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✅ Pros

The wallet has your standard RFID-blocking built into it.
Review Pros
It’s impressively fast wallet that works time after time.
Ekster has done a fantastic job of creating a brand that ebbs quality with a high-class color range.
Ekster wallets are the thinnest on the market.
It includes a Bluetooth tracking card, which allows you to find your wallet if lost.
It has a quick card access mechanism.
Measuring in at 4.1” tall by 2.5” wide by .59” deep, the Ekster Parliament wallet is roughly the size of a pack of playing cards.
It is trackable with optional solar wallet tracker card.
It has a very slim and lightweight design.
There is RFID protection for up to 6 credit cards.
The main card compartment is made of aluminum and can hold up to six credit cards.
The Ekster/Chipolo tracking cards recharge via solar.
It’s also incredibly thin at only 0.85cm wide which firmly grants the wallet minimalist status.
There is optional location tracker too.
It comes with RFID blocking capability.
The little trigger smoothly pops your cards out of the holster in descending order, making selecting any card simple.
Ekster has a solar-powered tracking card, so if you misplace your wallet, you can use Bluetooth technology to locate it.
Ekster uses full-grain premium bull leather for all of its wallets.
It’s an all-leather wallet with a structured, formal look that pairs nicely with business or formal attire.
It has premium leather construction.
It has a rremovable cash strap.
Leather feels great in the hand.
It has pemium materials and build.
A credit card-sized tracking device fits inside the wallet so you always know where it is by using GPS and the mobile app on your phone.
The fact it’s solar-powered also means you won’t need to worry about plugging it in or changing its battery.
It is wireless charging compatible.
We found it comfortable to store in any of our pants pockets, making it a wallet we’d happily make a part of our every-day-carry.
It ejects cards into a perfect fan.
It uses a clever mechanical trigger to pop the cards up (no batteries).
If you’re looking for a wallet that is a little more rugged- you need the Ekster Metro 52 edition.
It ccan store up to 12 cards.
Ekster wallets are made from premium Italian leather or vegan leather.
RFID blocking is available.
Smart tracker works discreetly in the background.
The tracking device is solar-powered and can last up to three months on a single charge.
At $80, this unique wallet is very affordable.
It comes with a solar powered tracker card..
It uses RFID blocking technology.
It has lost wallet crowd find feature.
All of the cards inserted into the center of your wallet are protected from RFID skimming.
Tracker Card makes it the ultimate wallet combination for busy students, parents, or anyone who can’t keep up with their belongings.
Outside of the holster, there’s an elastic band that wraps around cash, receipts or other thin items.
Card slot holds one or two cards.
With a card sliding system, the wallet’s leather is surrounded by a clever metal mechanism that perfectly cascades your cards out in a fluid motion.
The dye work on the leather is excellent with consistent color, no color change with scratches, and no dye bleed into your clothes.
The Ekster is available in two different sizes.
All Ekster wallets are made with premium leather and come in a variety of colors. 
It is super slim.
The leather is supple and looks like rich, melted chocolate poured into the shape of a wallet.
Ekster also offers iPhone wallet cases and a few other related accessories like money clips.
It is lightweight and non-bulky.
Ekster has a card pop-up feature, so you can grab cards without opening your wallet.
This wallet takes a minimalistic approach by having just enough for what you need.
Selfie-mode takes remote group selfies with your Tracker card.
Ekster also offers a customized tracking card as an option for their wallets that utilizes the TrackR technology.
It looks elegant.
Tracking card is great for locating your wallet within Bluetooth range (about 200 feet).
It has excellent leather quality and craftsmanship.
The quick card access makes the wallet very efficient.
It’s roughly the thickness of two cards and can slide into any card slot.
It comes with selfie remote and phone finding functions.
The leather on the outside is made from premium top grain leather.
It’s compact and solar-powered.
It is made up of premium top-grain leather.
It’s a box that offers RFID/NFC blocking.
It has high quality, durable construction.
It has a long lasting battery.

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❌ Cons

Cash storing is fiddly with the strap.
You need to swipe down in Chiolo app for current last seen location.
Phone remote function can only take one photo at a time.
The ringer is quiet.
For starters, it can get a little bulky for a thin wallet.
It is not very protective.
Cash notes are hard to organise.
Back pocket is too tight to easily insert and remove tracker card.
Larger fingers may struggle with card slide.
It’s a fairly expensive option.
It only works in close vicinity.
It is available only for iPhone 11 Pro at this time.
Slider can be a bit sluggish in the beginning.
Rigid structure does not allow for flexibility if you need to carry extra stuff.
Ekster only offers a cash strap in the wallet.
The only disadvantage to this system is that it requires exactly 5 cards to be inserted.
Cards can slip out.
RFID case can be difficult to use if you need to get to a specific card quickly.
Long-range tracking card location seems to be inconsistent.
Chipolo lost feature only as good as other users in your area.
Ejection button occasionally sticks.
You need to remember to charge card every two months.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
All in all, my issues are small. The wallet worked better than expected, even after I tried breaking the trigger by using it over and over. The tracker is nice for those who are prone to losing things.
After carrying the newest version of one of the Ekster Senate smart wallet (Ekster 3.0) for a few months now, I am super impressed by its design, features, quality, and overall performance. It feels good. It looks good. And with the Ekster 3.0 solar-powered tracking card, it’s almost impossible to lose.
If you’re looking for a slim case but you want it to look and feel amazing and offer some smart features, check out the Ekster Smart iPhone Case.
A stylish, minimal exterior that makes handling cards a breeze. One of the fast wallets you’ll find that holds enough of your regular cards without the bulk.
I recommend the Ekster wallet to those people who are looking for a streamlined, minimalist wallet and would love the option to upgrade it to a smart wallet (Ekster Tracker Card) if they so wish.
I honestly can’t think of any constructive criticism or ideas for how Ekster could make these products better. They’re really fantastic wallets and I highly recommend them.
Overall, we love the Ekster Metro 52 Wallet with the Tracking Card. My son has already recommended it to a few of his friends.
If you’re looking for a slim wallet, these are the best on the market. We looked at some others in the space, but none compared to Ekster or Ridge. These are going to be the top retailers if all wallets start to get a little slimmer. With cash becoming increasingly less popular, it could be on the horizon!
If you’re looking for a classy wallet and don’t mind the thickness, you can’t go wrong with the Ekster Parliament Wallet. It looks great, has a clever RFID-protected card sliding system, and additional storage for cash and scannable cards like work IDs. The TrackR card is great for short-range location and remembering the last place you left your wallet if you wander off.
Before we leave the house, we’re always on the lookout for two things: our wallet, and our phone. Thanks to the Eksters advanced tracking technology, you’ll never be without either of them. But what we liked most about this tech was how well integrated it is. It doesn’t feel like you’re using a high-tech wallet until you need it. From there, accessing its hidden features is as simple as pressing a button.
The Ekster wallet is the most innovative, stylish, and sophisticated wallet you can get your hands on.  It is the must-have upgrade to your current wallet and with so many features, why wouldn’t you want it?  Plus, it will help you to stay organized by keeping out the crap and carrying only what you really need. 
If you’re the type of person who’s constantly losing their wallet, or are simply worried about doing so, the Ekster Senate with optional Tracking Card offers a classy and relatively reliable way to find and track your wallet.
The Ekster Parlaiment wallet is a fine wallet on its own. There are some form factor issues that may not appeal to all users, but I think you’ll be pretty happy with it if your daily carry favors keeping 8-10 cards at the ready with minimal cash. The tracking card is great for locating your wallet within Bluetooth range if you are absent-minded, but I am not convinced that it will work consistently over greater distances due to the crowdsourced nature of the network.
The Ekster Tracker Card is not the most affordable tag, but it works great and fits a wallet incredibly well. The fact it’s solar-powered also means you won’t need to worry about plugging it in or changing its battery. If you have experienced the pain of misplacing your wallet or are simply an absent-minded person, you know this little device is worth the cost.
This wallet comes down to personal preference, it is a premium construction, the tracking card and RFID protection are great features but the limited space and solid body make it best suited for evenings out and special occasions rather than everyday use.

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