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✅ Pros

It gives you a video ad that you can simply use for yourself on your Facebook ads.
Review Pros
Dropship Spy provides 03 different monthly subscription packages which offer different options.
Dropship Spy offers free membership just like other ordinary product researching tools do.
It allows you to download reviews of product from Amazon to your online store.
Dropship Spy tool helps you to create Facebook ads on the tool.
It offers the ability to make requests.
You can find the profit margin and you can organize your ads accordingly.
It gives a huge amount of data.
They have plenty of hot products to choose from in the paid plan.
It gives list of data for a product.
DropShip spy provides you with two unique Sales reports.
They give you targeting markets to assist you start finding the correct people to get your product in front of.
DropShip Spy has a cool design that makes everything easy and straightforward to use.
It searches hot products to sell.
It has reasonable pricing.
In the membership, you’ll be receiving a free product video which you can use to conduct on your shop.
It helps create a suitable advert on Facebook by giving suggestions for related interests for each product.
There are number of products available to choose from.
Dropship Spy takes the stress out of doing product research.
Free videos are offered for social media advertising.
It comes with Ad Hunter.
There are a variety of tutorials and webinars that can teach you Dropshipping.
It is newbie-friendly.
Audience ideas and advert copy is provided.
The videos Dropship Spy Provide are 100% safe to use.
It eliminates the trial and error.
The program scours Facebook and finds popular products that have the most engagement so eliminating the guess work.
Dropship Spy provides you with a database of Instagram influencers.
It even lets you know about who should be your target audience.
It gives three options in suppliers.
They do offer a number of different stores, with information such as current number being marketed, their costs, shipping prices and possible profit.
It gives hot products to sell.
It comes with ad hunter.
The expansion picks out the Facebook ads from the competition and searches the very best and the winning ad.
Whenever you select a product from either product finder list you get lots of helpful information that makes it easier to decide whether its worth buying and selling.
The price is is also a no brainer.
Good support is provided.
The Facebook Audience Builder is yet another exceptional addition it has over lots of its rivals.
On each of the product, you’ll be given the product description, the buy and sell price and of course the potential profits you will be making on the product.
Dropship Spy’s user interface is quite impressive.
You can download the entire review of the specific page.
It offers free videos and ads for promoting products.
If you are looking for the Instagram shoutout for your product marketing, this tool can definitely help you with that.
You’re also shown both Amazon reviews and AliExpress Reviews.
The Facebook page information is available under each and every audience.
FB audience targeting that is pretty much Done-for-You.
It gives a list of data for a product.
It gives you ad copy that you can simply copy and paste and use as your own, not only one but two variations.
Every product on Dropship Spy comes with an engagement rating on the engagement score calculator.
Dropship Spy is famous for their quick customer support and is always looking for new niches.
It will let you know how well the product is doing on social media.
Dropship Spy starts at just $10 per week or $20 per month.
Reasonable pricing is offered.
Dropship Spy includes two distinct product attributes, the winning products list as well as the promising products listing.
You can make requests directly to Dropship Spy to help with your marketing needs.
Inside the Audience builder, you will have access to the most recent Facebook targeting options. So you can easily choose your product niche.
Live chat is offered.
You now have the capability to import the product you want straight into Oberlo, and then into your Shopify store.
It helps you find the right audience to get your product in front of.
Price is affordable.
Inside the Facebook Audience Builder, you will be given a lot of FB targeting options.

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❌ Cons

Limited targeting options are provided.
There is no free membership.
One feature of the product that irks me a little is the non ability to pay with Paypal.
The targeting don’t always work accurately.
Targeting does not always work.
There are limited Products in the niche.
Free program has got only two products per day with just the limited access.
The free plan does not have the webinars.
It may show hit and miss products.
Videos aren’t of high-quality.
You might find some of the product helpful but the amount of product you can get will be limited.
Free membership doesn’t include most of the useful features.
It can get expensive.
It is not great for niche products.
Free option is limited.
You can basically go do this research yourself.
They do not offer discount codes.
It has limited targeting options.
There is no free membership.
A lot of the products are rather generic, or don’t look to be huge winners.
Dropship Spy offers a free membership plan which is drastically limited.
There’s a lot of data to divulge, and some of these features aren’t included with all price options.
Dropship Spy does not provide Winning Product data for the users who are on the free membership.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Dropship Spy is unquestionably right for the person that wants an all in one dashboard which will help them select profitable products and find excellent ways to advertise them.
Newer retailers may also like features like the Facebook Audience Builder, free product descriptions, copy, and videos, as it makes starting your own marketing campaigns a lot simpler. You could certainly get most of the data that Dropship Spy provides on your own, but the time and effort needed for that may be significant, so it can certainly pay for itself when using all this info wisely.
All in all, Dropship Spy is the best spy tool I have come across for drop-shipping. I have tried many other ones, but this particular tool stands out.
Dropship Spy tool is a good tool. But, this software adds more new products instead of old products. When compared to Pexda, this tool works on to add more and more fresh trending products. That feature helps users to gain more sales while facing relatively less competition.
Dropship Spy is certainly not a scam. It offers a decent collection of tools, which should help anyone who is serious about the drop shipping business. If you are looking for just one tool to help you find products, then you should go for other options.
If you need to spend less and get more, then go for the EcomHunt but Dropship Spy is not bad also and it does not even cost you a lot.
If you will need to spend less and get more, then go for the EcomHunt but Dropship Spy is not bad also and it does not even cost you a lot.
Dropship Spy is a tool for searching winning and trending products. It works by finding products that are selling well or gaining significant traction on social media.These products are then made available to you.
Both of the tools are really great for finding the winning products but yes they might differ in functionality and the approach that you would like to use with.If you need to spend less and get more, then go for the EcomHunt but yes Dropship Spy isn’t bad too and it doesn’t even cost you much.
If you are struggling for ideas and need a helping hand, then it’s worth it for at least a month or two before you find your feet.
This tool has been a stepping stone into other products with ad copy already available, with videos and is something that helps with with ideas on products and ads.
Dropship Spy is cool and has various features that could help your financial state as regard dropshipping so you could as well give it a trial.
With the new update, they have introduced the promising products database, so this could expand the overall product offerings and move away from the generic products, and you do have access too a team of people willing to go find products inside your niches if you want to shell out the $35 per month for the privilege.

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