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✅ Pros

They’re really well made.
Review Pros
The bristles are made of synthetic fibers and are incredibly soft and fluffy.
There was hardly any hair fallout fallout from the brushes.
The packaging was so adorable.
Surprisingly the brushes did not shed even a bit infact they retook their shape and felt very soft and fluffy.
The brushes are treated with a cutting-edge antimicrobial technology, that keeps brushes fresher for longer and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
The quality of the bag is amazing.
The handles are tapered and very lightweight.
They are so so soft.
I was surprised by the makeup roll the brushes came in, it’s very sturdy and has a very nice clasp.
The eyeshadow brushes are nice and I liked using them.
The case is actually quite cute, it’s lightweight, slim and about the size of a large wallet.
The handles of these brushes is made of wood making it lightweight and also it is tapered towards the end.
These makeup brushes work well with both cream and powder makeup.
The brushes also came with a leaflet that named each brush and gave a brief description of the purposes of each of them.
The pouch can fit into any handbag.
The brushes come in a handy and cute black quilted case, and a brushegg to clean brushes is included as a free gift.
My favorite part about these brushes is the fact that they are synthetic.
The bristles are made with synthetic fibers and are super plush and flexible.
These makeup brushes came in a black plaid leather zippered brush pouch with 10 inner pockets to keep every brush in a good condition.
The ferrule is made of satin silver aluminum, and the handles are made of a matte black wood and feel sturdy.
They were also really soft to touch and had no offensive odour.
Upon first sight these brushes look impressive for their price.
They feel super soft on my face.
Each brush was individually packed in a transparent wrap.
They pick up makeup well and application was smooth.
The brushes do not feel harsh on the skin and they apply products like a dream.

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❌ Cons

It does have a really strong plastic-y smell and you can smell it right when you open the package.
I just didn’t like the foundation brush and the powder brush because the bristles are a little too rough for my liking.
The black and white coloring on some of the brushes were a little uneven.
When I opened the box the smell was quite strong, probably from the faux leather brush pouch.
The bristles aren’t as soft as my other brushes.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Overall, this particular set of brushes from DUcare is one I would recommend to anyone looking for an affordable set of brushes to suit their makeup needs.
All in all, these brushes are average, not great but not bad either. They’re really well made, but I just didn’t like the foundation brush and the powder brush because the bristles are a little too rough for my liking. The eyeshadow brushes, on the other hand, are nice and I liked using them.
Overall I’m really impressed with the quality of these brushes. I know a lot of people prefer MAC or Bobbi Brown brushes; but if you are looking for a brush set at an affordable price, I definitely recommend you at least check out DUcare’s selection.
Overall these brushes feel high quality and amazing to use. Many of us look for premium brand brushes available in the market which is fair although they don’t work great all the time. Hence, such affordable yet amazing quality brushes come in handy in these times.
The final verdict is that while aesthetically it has some minor drawbacks, the performance of the brushes exceeds its expectation! They are far from being categorized as low quality makeup brushes. For $29.99 it’s a really good price for those of you who are looking to buy a basic set of makeup brushes or those of you who don’t wear makeup on a daily basis and don’t want to invest in an expensive brush set.
I just can’t say enough good things about this brush set. DUcare, you really, really outdid yourself with this set. I am so in love with it and am so glad that I now have these brushes in my collection. I honestly am going to purchase another set to have in my kit because they truly are that good.This set is worth every single penny.

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