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✅ Pros

This affordable subwoofer is loaded with power and does not break the bank.
Review Pros
This is a good pair of speakers at a very reasonable price.
It is water and dust resistant.
It has sSensitivity 88dB.
The DS18 speakers have a paper cone with rubber surround.
It has good sounding audio performance in the toughest conditions.
It has sensitivity of 85 dB.
The frequency response is 75 Hz to 20 kHz.
The peak power is 2000 watt.
The DS18 has low/subsonic pass crossovers.
NXL400.4D is equipped with easy-to-use top-mounted controls.
The impedance is Dual 4 ohms.
It is rated at 100 and 150 watts-per-channel into four and two ohms.
They have one-inch copper and aluminum voice coil.
The DS18 weighs 11 pounds.
It features a Bass Boost of 0-9dB at 45 Hz.
It designed to please all the bass lovers out there.
A Four Way Protection Circuit and Variable Input Level Controls are in this amplifier.
The NXL400.4D is designed for dependable.
It features a polished heat-sink.

❌ Cons

The amp’s sonics are pleasing and uncolored overall.
Heavy usage can lower its durability to less than 12 months.
It has short lifespan.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
This powerful subwoofer features a paper and glass fibre cone and a large foam edge. DS18 EXL B12.2 subwoofer also has a bright red aluminum basket ensuring integrity and durability. Dual voice coils allow fine-tuning the system and facilitate adding other speakers into the stereo system.
These 6.5” three-way coaxial speakers are sold as a pair. The DS18 speakers have a paper cone with rubber surround. They have one-inch copper and aluminum voice coil and two Mylar dome tweeters. One of 9mm and the other 28mm.
The DS18 effortlessly delivers a mind-blowing performance. This product comes with an incredibly high power rating. Also, this comes with sufficient circuit protection to relieve the customer of the worries of having to put up with faults that arise from short circuits.
The DS18 NXL400.4D is a worthy competitor to many of the old-school brands. The amp’s sonics are pleasing and uncolored overall. It reproduces music with excellent transparency and leaves virtually no sonic signature of its own.

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