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✅ Pros

You can get more sales with real customers reviews.
Review Pros
You can create a free dropshipping store with WooCommerce.
It has support of the most popular payment gateways.
The plugin allows you to import many product attributes with one click.
The product pages within the catalog also contain authentic client reviews.
If you’re not 100% sure how much you should be selling a product you can use’s recommended pricing markup.
You will get lifelong access to customer support.
The process of installing DropshipMe for WooCommerce is very simple.
It includes professionally edited titles and images for all of the products.
All the review functionality is handled using native WooCommerce features.
Over 50,000+ winning products are handpicked by experts.
There are more than 50,000 optimized products with polished product pages.
You can easily choose relevant products from catalogs of carefully handpicked hot products by experts.
Another huge plus is that all of the titles, product descriptions, and images have already been edited for you.
There are 50,000+ top selling products to choose from.
You can ieal customer reviews.
It allows unlimited products import from AliExpress.
Professionally edited product information is available.
You can import reviews published on AliExpress that complement your product.
It allows import of product ratings and reviews.
DropshipMe plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce.
Free updates and support is offered.
You can source the most demanded and profitable products for your store.
There is one-time payment for upgraded plans.
It allows easy start with a 100% free plan available.
Another point of this plugin is that it also shows your profit margins.
One-click product import is offered.
It increases trust and improves conversions. only support a one-time payment with no hidden future charges.
To activate the DropshipMe plugin, you just need to paste in your API key.
It saves countless hours of your time. will save you the time of searching for winning products and editing after import.
Professionally edited product info is offered.
DropshipMe product catalog consists of over 50,000 items taken from the most highly rated AliExpress sellers.
It gives auto-updated products’ data and stock availability.
You can build your own independent dropshipping store.
All of these products have been tried, tested, approved, and verified along with their vendors.
You can get a professional insight into a niche you’re not familiar with yet.
It saves money on adverts.
They’ve already SEO-optimized the product descriptions.
You don’t need to spend time doing product research. provide filters that’ll help your peruse through their products, to find goods that complement your store.
DropshipMe lets you import your first 50 products for free.
There are price suggestions generated in the plugin for you to use.
It has zero additional fees.
Titles, descriptions, and images are already edited.
The plugin is free and it comes with free 50 winning products you can import to your dropshipping store without submitting any payment details.
It edits the product title to make sure it’s clear and correct.
The specialists have rewritten all the product titles and descriptions and went through the products’ pictures to remove watermarks and other questionable elements from them.
It has a database of more than 50,000 products across all categories, being enriched every day.
It imports all the products at its finest quality at the WooCommerce store.
It hand picks high-quality products so that you can quickly find the best products/suppliers.
You can create a free dropshipping store when used with WooCommerce.
The starting plan is free so startups and entrepreneurs can use this plugin without having to pay anything.
The products pages are carefully created with SEO in mind.
Free version is available.
Winning products are handpicked by experts.
It also has recommended pricing markup.
You can rely on their top-notch constant customer support and the quality of their handpicked products and vendors.
It edits the images to make sure they’re high-quality.
It offers free WordPress plugin to manage your imports.
It offers ready made products to import.
Lifelong customer support is available.
It offers free lifetime access.
Product titles are small and clear, picture galleries are filled with high-quality images, details are not only informative but also SEO-friendly.
It allows for a 1-click import of products to your store.
DropshipMe can also help you import reviews, which is a great way to help increase your shoppers’ trust in your store.
It has constant and reliable customer support.
It can import product ratings and reviews.
There are no ongoing fees to use the plugin – you only pay based on how many products you want to import.
Lifelong customer support is available.
It offers quick and easy product search and import.
It also imports product ratings and reviews.
DropshipMe charges based on the number of products that you want to import.
It has professionally designed built-in e-commerce themes.

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❌ Cons

It requires other plugins like WooCommerce or AliDropship.
It is available only for WordPress.
It requires other plugins to work.
You can not add URL for imported products.
There are limitations are there in the starter plans.
The plugin only works with stores powered by WordPress and/or WooCommerce.
Search doesn’t work for all products.
It charges higher fees to import more than 50 products.
It does not work for all products.
AliDropship is needed for other features.
It doesn’t allow direct import from AliExpress store because it doesn’t have a browser extension.
To enjoy the full potential of the winning product tool you have the get the AliDropship plugin.
It does not have a browser extension.
It doesn’t allow URLs for importing products.
It is limited to WordPress.
There are upgrade fees for importing more than 50 products.
DropshipMe lets you import products and reviews from a curated catalog, but it doesn’t do anything with those products after you import them.
It is lmited to WordPress which means users on other platforms can’t use the plugin a good example are users drop shipping on Shopify.
Duplicate products as others will have the same products.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Thanks to dropshipme, I can easily add over 20 of the hottest products to my store in just one day. The idea is to help sellers focus on selling and improving their marketing strategy and rule out the guessing game. And best of all, it’s free.
if you wish to make your own touch touching store, launch the lowest cost business possible, find professional information in a niche that you are not yet familiar with and source the most demanding and profitable products for your store, you will not find any solution better than DropshipMe plugin.
Dropshippers can select and import already optimized AliExpress products in just a few clicks. The plugin itself and the first 50 product imports are absolutely free. Those who want to upscale their businesses can get additional product packages with a one-time payment. There are no monthly costs and no hidden fees.
DropshipMe delivered on exactly what it promised:It offers a curated selection of products that are easy to import to your WooCommerce store. What’s more, all of the products have edited titles and images to ensure you can publish them right away. While I certainly didn’t check every product in DropshipMe’s catalog, I didn’t encounter any of the normal AliExpress issues when it comes to titles or images.
If you want to build your own independent dropshipping store, launch the business with the lowest costs possible and want to get a professional insight into a niche you’re not familiar with yet, then you’ll find no better solution than DropshipMe plugin.
If you’re not picky about the platform you’re going to build your store on or you would like to get both a store made for you and a product sourcing tool, then you should consider the DropshipMe plugin. Acquire lifetime access to one of the best directories operating in the industry and start turning visitors into clients. The tool helps you spend less time optimizing products and more time growing your business and profits.
DropshipMe provides you with over 50,000 products from AliExpress that have been manually selected for having a proven track record of sales, high ratings, and trustworthy suppliers.
DropshipMe plugin opens up incredible product sourcing opportunities to dropshipping entrepreneurs working with AliExpress. This affordable solution lets business owners start benefiting from its usage with no extra expenses, which is a major influential factor to low-income dropshipping newcomers all across the globe.
You have nothing to lose if you’re already hosting your e-commerce store on WordPress and have the AliDropship plugin. Get the free version and see how it suits you.
To sum it up, I believe the plugin is totally worth it. I have the plugin already in my store and the way it works is truly amazing. The concept makes you focus on selling and improve your marketing strategy rather than keep guessing of what will work.
Owing to the fact that e-commerce has become the most happening form of online business today, dropshipping platforms are popping in every now and then to capitalize on this scenario. DropshipMe as for now has all the right tools that you may need to handle your dropshipping requirements and give your web store that much needed boost with licensed and trending products.
The main advantage of using DropshipMe as your product-sourcing solution and vendor finder is the fact that it provides you with ready-to-use product pages. They are profit-optimized and polished, so you don’t have to waste time on that. And you can use it for free, with no time limits.
This is an extremely useful plugin for anyone seeking to create or already has their own dropshipping store. Whether you use the AliDropship or WooCommerce plugin, you are sure to be impressed by the speed and efficiency in which this plugin works. Since only the best products are chosen and edited, you no longer need to spend time doing product research on your own.
As someone who has browsed AliExpress before, it can definitely be intimidating trying to wade through tens of thousands of products to find something worthwhile. It can also take a lot of time. DropshipMe certainly makes things faster and much less intimidating with its curated approach. I can’t promise that it will have the exact products that you need.
What gives DropshipMe an edge is that it allows store owners to add best-selling products from over 50,000+ products with already professionally optimized descriptions. This is an extremely useful plugin for anyone seeking to create or already has their own dropshipping store. Since only the best products are chosen and edited, you no longer need to spend time doing product research on your own.

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