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✅ Pros

One of the main features of the River 370 is the variety of inputs and outputs.
Review Pros
Because of its elegant and straightforward design, the River 370 is one of the most accessible power stations to use that I’ve experienced.
It’s super portable at around 30 lbs and the size of a toaster oven with oversized handles that are easy to grab.
It comes with 11 outlets.
The electric (AC) output powered by the 1800W Inverter rated at 3,300W for surge protection creates a fully capable power system.
We love its easy-to-read screen, which shows input/output wattage and how much power is left in reserve.
The front of the unit also includes a large backlit LCD display that shows remaining capacity in percentage and hours, total power being drawn in watts, an indicators for which ports are in use.
The battery stores the power for up to a year without losing a charge.
It also had one of the highest battery capacities among the models we tested.
Delta 1300 can recharge from 0% to 80% in just 60 minutes.
EF Delta has a 3300W surge capacity which would be super helpful when you use power tools like saw or drilling machine.
Eleven output ports include two USB quick charge ports which will allow you to get that phone or other portable device back in service faster than the standard USB ports for other devices you may not be in such a hurry to charge.
The handle on top really makes it quite portable.
Huge capacity can be expanded with stackable modules.
It is designed to be incredibly travel-friendly,
A handle on the top allows for easy carrying.
It is lightweight yet powerful.
Retailing at roughly $1,400, the EcoFlow Delta 1300 is an extremely affordable option for the high quality components and overall convenience of the portable solar generator.
It has high gadget appeal.
You can charge up to 11 devices at the same time with a max draw of 500w.
The battery will reach a full charge in as little as two hours.
The PD ports are particularly useful for smartphones and your MacBook for quick charging.
The Delta 1300 has 6 AC outlets, 2 USB-C PD ports, 4 USB outlets, and it’s rechargeable from a wall socket, carport, or solar panel.
On a price-per-capacity basis it’s actually pretty good.
It ships with a 40W USB-C charger.
It also has smart temperature management system.
Thermal management system keeps this unit functional during the inclement weather you may need power most.
The company also offers two solar charging options.
It has more output ports—six AC, four USB-A, and two USB-C—than any portable power station we’ve tested.
The front of River includes four USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, and two 12 volt DC power ports.
It’s also water resistant and durable, ensuring it can survive whatever the outdoors throws at it.
The Ecoflow Delta battery generator can be charged in three ways.
On the front, we have a large display that displays the current charge and an estimate for how long it will power what’s plugged in.
It comes with all the ports you want including Qi wireless.
When plugged into a standard AC outlet, the Delta’s battery bank will go from zero to 80% charged in only one hour.
When coupled with its 11 different charging ports — including two AC outlets — this portable generator actually provides enough juice to power small appliances such as an LCD TV or mini-fridge.
You can pack it for your next trip without taking up a bunch of space.
Not only is the input capability of the Delta 1300 impressive, but the electric (AC) output powered by the 1800W Inverter rated at 3,300W for surge protection creates a fully capable power system.
The product is perfect for outdoor workers, RV owners, adventurists and even homeowners.
Its dual-handle design allows two people to share the load easily.
The River comes with a built-in handle that makes it easy to carry to and from camp.
The battery life estimates shared by EcoFlow seem to be extremely accurate and not inflated.
The quick-charge ports are a nice attention to detail for Android device owners.
It had the highest max output of any model we tried, making it capable of running the most power-hungry appliances in our tests.
Weighing in at a feathery light eleven pounds, the ECOFLOW River Portable Power Station Generator truly is portable.
A large LCD screen tells you how much battery the lithium-ion bank has left, both by percentage and hours.
At just over 30 lbs., the EcoFlow Delta 1300 is light enough to bring wherever power is needed.
There’s no specialized, device-specific power brick required, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing your charger.

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❌ Cons

The battery included in the Delta 1300 is rated to hold a 60% capacity after 800 charges.
Some laptops might require more than 60W of output.
The River Mobile Power station doesn’t come cheap.
Commonly repeated complaints among users is the slow response from customer service and tech support.
Listed as 500W, the power is deceptively divided as 300W AC and 200W DC.
It does not include solar panels.
Initial product tests of the EcoFlow Delta 1300 have found that the system only has an approximately 58% round trip efficiency.
It is expensive.
Stacking is cool but gimmicky.
Initial product tests of the EcoFlow Delta 1300 have found that the system only has an approximately 58% round trip efficiency.
Display is difficult to read in sunlight.
It’ll take you some time actually using the Delta before you’ll be able to get a good handle on how long it will actually last in various scenarios.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The value of the system at the retail price is hard to beat and the 2 hour AC charge time is truly revolutionary. The Delta 1300 comes with everything you need (besides solar panels), so it makes for the best possible plug-and-play option (no adapters necessary!).
The Ecoflow River is a good unit, but it may be suffering from a few bad bumps in the way it is marketed or advertised. As long as you read up on the model and you are well aware of what kind of power you are really getting, and not expecting 500W AC/DC, then this unit gets a thumbs up.
This unit packs lots of power into a portable, easy-to-use package. Plus, it has more AC, USB-A, and USB-C ports than any other portable power station we’ve tested.
It doesn’t look like a typical battery — because it’s not. It can charge up to five devices simultaneously or act as a three-port USB hub while charging your laptop. Attach a stackable second 44Wh / 12,000mAh booster module to create an even bigger battery with a sixth charging port that’s still suitable for airline travel. Hell, it can even jump start your car.
The Ecoflow Delta 1300 is ideal for occasional use such as camping, tailgating, and festivals, and is also a perfect emergency back-up solution for homes, disaster situations and medical devices. Whereas we may not recommend the EcoFlow Delta as your daily life source of power, it is an incredible solar generator with great capabilities.
All-in-all, I think EcoFlow has put out a really impressive battery. It’s compact and heavy, but the handle on top really makes it quite portable. You’re not going to throw this in your bag and forget it, but you can pack it for your next trip without taking up a bunch of space. The quick-charge ports are a nice attention to detail for Android device owners. Details like that often get forgotten and the max charge rate of an iPhone is all we get.
The Ecoflow River portable power station is quite powerful for a solar power generator and packs that power in a sleek and compact design. It is also a very sturdy design with proven functionality in temperatures between -4° – 140° Fahrenheit.
Overall, the River 370 Is an attractive, easy to use portable power station – and at $530, the price reflects that. There are some other great smaller options out there like the Jackery Explorer 240 we looked at earlier this year, but that lacks the input and output options like USB-C and dual AC. If you need a large battery with an equally large number of ports, the River 370 is a great choice.
What EcoFlow has done here is definitely worth a look for anybody who is a serious outdoor enthusiast or just wants the freedom to get off the grid for a while.
While we expect the company to blow this battery’s capacity out of the water with future versions, this one is undoubtedly worth owning for anyone who needs a reliable source of power or backup power.
If you need a compact power station to keep your mobile devices, cameras, drones, and other devices running in the backcountry, the EcoFlow River is a great option.
EcoFlow Delta 1300 Portable Power Station is not only a good looking battery unit but also functions really well. It can power almost any device and perfect for outdoor adventures. If you look from the price point, the power station is not that expensive at all. And it is a one-time investment type of product. If you wish to go ahead with it, I bet you won’t regret it.

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