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✅ Pros

If you care about the environment, you might just sleep better on this one.
Review Pros
Dromma’s 200 night sleep trial is superior to any other.
The Dromma has a hand sewn, washable cover that is soft and has a very comfortable pattern.
They offer a 15% discount on all non-sale items for current students.
The Dromma sleeps relatively cool.
This mattress isn’t fully organic.
There are two firmness scale to choose at the same price.
It is 2 inches thicker than industry standard.
You won’t sleep hot either and all this at a reasonable price.
The Dromma Mattress is a thicker mattress with 2 different comfort options, medium soft or medium firm.
It has a medium-firm firmness feel, which makes it ideal for side sleeping.
The Dromma mattress is shipped for free in the United States.
Drömma scores especially high on comfort and temperature control.
Choose the medium firmness and enjoy great pressure relief, ideal sleeping conditions if you are a side sleeper or prefer soft feelings.
While the mattress isn’t fully organic, it does a good job in general in dealing with the issues.
The Dromma mattress is designed to work with your body in order to feel temperature regulated and comfortable in all climates.
The adaptive top layer has antimicrobial properties keeping dust mites and other microbes away.
Drömma’s sleep trial spans 200 nights, which is longer than the sleep trials offered by most competing mattress manufacturers.
There is very little disturbance that travels from one end to the other.
All of the foams used in this product have met the rigorous standards of a third party organization that tests for harmful levels of chemicals, ozone depleters, and heavy metals like mercury.
You won’t feel like you get stuck in the mattress.
The top comfort layer is very plush and luxurious.
Dromma uses gel infused memory foam and a highly adaptive layer to keep the airflow going which also means the heat will be properly dissipated.
It offers reduction in aches and pains, especially for those who may have been in an accident.
These mattresses provide above average durability for the everyday sleeper.
You also won’t sleep hot.
The surface is soft and allows the body to sink in a little bit.
Dromma is one of the first companies to use natural materials in a foam mattress.
It comes in a box which makes it easy to transport to any room in your house.
The Dromma is reasonably priced.
Lying down on the side, you should experience the same supportive cradle as you do in the center.
Drömma’s choice of materials and ventilated construction really does its job.
Customers report feeling comfortable with these mattresses overall.
Getting it to where it needs to go might be easier than most other boxed mattresses because of the unique and clever added wheels on the bottom of the box.
The company has replaced some of the petroleum-based materials with soy-based materials that are more sustainable.
They offer a $50 gift card for mattress owners who refer new customers.
It is allergen-free.
If you like a thick snooze surface, this one is for you.
The Dromma mattress is manufactured in the USA.
Two firmness levels cater to a wide range of sleepers.
It has great motion transfer reduction capability.
The top natural latex layer and gel memory foam below it to a good job of keeping a nice and cool sleeping surface.
It doesn’t contain heavy metals or VOCs.
The Dromma comes in 2 firmness options.
Dromma is one of the best soft mattresses for motion transfer.
The edge support on the Dromma bed should feel stable and create a solid, edge to edge usable sleep surface.
Bouncy is better than pure memory foam mattress.
The mattress has two firmness options.
Drömma offers two firmness ratings for its mattress to accommodate shoppers with differing sleep preferences.
Latex+gel memory foam provides cool sleeping.
Memory materials in this mattress are positioned below the surface, which provides great pressure relief for your joints without making you feel trapped.
Timely delivery is offered.
It’s made in the USA so there’s no delay in shipping.
This mattress will ensure you get enough pressure relief but still being quite responsive so that you won’t feel stuck in the mattress.
The Dromma Bed mattress has two comfort options, one being a medium-soft and the other being a medium-firm.
The surface offers the proper body contouring while maintaining a good level of responsiveness.
The Dromma mattress comes with a 200 night sleep trial.
This mattress does a wonderful job of temperature regulation for a soft mattress since the top layer is latex with a cooling gel foam beneath it.
The combination of top natural latex layer and gel memory foam below with partial Preserve foam do a great job of keeping a nice and cool sleeping surface.
It comes with generous 12-year warranty and 200-day trial period.
You’ll feel some bounce and hug-like feel.
The Dromma mattress is $924 for a queen.
Drömma will cover shipping and handling expenses associated with mattress returns; many other brands require the mattress owner to bear these charges.
The Dromma mattress is built with three layers.
These mattresses have good support along the edges, which will fit the needs of most sleepers who require sitting on the edge of their mattress.
200 night free trial is better than industry standard.
Dromma offers a 200 night sleep trial to test out the mattress.
Thermoregulation features perform quite well helping you sleep cool.

❌ Cons

Motion transfer is not very good. You may feel sinkage.
If you like a firm surface, this mattress is not for you.
There are a few complaints about the feel.
If you sleep with someone who weighs more than 225 pounds and you’re notably lighter, there is a chance you could find yourself struggling.
The company does not offer international deliveries at this time.
The company offers no special delivery options such as White Glove Delivery.
Drömma does not ship to AK, HI or internationally.
You are more into the memory foam feel.
If you prefer the spring or latex feel, then you may find Dromma, not your type.
This mattress is definitely on the softer side among all the mattresses. Because of that, you will inevitably lose some support.
Some folks rarely may experience some discomfort.
This foam doesn’t perform well when it comes to edge support.
Edge support is not good.
If you are used to innerspring mattresses, then you will probably won’t enjoy the feel of the Dromma Bed.
During the unboxing process you may notice a bit of off gassing.
This mattress is a little too soft for back or stomach sleepers.
Dromma is a bed partially designed with eco-friendly materials. So, if you are looking for a completely natural surface, you may want to reconsider your brand of choice.
There is definitely a considerable difference in feel between this mattress and a traditional innerspring mattress.
If you want the slower-moving type of feel, then you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.
Sinking sometimes experienced for those who carry a lot of weight.
There is no deep-level pronounced bounce you will often find in mattresses that contain coil units.
As far as sitting on the edge goes, there is a little less support.
It is not the ideal choice if you want the slower-moving type of feel.
In some cases, a mild odor was detected immediately upon upackaging.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Drömma is a very affordable mattress – especially considering its 12-year warranty, 200-day trial, excellent performance, bio-friendly materials and choice of comfort levels. No other mattress in this price range offers as much value for your money.
All things considered, it is an excellent, high-quality product that would be perfect for a single sleeper or perhaps for your child. It would be an acceptable product for sleeping partners when there isn’t a sizeable weight difference between the two. Dromma keeps their specs at the higher end of industry standards, so you can expect your mattress to be a satisfactory investment.
The Dromma (medium soft) brings a unique feel to the mattress space. Because it is on the softer end of the spectrum it lacks edge support and a bit of base layer support but what you do get is great pressure relief and a great mattress for sinking into. If you like innerspring mattresses with a pillow top, this would be a good choice for making the transition to foam.
The dromma bed is another bed lover of getbestmattress.com, it has two firmness scale to pick up, sleep very cool and comfortable, friendly for both side sleeper and back sleepers, and both warranty and free trial period is the lead of online mattress industry, with such a cheap price, can’t be better.
All the features work together to offer a medium-firm firmness feel, extreme comfort, and sufficient support. You’ll also sleep quite cool. If you prefer the spring or latex feel, then you may find Dromma, not your type. It also doesn’t score well when it comes to motion transfer.
Dromma offers a 200 night sleep trial to test out the mattress.This mattress is built with three layers. It does not sleep hot. This mattress is only available in a medium-firm option, which makes it a poor fit for people who want a more plush or very firm mattress.
Dromma is a blend of latex, polyurethane, and bio-foams that are CertiPUR-US certified so they don’t offgas harmful chemicals. The top layer is latex, middle layer is a cooling gel memory foam layer, and its base layer is a polyurethane and bio-foam combination with an aim at lowering the amount of petro-chemicals in the product
With several outstanding features like how it exceeds industry standards in terms of structure, warranty and benefits like how it doesn’t sleep hot, the Drömma Bed is absolutely one to have on top of your list for a great mattress at a reasonable price tag.
The Dromma is a new product on the market but it is innovative and uses eco-friendly materials. The level of comfort is good and it will accommodate even the pickiest of side sleepers.
This is a pretty unique offering that a lot of people will like. It is thicker than a lot of its competitors. It uses natural latex rather than synthetic latex. It also uses bio-based foam as part of its memory foam.
Dromma is making strides to provide a cleaner, more eco-friendly world, one restorative sleep at a time. Dromma believes their product can beat any other memory bed on the market, and not only will you be securing a fantastic sleep for yourself, you will also help provide for others through the company’s charitable initiatives.
Dromma has created a plush mattress that uses state of the art technology to use not only comfortable materials, but also eco-friendly too.This mattress is also made in the USA and uses all US made materials. It will not only provide quality sleep but is a quality made bed.
Drömma offers two firmness ratings for its mattress to accommodate shoppers with differing sleep preferences. Drömma’s sleep trial spans 200 nights, which is longer than the sleep trials offered by most competing mattress manufacturers. It does not supply certain specs, including foam density and cover composition. It was launched in 2015, so the long-term performance of the company’s mattresses has not yet been accurately assessed.
The Dromma is a good choice for couples that like the softer, plusher feel of memory foam and the hug and degree of sinkage down into the mattress that this conveys. It is great for side sleepers and did not cause any degree of hip or shoulder discomfort but may be too soft for stomach sleepers who prefer a firmer sleeping surface.

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