall – 15” might not fit your encasement.
It is not for you if you plan to use a standard-size bed frame.
Only one comfort choice.
Some adjustable beds work better with thinner mattresses (Update the DreamCloud adjustable base is strong enough to make their mattress work properly)
You might not like it you’re a shorter individual.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
It costs about the same as my other top online hybrid mattress picks, Sapira and Nest Alexander Hybrid, but it’s the best-looking one of the bunch. If you prefer your mattresses firmer than softer and like the feel of a tufted top, then buy the DreamCloud.
If you want a luxury hybrid mattress that sleeps cool and is super supportive and comfortable at a price 3-4x less than competing in-store mattresses of the same quality, with a lifetime warranty and 365 night sleep guarantee – the DreamCloud simply cannot be beaten
You won’t find another 15″ luxury hybrid mattress of this quality for a lower price! DreamCloud offers a lease to own financing program. This coupled with their 365 night guarantee, just begs you to give the DreamCloud a try.
Overall, the high-end price of the DreamCloud is probably justified, and at its current price it could even be considered competitive when compared to other high-end mattresses. The DreamCloud gives you what you pay for.
The DreamCloud mattress is the latest hybrid mattress to hit the market and it’s meant to compete in the premium category along with the Bear Hybrid, Nest Luxury Hybrid, Brooklyn Aurora, etc. However, the DreamCloud is affordably priced for its category. In fact, it’s almost cheaper than the typical all-foam bed in a box
This luxury hybrid offers a value you probably won’t find in any mattress showroom, especially with a virtually risk-free warranty and 365-night sleep trial.Hybrid’s quick responsiveness can allow you to change positions with ease and offers pressure relief and support for side and back sleepers, with the firmness necessary for most stomach sleepers.
If you carry a lot of weight, need to sleep cool, or have a sleep partner, there are certainly some features to take advantage of in this mattress. Best of all, DreamCloud offers one of the best trial periods you would come across with a full 365 nights to try their product out.
The combination of pressure-relieving foam and supportive wrapped coils makes for a sleeping experience that’ll have back and stomach sleepers celebrating. The use of plush memory foam and cashmere gives the DreamCloud a luxurious feel at a price that’s pretty hard to balk at.
DreamCloud offers a hybrid mattress. The support core features top and bottom layers of high-density memory foam, and a middle layer of zoned pocketed coils encased in foam. The cover is made from hand-tufted cashmere.
For a hybrid mattress, DreamCloud provides great value for its luxury materials and high-end construction. With its eight layers of foam, quality innerspring coils and cashmere, hand-tufted cover, the DreamCloud mattress is raising the standard for bed-in-a-box online retailers.
It plush mattress that offers consumers premium features previously reserved for mattresses retailing at thousands of dollars only, the DreamCloud is recognized for its luxury, spare no expenses details and its ultra plush hand tufted memory foam that delivers a satisfying, comfortable sleep night after night.
The Dream Cloud Mattress is an excellent choice if you wish to have a premium hotel-like experience. If sports efficient mechanisms to provide the best kind of experience while sleeping. It is fairly expensive, however, it is completely worth the money. It is an ideal choice for an array of different types of sleepers.
The DreamCloud mattress is well suited for individuals or couples who are looking for a firmer hybrid mattress that has a luxurious feel to it. It’s not the cheapest bed-in-a-box hybrid, but it may be difficult to find handcrafted features and Cashmere in other mattresses at this price point. The 365-night trial is a long time to see if it’s a good fit – which is a nice perk!
Comfort and sleep quality are largely rated as highly satisfactory by online reviewersThe general consensus is that the company’s description of their mattress as medium-firm is correct, with a slight emphasis on firm.
The DreamCloud is a true luxury mattress that is available at an extremely accessible price point. A feature unique to this model is the 8-layer construction of foam and pocketed coil system that is designed to transform your sleeping experience.

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