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✅ Pros

During your subscription period, your trades can be sent to your Journalytix tool.
Review Pros
On going support and mentorship is included as is a money back guarantee.
The Bootcamp program offers introductory traders a comprehensive video and webinar course, with a rigid, guided tutorial program throughout.
Charting options like Indicators and Chart Types are available to you through the Earn2Trades platform.
Earn2Trade offers a zero to 100 learning plan for people who are just getting interested in the market.
Earn2Trade is a leading trading education academy for futures and forex trading.
While in your subscription period, you can take advantage of Journalytix.
Earn2Trades platform from Finamark Systems offers all the basic charting options like chart types and indicators.
Pricing will be dependent upon the funded trading account you’d like to get.
We find the institute transparent and the ideas are innovative as well.
The Intensive Beginners Course is available monthly for a one-time payment of $ 249 per lifetime access.
Level 2 data is included in your monthly subscription price, and you can integrate the DOM on your trading platform.
It is supported by accomplished educators and outstanding developers.
Level 2 info is included in the price you pay for a monthly subscription, and you can integrate the information on whatever trading platform you use.
For more complex orders, you can use the order ticket.
Upon successful completion of The Gauntlet ™, the candidate will receive an offer to join a funded account and begin their trading career.
Earn2trade’s goal is to teach people how to become successful professional traders.
The Beginner Crash Course covers the fundamentals as well as the advanced strategies.
You will have a chance to build a solid foundation in finances and get an in-depth understanding on how markets work.
To reach the customer care agent or the educators, clients are to call: +1-888-502-2260 or email:
Earn2Trade contains a decent amount of video and tutorial content including new materials frequently and also quizzes to test your knowledge.
The pricing per month depends on the funded trading account you aim for.
Whether you want to look at candlestick, ticks, volume, or range style charts, you can do that. It just takes a few easy clicks, and you’re in.
Earn2trade is run by two experienced traders.
It is updated with new content frequently so you can always keep adding to your trading knowledge.
This outfit offers online trading education to traders of differing degrees of experience to help improve profit.
Students also get help from personal mentors and prepare themselves for the challenge.
They give access to educational videos, webinars, quizzes & assignments
The things you lean with Earn2Trade can be applied to other markets, not just the forex market.

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❌ Cons

The prices are high and may not be affordable for many.
The missing free trial is a downside.
It is not sure where their head quarters is located in the US.
No address is provided.
At this time, there is no free trial available for this program.
We do not find much by way of feedbacks from clients.
Without adequate information, it is hard to determine the legitimacy of such a company so I will advice you to tread with caution.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Traders who pass The Gauntlet challenge receive a guaranteed funding offer and become professional proprietary traders. Earn2Trade is associated with several partners that offer funded trading account to traders who successfully pass The Gauntlet.
We find the institute transparent and the ideas are innovative as well. That clients will get funds from Earn2trade is good and even better as there are tools provided. However, the prices are high and may not be affordable for many.
Overall, the Earn2Trade forex trading course is a start for any forex trader looking to cover the basics before trading and whilst starting out.
Earn2trade sounds like a promising program. However, I have seen many programs like Wall Street Academy, and Forever in Profit come up with similar plans that never worked. The owners of E2T are professional and hopefully have though it through. However, look before you leap.
think this program is great because yes, you are making a pretty significant investment into it, but it literally has all you need. The course is just $249 for the beginner’s section, which I think is pretty reasonable. And, the Gauntlet Mini is only $150 a month and doesn’t have any reset fees- at least none that I was able to find in my research. So, don’t hesitate. If you want to get into trading, go get into Earn2Trade. It’s the real deal!
Earn2Trade is an interesting alternative compared to other funded funding companies. Earn2Trade is great at offering a few extra features, like access to journalytix and free access to the intensive beginner course.
Earn2Trade convinces with their overall concept. The missing free trial is a downside, while regular discounts provide an excellent opportunity to join the program.

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40% off TCP50 or 20% off TCP25

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