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✅ Pros

Very popular NinjaTrader and Tradovate are both available for traders.
Review Pros
The platform provides one of the most adaptable trading conditions available, allowing traders to operate during their preferred hours, including during market-moving news events.
The 14-day free trial allows traders to test the platform before committing to an evaluation, enhancing transparency and trust.
Elite Trader Funding’s profit-sharing model is highly attractive, especially for traders starting with smaller accounts.
There are no additional fees or extra charges.
100% of first $12,500 in live profits goes to the trader.
Traders can file a complaint to the technical support of the prop firm.
Elite Trader Funding’s minimalistic approach to rules and flexibility in trading hours create a trader-friendly environment.
When choosing Tradovate traders can trade using web and mobile versions.
Traders can pay $75 to reset their accounts any time.
With a competitive 80% profit split after the first $12,500, Elite Trader Funding offers an attractive deal to traders.
The opportunity to trade with the platform’s capital can reduce the stress associated with risking one’s own money.
Automatic free evaluation account resets on monthly subscription renewal if account is failed.
Small exchange products are available with Elite Funded trader.
Optional evaluation reset fee is only $75.
The prop firm allows to trade on news, and use any trading styles and strategies. Restrictions are minimal compared to its competitors.
Elite Trader Funding offers retail traders a platform to demonstrate their trading skills and gain access to capital if they perform well.
Traders can contact liquidity providers.
Their open evaluation process, trust in trading, handling of technical issues, and approach to user reviews instill a sense of security and trust in traders.
There are different evaluation types available based on the account sizes.
You can trade multiple accounts (up to 20) under one login.
You can keep 80% of all profits after your first $12,500.
Deep discount pricing that is cheaper than data and platform alone, comes with a chance at funding.
The platform offers a range of evaluation options and account sizes, catering to traders with different levels of experience and risk tolerance.
Several trader evaluation options are available.

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❌ Cons

It is a relatively new prop trading firm.
There is no centralized mechanism to protect traders.
There is no call center.
Traders aiming for Elite accounts do not have the option to purchase resets, potentially increasing the pressure during the evaluation process.
No MetaTrader platforms are supported.
You need to wait long for a response.
The trial account cannot be used to qualify for an Elite account, limiting its utility for ambitious traders.
Copy trading is not allowed.
The platform’s focus on futures trading may not be suitable for traders looking to diversify into other asset classes.
The prop firm does not allow trading via MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). Instead, the firm uses NinjaTrader, Tradovate, TradingView, and Rithmic platforms.
There is no overnight or weekend trading.

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Review Summaries
In summary, Elite Trader Funding is redefining the prop trading industry with its trader-focused model and profit-oriented structure, establishing itself as a leader among prop trading firms. Don’t wait to begin your trading journey with Elite Trader Funding.
Elite Trader Funding give traders the chance to receive live funding based on how well they perform in simulated accounts. You can trade multiple accounts (up to 20) under one login, choose from several evaluation options and keep 80% of all profits.
Elite Trader Funding is a rather young prop firm, but it is already quite popular. It has thousands of partners worldwide. The main advantages are a large selection of accounts and tariffs, minimum restrictions, and flexible adjustment of trading tools. Traders keep 80-100% of the profit, which is significantly higher than many of its competitors. Also, there is a profitable partnership program that can bring regular profits to socially active partners.
Elite Trader Funding presents an intriguing opportunity for traders looking to access live funding based on their trading performance. The platform’s profit-sharing model, flexible evaluation options, and minimalistic rules make it an appealing choice for both novice and experienced traders. The 14-day free trial provides a risk-free way to explore the platform and determine whether it aligns with your trading goals.
Elite Trader Funding offers multiple paths to funding. Unfortunately, the company has gotten hurt by the gambling behavior of some of its customers during huge news spikes. Thus, it had to be one of the first futures-funded trader companies to make conditions more difficult for their live-funded traders.

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