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✅ Pros

Installing the Power Vision itself is easy.
Review Pros
The device is also fully adjustable and allows a wide range of feature and setup options that make it desirable to most any user.
It is a quick-‘n’-easy way to create dedicated maps for individual cylinders and gears.
Dynojet offers an additional module called the “AutoTune” ($259) that maintains continual communication with the Power Commander V and makes constant adjustments to the air/fuel ratio’s, just like the dynamometer does.
It dsplays all J1850 and CAN H-D vehicle data, as well as wide band air/fuel ratios and various other channels (such as instant MPG and trip MPG).
The company has programmed maps for a variety of bikes with a range of aftermarket modifications.
You can even use the on-screen menus to calibrate your TPS or make adjustments to individual cylinder trim maps if desired.
The sub screen display gauges can also be changed out or moved around the screen if desired.
The best part of this new tuning system is that it reduces the number of required dyno-runs.
The Dynojet Power Vision also features an autotune option.
Power Vision identifies your bike’s information and automatically sorts hundreds of applicable dyno proven tunes for you to choose from.
It can AutoTune2 Basic and Pro AutoTune is built into the Power Vision so you can modify your tune as you ride without using a computer.
The user interface on the PV3 is very easy to understand.
The Power Commander still comes with the necessary software and cabling to tune the motorcycle yourself by employing a USB cable and a laptop.
The process will not require you to cut wires or do any soldering.
Custom Tunes are loaded by a custom tuning shop, or received via email and loaded on to the device.
We were even able to decrease our lap times a smidgen.
The PC III USB-EX manages all this while meeting the strict emissions regulations set forth by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).
The PV3 unit can be dash-mounted and used as a gauge or stored.
Having the ability to store runs or races, and later producing a graph of the data is a real plus.
The installation couldn’t be easier- it’s one plug and play cable.
You can reset adaptive fuel trims and idle offset (with the bike running).
You can share maps with other PC V riding buddies.
The capability to hold multiple tunes means you can use the Power Vision for various upgrades and driving styles.
You can also custom-design your own fuel-injection mapping.
You can build a custom map for any tuning combination you cook up, no dyno required.
They will gladly sell you a pre-tuned module, but they will also allow you to download and use their Power Core software to datalog and make adjustments to your tunes.
It has a mini USB port on the side for easy connection to a laptop.
The Power Vision makes it easier to adjust performance without extensive installation requirements.
With the SD card in place you can also store multiple maps and easily switch between them using the touch screen.
You can download new maps anytime from, and simply download them to the PC III unit using the supplied USB cable.

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❌ Cons

There is a need to establish a standard for O2 bung diameter.
Copy/paste clipboard capacity is too small to transfer an entire table in one step.
You must also purchase a Dynojet Power Commander V.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Our experience with the Dynojet Power Vision has been extremely positive. It allows the consumer to have improved control of their motor. But be warned – altering rev limits, timing, fuel tables and the plethora of other options that the Power Vision gives you access to, should only be done by someone that truly understands what they’re doing—and with that in mind, Dynojet is always happy to help.
The Power Vision 3 can hold multiple maps, and it only takes a few minutes to tune the car. It’s easy enough to do trailside if you are so inclined, but we found ourselves using the DynoJet PV3 for an additional gauge when driving, and only updated the tune files when we made revisions. The high-contrast screen is easy to see even in daylight, and the unit itself is built fairly tough.
The Power Commander III USB-EX is designed for nearly any fuel-injected motorcycle. A small microprocessor control box that mounts discriminately – like below a sportbike passenger seat, or under a cruiser’s airbox – and wiring harnesses connect that processor to the motorcycle’s electronics and fuel-injection controls. The PC III kit also includes necessary software and a USB cable for connection to a computer.
The Dynojet Power Vision is ideal for drivers who want to be able to assess and alter their Harley-Davidson performance when necessary. In some cases, if you want to enhance a vehicle’s performance, you need to install substantial new hardware. Thankfully, the Power Vision makes it easier to adjust performance without extensive installation requirements.
With the Power Commander V and Auto Tune accessory, owners of injected motorcycles are now able to refine fuel mapping with or without access to a dyno.
We knew that the Power Commander was going to help to the bike, but we never guessed the changes would be as dramatic as they were. And even with those significant improvements, the real winner of this story still has to be the humble Optimizer. If you own a Ducati, for less than $100 you can make a noticeable improvement to how the bike runs – all without even needing any Dyno-Time! Overall, we couldn’t be any happier with our end result. DynoJet may offer one of the more affordable systems on the market, but in this case, lower cost does not mean you are getting less performance.
For only $299.99 this new device from Dynojet is not only inexpensive but when compared to the functionality it provides, it is also easy to use and install.

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