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✅ Pros

It is very easy to use.
Review Pros
EaseUS is suitable for both Windows and Mac.
Clients reported the EaseUS Software recovering all of their lost files from an external HDD in around 2 hours.
It recovers the files in the best quality.
It recovers all types of data.
The first thing you notice when you launch the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is that it’s really fast.
The free version of the software enables you to recover computer files for over 100 real-life data loss cases.
This is one of the fastest advanced scanners we’ve used, and it worked great.
It recovered all files deleted in two tests.
You can hide a partition, which will prevent Windows from displaying it with the other connected drives.
Unlike most data recovery tools, you don’t need to run a full hard drive scan first.
It is fast and gives reliable performance.
The program is well suited for an average user.
Almost every EaseUS review will tell you that the company has excellent customer service.
EaseUS has top class interface and preview quality.
During our review of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, our system was barely stressed at all.
It is very intuitive and simple to use.
EaseUS has versions of Data Recovery Wizard for both macOS and Windows computers – plus mobile versions.
EaseUS offers a completely free version that can rescue up to 2GB of data.
It’s super easy to install EaseUS software.
Both quick and deep scan modes are available.
This software can recover unlimited data.
These guys have pretty intuitive and straightforward programs that are very user friendly.
It recovers files that other products cannot restore.
It scans the data very fast.
It took only 2 minutes to do a quick scan of a 116GB disk.
It is very user-friendly, even for inexperienced computer users.
It easily restores damaged/corrupted images/videos.
EaseUS customer support representatives are quick to respond and will not give up until they’ve solved your problem.
EaseUS might be the best overall data recovery tool when it comes to support.
Customer support team replied email quickly.
Just as EaseUS did a better job of recovering files, it also did a better job of not listing files as recoverable that in fact it couldn’t recover at all.
It recovers many files other products couldn’t recover in testing.
It is free to download and 2GB trial is also available.
It has free option with 2GB of recoverable data before upgrading.
The software was able to undelete hard drive files and restored over 250 MB of data including text files and images.
One partition can be copied to a different partition to essentially create a cloned partition, even if the destination partition is smaller than the source.
The user experience stands as one of the best of any recovery utility we reviewed.
It gives simple sorting of specific file types and deleted files.
It gives fast results.
The EaseUs Todo Backup software allows you to secure and save your crucial files with ease.
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro users will benefit from a range of live and self-help support streams.
It allows easy sorting of deleted files and specific file types.
It is available for both Windows and Mac.
24/7 technical support is available.
EaseUS provides trial versions of its software, which can be used to recover up to 2GB of data on PCs and Macs.
It is a flexible data recovery process with a search function to locate particular files, and the ability to pause or stop the data scanning.
EaseUS also provides recovery software for iPhones and Android devices.
Deep scanning finds all your deleted files.
It has user-friendly interface and systems.
The EaseUS website has a lot of good documentation on how to use their software with answers on how to resolve specific problems.
It offers fast, reliable, performance with the option of searching during the scan.
It lets you back up files, partitions, hard drive and even your entire system.
An excellent interface also includes preview quality.
Installation takes less than a minute, and if you’re using the free version, you don’t even need to register an account.
It doesn’t affect the quality of files.
We contacted the live support with a question about security, and they answered almost right away and addressed our concern in a proper manner.
EaseUS Partition Master supports defragmenting partitions.
It is easy to use.
The Windows version of the software can be also used to recover files from formatted storage devices and retrieve corrupted or inaccessible files from a damaged drive or external storage.
The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is also one of the best recovery software solutions for popular archive formats.
EaseUS’ MobiMover and MobiSaver tools let you recover data from your iOS and Android devices.
The interface is simple to follow.
The built-in file previewer enables you to check the integrity of a file before restoring it.
There is a range of other EaseUS products, like Video Editor, Phone Transfer, EverySync, iPhone Unlock, and a backup system.
All the commands are clearly labeled and you get to preview changes before applying them.
You can preview picture, text, and video files.
It lets you preview changes before applying them.
It provides the best quality of recovered files.
It runs smoothly even on low-end computer systems.

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❌ Cons

This user-friendly solution had to sacrifice some of its functionalities, such as e.g., customization.
It can’t scan the entire hard drive.
Automatic scanning has limits.
You will need to shell out even more for the Technician version if you want a licence that will work across several devices.
There are much cheaper options on the market.
It is not quite as customizable as similar recovery options.
Not every type of file is going to be recoverable.
It doesn’t have the ability to add new recoverable file types and the ability to recover data from optical storage (CDs, DVDs).
Free option only recovers 2GB of data.
The company doesn’t discuss its safety features as openly as other businesses in this field do.
It can’t scan your full hard drive, only partitions.
It’s also worth noting that the EaseUS price isn’t small.
It can’t continue a long scan at a later date.
The plans could seem expensive for some users.
It is a bit expensive as compared to other data recovery software.
There is no option to select a specific folder to scan.
Timer does not operate as it should.
Free version only restores 2GB of data.
Upgrading to a paid license is slightly expensive.
Price is a bit above the average.
Free versions are very limited.
The software is easy to use but the user interface could be improved.
It doesn’t have an option to scan a particular folder/drive.
It is not Linux compatible.
The monthly price plan is not at all economical which means that you probably have to commit to using the software for a year or more.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
While the experience isn’t perfect, we came away impressed after spending a little too much time playing with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. The deep scan performed wasn’t quite as thorough as some services judging by the total files found, but it returned all the files we were looking for.
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro worked perfectly. After scanning, it successfully found all my test files and I was able to recover them without a problem. All the files were in working order and had no errors whatsoever. If you’ve accidentally deleted some files, or mistakenly formatted a storage device, give EaseUS a try. It’s simply one of the most effective data recovery tools available.
In conclusion, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is one of the best, latest solutions you can use for fast data recovery. No matter if you want to recover a single file or more of them at the same time, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free app will help you achieve that in no time
EaseUs is a safe, secure, and effective data recovery program. It helps you recover lost, hidden, and deleted files and data from even a crashed system. And it honestly does a great job.
No data recovery apps is perfect. Like its rivals, EaseUS lists files that it can’t recover, and we wish it automatically tried to display preview images of every file it lists for recovery—instead of automatically previewing graphic files and making us click on a button before trying to preview most document formats. Compared to this app’s benefits, these minor flaws seem trivial, however the app is an impressive contrast to its rival app Stellar Data Recovery. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is our clear Editor’s Choice for data-recovery software.
With efficient scan times and the ability to recover any number of files from a variety of platforms, you should find that the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a safe and efficient means of getting back your lost data.
Based on our own experience using the EaseUS recovery software, we would say that this is a good product from a reputable company. There are informational videos and tutorials on their website that help new users understand the software, making it quite easy even for a first-time user.
Our EaseUS data recovery review reveals this data recovery wizerd is impressive. The software is beyond easy to use and works like a charm. However, unlike other tools on the market, this user-friendly solution had to sacrifice some of its functionalities, such as e.g., customization.
If you need a reliable data recovery tool and you don’t mind spending a bit more money on it, EaseUS software is an excellent choice.
With its availability for Windows and Mac, along with a great set of features, EaseUS data recovery software is such a tool that you can trust for your data recovery solutions.
The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is an effective, easy-to-use tool for getting back lost data. The install file takes only a minute to download, and you can start scanning in a minute more. We especially liked the free version, since you can try any feature you desire.
Our conclusion is that EaseUS has your back when it comes to any kind of data needs. Whether you want to organize it, secure it, or recover it, we recommend that you turn to EaseUs for answers.
After doing the research for this thorough EaseUS software review, it’s clear that this software is quite extraordinary. It’s fast, reliable, secure, does its job, and depending on the plan you opt for, offers affordable prices.The free trial is great because it shows the users how this software functions.
We love that the changes you make with EaseUS Partition Master Free aren’t immediately applied to the disks. It makes it way easier to play out what will happen after you’ve made all the changes. We also think the overall look and feel of EaseUS Partition Master Free makes whatever you’re doing with your computer’s partitions easy to understand and accomplish. The options aren’t too overwhelming and each of them are accurately named.
The free version is a great choice for those who need to restore a small number of files. Upgrading to a paid license is slightly expensive, but the sheer number of great features on offer means that it actually presents great value for money. Add to this the program’s great performance, responsive customer support, and tidy user interface, and you have a clear winner.

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