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✅ Pros

They are easy to install.
Review Pros
We love that the magnetized backing makes for easy installation and removal.
With Drift you will get fresh, real scents delivered to your doorstep on your automated schedule.
They will be free of harsh chemicals and crafted with natural essential + fragrance oils, with no additives.
So many great scents are available.
It has discrete and elegant design.
It came with three extra bags so you could test each scent, pick one, and save the others for later.
. The reusable clip has universal vent compatibility, adjustable scent strength, and air flow.
The sprays come in nice glass bottles and look very attractive on a shelf.
It doesn’t go on your vent.
Seldom do you see air fresheners with the sleek and Scandinavian style chic of these ones.
Drift have an awesome platform to ensure your home and vehicle will always be smelling its best.
With a price that starts at under $10 a month, it’s a relatively inexpensive convenience.
You can either get their new scents of the month, or order from their tried and true selection that’s always available.
The air fresheners come in two different types.
It is pure from chemicals.
It auto-sends you new scents.
You can even purchase a monthly subscription to get new scents delivered right before your old one runs out.
You can choose between six scent options: teak, mill, grove, amber, cabana, and a limited-edition scent of the month that changes every 30 days.
It offers a unique scent variety.
Subscription option is available.
It has long-lasting scent.
The scent lasts for 30 days.
It smells incredible.
You can order single air fresheners or a 3-pack, 6-pack, or 12-pack.
The air fresheners come in either a wood block infused with the scent, or a little plastic container that clips to your air vents.
The Drift car freshener uses essential oils and natural fragrances to keep your car smelling fresh.
Crafted from sustainably sourced wood, the cedar block is soaked in the essential oils to deliver a long-lasting smell without the need for liquid refills like traditional vent-clips or sprays.
It also came with a metal visor clip that air fresheners stick to using magnets.
It’s soaked in essential and fragrance oils for passive scent diffusion. rove is a sleek, minimal air freshener for your dashboard.
They offer great scents.
Drift also makes room sprays.
If you’re looking to add a touch of class alongside an alluring aroma, Drift have got your back.
Each scent also feels much more natural than most air fresheners — plenty of scent without being overpowering.
Drift(wood) is made in the USA from sustainably-sourced and naturally hand-cut wood.
Drift only uses all natural fragrances and essential oils.
Their scents have affordable price.
The Drift Air Freshener sample pack showed up at our door in a small black box, neatly packed with each scent individually wrapped to keep all the scents safe.
I appreciate that Drift uses all-natural fragrances and essential oils without using any harsh, toxic chemicals.
The wooden visor clip, a chic solution to other plastic models, can be purchased in nine signature scents, including a rotating monthly scent.
I also liked that the wood freshener magnetically clips right to my visor and stays out of the way.

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❌ Cons

You must use it with included metal clip.
The scent may be too strong for some people.
It is more expensive than conventional air fresheners.
They kind of force you into a subscription when you order, but you can cancel it at any time.

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Review Summaries
We love just how beautiful this car air freshener is. The wood block is soaked in essential oil and has an organic, minimalist appeal. It clips into the car’s sun visor using an included clip. Drift offers a subscription model so that when your old freshener starts to fade, you’ll have a new one at the ready for your use.
If you’re curious, it’s really not a huge commitment. They kind of force you into a subscription when you order, but you can cancel it at any time. I knew if I didn’t like the smell I’d probably cancel. But honestly I’m going to stick around for next month.
The products themselves are five freshies all around. But because of the forced subscription model, we’re going to have to dock a point. Rating: 4/5 Freshies
Drift has a beautiful, effective product at a great price. I can’t recommend their drift(wood) car air freshener enough! Their scents are superbly made and give off the perfect amount of scent throw for a car.
It’s hard to write much more about Drift: it’s a great $8/month service (no extra shipping cost) that helps your car smell even better.
It is for people who want a stylish and effective air freshener. People who don’t want to attach an air freshener to their sun visor might not like it.
Step up your air freshener game. Drift offers a new way to keep your car smelling great without harsh chemicals. I found that the wonderful unique smell lasted for over one month.
Crafted from Drift’s premium clean scents, these excellent Reed Diffusers come in a matte glass bottle with matching black rattan reeds. They deliver low maintenance scent diffusion for up to 60 days, no matches required, these will allow you to easily scent any small space in style.
Overall, they’re nice-looking, good-smelling, and relatively inexpensive air fresheners that show up at your doorstep like magic to keep your car smelling clean.

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