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✅ Pros

We like the great Vibram durability.
Review Pros
Its unique lacing system has a minimal effect on gait and allows your feet to function like they should.
Packability makes them an excellent choice for travel, camping, and backpacking.
The EarthRunners Elemental are just thick enough to prevent sudden, temporarily-debilitating rock stabbing pain, but thin enough to still have great ground feel.
They’re durable.
Each pair of Earth Runners is handmade.
They look awesome.
They have been my sandal of choice for two summers and the straps and sole are still in tip top shape.
Heavy duty cotton canvas is dyed in small batches with low impact dye in Los Angeles, and Vibram outsoles for ultimate grip
Conductive inserts are seamless (for Circadian X).
They have toe metal toe post.
They’re so comfortable.
Even the thickest model of Earth Runners (Alpha 12mm) provides a level of flexibility that supports your balance.
Although they’re thicker, they still feel weightless to run in and keep their flexibility.
All Earth Runners have Grounded Conductive Lifestyle Laces, allowing you to remain connected absorbing the ever-present subtle electrical energies of the earth while wearing them outdoors, but also giving you protection on different terrains.
Versatile features match your needs naturally.
They are super comfortable to walk around in.
A packer’s dream: extremely thin, lightweight, and flexible.
These shoes give you a more secure fit.
Good for every situation and any and every occasion, we wear it to work, hiking, every day wear and casual dress up.
I think Earth Runners look awesome.
A zero drop sole is great for promoting a natural stride and foot strike, just as if you were barefoot.
To my amazement, my EarthRunners were stinky only one time in the first three months owning them.
The Earthrunners are so light, I don’t feel like I’m wearing a shoe.
Zero-drop position your toes and heel so that they’re level, so this is great for your natural stride as if you were walking barefoot.
These shoes are ultralight.
Earth runners is the dream shoe for anyone who wants to really dive right in due to versatility in sole thickness.
These shoes are based on the ancient Tarahumara Native huarache sandals.
The sandals are so form fitting, it feels like it’s not even there. Especially after breaking them in.
They are lightweight.
Excellent traction on dirt trails; I forgot I was wearing sandals.
The shoes made a sixth summer and are still going strong headed into their 7th.
I love the 11mm Vibran Woodstock tread, which makes the shoe feel super durable and supportive.
They’re as close to going barefoot as I can get.
The Cadence Adventure Sandal comes with a thick 9mm Vibram sole that protects your feet and provides good traction.
A lightweight and flexible construction offers a “barefoot” experience (regarding proprioceptive feel).
If you’re reluctant to buy shoes online because you’re worried about sizing, Earth Runners has an awesome system for finding you the perfect size.
It is comfortable enough for all day use, even while hiking.
It offers potential earthing benefits via plug and thread.
The grounding system allows you to be grounded the whole time (in fact you never have to take them off)!
They have a lifetime warranty on straps.
You have the option of either a Lifestyle strap or an Adventure strap.
The variety of sole thicknesses is great for all those wanting to try out different thickness ranges and their laces will have a color for everyone.
These shoes have comfortable footbed.
All Earth Runners have conductive lacing and copper grounding plug, giving you the added benefit of being grounded to the Earth while wearing them outdoors.
Earth Runners sandals come with a warranty that lasts for the lifetime of their Vibram sole.
All Earth Runners sandals are made with Vibram soles and are fine to get wet and dirty (which I love about them).
In seven years, I’ve never even had to loosen a strap to get a rock to shake free.
The straps are fully adjustable for a perfect fit, so there were no hot spots to cause blisters. I have worn the sandals all day and hiked several kilometres in them with no discomfort.
Gender neutral designs and patterns are available for everyone to love.
Canvas footbed and performance lace additions add comfort and functionality.
These shoes are great for running.
They look handsome, especially with the leather laces.
The laces don’t rub on my ankles or heels.
They have a grippy vibram sole.
We love the balance between minimalism and comfort that Earth Runners provides.
Earth Runners have a flexible sole that supports our natural foot movement and balance, they are lightweight and a perfect minimalistic travel companion.
The Custom molded 11 mm Vibram Woodstock tread provides plenty of cushion whether you are hiking or running.
Innovative strap design is very secure.
The laces are incredibly sturdy. No adjustments were needed while running in them.
Whether you have high arches, low arches, or something in between, odds are good Earth Runners will fit.
Based on the materials and craftsmanship, they seem like they could handle more abuse than our Z-Trails.
The straps are so well placed you almost forget they are there.
They have a secure strap system.
We love that Earth Runners are made in the USA.
The sole is a comfortable thickness – great for walking and running.
They are perfect for activities like trail running, hiking, gardening, workouts, and any other form of outdoor play.
They’re multifunctional, great for running or hitting the beach.

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❌ Cons

It can be difficult to walk distances in these (especially with the thinner model) due to their near barefoot capacity (unlike other shoes which do give the foot more support).
I noticed the footbed isn’t sewn around the edges like it is on my Circadian Sandals.
If you’re like a friend of mine who seems to enjoy shopping for and obtaining new gear more than actually having the gear, Earth Runners might leave you wanting.
If not used to a thong style strap, there can be some initial chafing between the big toe and second toe.
The base has a different tread to the Circadian Sandals and doesn’t grip quite as well, but they are still better than most other shoes.
It’s harder to keep clean and they need to air dry.
Conductive inserts would be a nice option (they are currently not available for this model of Earth Runners).
On very long hikes you can experience chafing between the first and second toe.
It’s a little slower to put on and take off than most sandals.
Metal toe post can scratch floors.
The thong on the Alpha X also bothers the space between my big toe and second toe, but I’m hoping that as I wear the shoes more I’ll break the strap in.
There is not much underfoot protection.
Canvas footbed isn’t great in wet conditions.
After two weeks, I had my first fold-over – a jarring experience where my sloppy stride meant catching the front edge of the sole on carpet, causing the front part of the shoe to fold back on itself.
The straps can get a bit stiff and rough especially after they get wet but will soften again with wear.
We found the lace between our first and second toe to be quite painful.
Thicker soles are less flexible than the non-X versions.
Earth Runners are a great concept, but the shoes aren’t necessarily our style for a day-to-day basis.
Wearing my Earthrunners like a flipflop (without the heel strap) for too long stresses my arches and the muscles around the toe strap.
They may be too minimal for some.
Under rainy conditions, the feet tend to slip around a little inside the sandal. However, the bottom tread has great traction.
The laces between my toes took a little longer to adapt to compared to my Circadian Lifestyle Sandals – though I fixed the problem from the FAQ’s on their website.
The first time I wore my regular Lifestyle Earth Runners after a long winter I got blisters.
Besides the roughness of the strap, one other concern I hear from readers is that it puts pressure on the second toe joint.
The tail end of my straps are long enough that when I’m stream walking, they float around and can feel like bits of flotsam in the water.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
If you’re in the market for a pair of do-it-all minimalist sandals that have solid ground feel, then we recommend the Circadian Sandals by Earth Runners… although we strongly prefer the comfort and grip of the Xero Shoes Z-Trail Sandals significantly more.
There’s always been something incredibly freeing about going barefoot. Perhaps because it reminds us of the beach, or being a kid, or simply being off the clock. Whatever it is, we fully embraced it with the Elemental Earth Runners.
The sandal strap goes between your big toe and second toe similar to a regular pair of sandals but it also goes across the top of your foot and behind your heel – this gives you a more secure fit, which makes them perfect for hiking, working out, running, etc.
Overall we’re really looking forward to using our Earth Runners more, especially when hiking. And Dan can’t wait for the weather to warm up so he has more of an incentive to get outdoors and take his for a run.
They look good, feel good and are well made. If you prioritize your wallet over the emotional high of obtaining new things, Earth Runners might be the shoe for you, too.
The Circadian X and Alpha X from Earth Runners both offer a little more protection over their brothers, but are still flexible and lightweight. The strapping system is quite innovative and secure on your foot (despite some initial irritation), and they are excellent for their intended purpose. I expect that users would really enjoy trails with either model. Those looking for running long distances or transitioning to minimalist running shoes are sure to enjoy these sandals.
The Earth Runners Circadian Adventure Sandals are ultra-minimalist hiking sandals that are barely noticeable on your feet. They have a 9-millimeter zero-drop sole made of a Vibram Gumlite rubber outsole, a comfortable canvas footbed, and a secure strap system that wraps around your foot and locks it in place as you move.
With various styles, these are some of the most versatile barefoot sandals you can get. They’re made of vegan-friendly materials in the United States and even come with strap warranties. If you want the ideal barefoot trail running solution, Earth Runners barefoot grounding sandals are one of the best options of all time!
If you can get past the toe strap of doom, these sandals are a decent price. For $84, they’re a well-made minimalist sandal that should last for many adventures.
Earth Runners are some of the best adventure sandals out there. As someone who wants to look and feel great all the time, I love something I can take hiking, kayaking, on family walks, and then out for date night. Combined with the fact that they are less than $100, have a lifetime warranty, and handmade in the USA there’s really no way to go wrong.
You can dress it up, you can dress it down, there is nothing you can’t do with this sandal and I find myself wearing it the most out of my whole collection.
I highly encourage you to give Earth Runners a try. They’re ethically handmade in the USA, have a 30-day money-back guarantee, and ship globally – there’s no excuse!
If you love the feeling of being barefoot and if you’ve been looking for the perfect footwear for your outdoor adventures then look no further than Earth Runners.
Whether you’re a full-time barefooter or you just want a healthier alternative to shoes, I love and highly recommend Earth Runners.
I would recommend Earth Runners to anyone looking for light, comfortable, high quality sandals. You can walk, run, or hike in them in comfort. The price point is very fair considering the excellent quality! A complete pair of Earth Runners comes in at slightly less than Birkenstocks, but they offer superior fit and traction with fully adjustable straps and Vibram treads. I will be purchasing a pair of bedding-free Circadians for playing by the beach!

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