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✅ Pros

It is anti-disassembly & anti-tamper.
Review Pros
The ability to offline sweep paper wallets and the ability to import variable-length mnemonic phrases is a big win for the Titan.
It has easy to use and intuitive user-interface.
There is no connection to the outside in any possible way.
The fact that the wallet is Air gapped gives it an additional layer of security.
Since the device has no “outer world” connection it can’t be compromised remotely.
It supports multiple cryptocurrencies.
It features a large full-colour touchscreen.
It feels sturdy.
Wallet is tamper-proof.
Each transaction must be confirmed manually.
The Ellipal Titan is made with a very sturdy aluminium alloy body and it cannot be disassembled without leaving serious damages, thus preventing supply chain attacks.
It has robust metal housing fоr protection аgаіnѕt physical attacks.
It has tamper-proof fully sealed metal frame.
The mobile app (available for iOS and Android) is simple but well built.
It has excellent design.
It uses QR codes to confirm transactions instead of Bluetooth or USB.
It is very user-friendly via a flawless touchscreen.
It features air-gapped transactions.
It has simple and responsive mobile-orientated software.
Private keys are stored in air-gapped cold storage.
It supports more than 10,000 coins and tokens on 40+ blockchains.
The Ellipal wallet supports most coins.
Communication is conducted safely through QR codes.
Unlike other hardware wallets that connect to a PC, the Ellipal has its own internal rechargeable battery.
It is beginner-friendly.
It supports 40 blockchains and more than 10,000 tokens.
It is easy to use and great for beginners.
It has secure hardware and software.
Device never needs to connect to the internet to send or receive crypto.
Multilingual customer support really helps quickly and reliably.
Private keys are stored on the ELLIPAL wallet, there is never a connection to the Internet or your computer.
It is fully metal sealed and air-gapped cold wallet with mobile support.
It protects against remote and physical attacks.
Ellipal Titan can store over 10,000 different coins, which is almost twice as many as what the Ledger Nano X can suppor.
The Ellipal Titan has a 3.97″ LCD touchscreen.
It is a very secure cold wallet solution.
It is vеrу easy tо uѕе due tо аn impeccable touchscreen.
Private keys are never exposed to internet.
The Titan is fully portable with a battery life that allows the Titan to be used in any setting without the need to be tethered to a computer.
It is completely isolated from any networks.
It has introduced many improvements since its launch in 2017.
It has big color LCD screen.
The app provides a user-friendly user experience.
Wallet is air-gapped (i.e. disconnected from online devices at all times).
It has large, clear screen.
It supports over 40 blockchains and 10,000 coins.
10000+ coins and tokens are supported.
It is air-gapped security cold wallet.
It has minimalist app with lots of functionality.
It is a decentralized wallet, and Know Your Customer (KYC) is not required.
ELLIPAL delivers new updates on a regular basis.
It has oopen-source firmware.
It supports major cryptocurrencies.
Being able to stake multiple assets and access Dapps directly within the wallet is very convenient.
The Ellipal Titan is easy to use, beginner-friendly, and users love the large touchscreen.
Ellipal has several ways of protecting your device, such as a pattern lock screen and a password protection for your account.
It has very simple operation and user interface.
The Mnemonic metal is awesome.
Wallet interface uses a highly rated mobile app.
It is completely isolated frоm аnу network.
This wallet uses no data transmission, only generates QR codes.
It has great standby time.
The Ellipal Titan keeps remote attacks at bay with the use of air-gapped technology, giving it complete network isolation, and true offline cold storage.
Strong metal body protects against physical attacks.
It is easy to send and receive funds with Ellipal App.
There is an option to import seed phrases generated on other devices.
The Ellipal Titan connects easily to Android phones and iPhones with their respective apps.
Crypto exchange and staking are included.

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❌ Cons

Screen smears easily.
It is tоо bіg tо carry іn аn HD wallet.
Security minded users may be put off by the Titan’s ability to only generate a 12-word seed phrase instead of a more secure 24- word phrase.
Limited number of assets are supported.
The default Bitcoin address generates the BIP 44 Bitcoin address that begins with the number 3 instead of the new and widely accepted BIP 84 Bitcoin addresses that begin with bc, which could lead to more expensive Bitcoin transactions for users.
It is not compatible with desktop computers – only supports mobile devices.
Social media presence needs to be better.
Another surprising deal-breaker for many users is that the Ellipal wallet does not give users access to their own Xpub keys which leaves this wallet not operable with many apps and does not give users the option to import “view only” wallets.
Founders are not public enough.
It has slightly higher price than the competition.
Device is both large and heavy.
Touchscreen is not as accurate as modern phones – can make mistakes when typing passwords.
The build of the device feels a bit cheap.
Firmware update is a bit more complicated.
Software is not fully open-source.
There is lack of social media presence.
It’s almost 4 times bigger than the Ledger Nano X.
Users who are interested in privacy coins will be put off as the Titan does not offer Monero support at the time of writing.
It is quite big to carry around for a HD wallet.
Ellipal Titan is only mobile compatible, there is currently no desktop app available.
It is a relatively new hardware wallet compared to market leaders Ledger and Trezor.
It is more expensive than other cold storage options.
You can’t see your crypto balance on the wallet itself, only the app.
There is no web or desktop-based wallet interface.
So far, slightly more than 50 cryptocurrencies are supported.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Both the Ellipal Titan and the Ledger Nano X are excellent choices and which one you choose comes down to personal preference. The Ellipal has completely air-gapped cold storage, but unfortunately is not compatible with desktop devices. The Ledger Nano is also extremely secure, and can connect to phones and desktops, but has a small screen that is not as user-friendly.
Ellipal Titan is an excellent choice for crypto hodlers who are concerned about the security of connecting cold wallets to online devices. While the product is clearly focused on security, the team at Ellipal has also delivered on product design and user interface. The Ellipal Titan is an attractive and easy to use hardware wallet, which will give users peace of mind that their crypto is secure.
The Ellipal cryptocurrency hardware wallet can be considered the most feature-rich hardware wallet out there. It offers an excellent crypto storage solution both in software and hardware. The wallet is well designed, is entirely air-gapped, and provides a user-friendly interface.
The Ellipa is a brave attempt at creating a very user-friendly hardware wallet. If it will succeed or not remains to be seen. The software works great while the hardware has a somewhat cheap feeling to it. Personally, I wouldn’t use this wallet until it’s more battle-tested, especially since I can’t see any real advantage over the established TREZOR and Ledger.
In summary, Ellipal offers an excellent cryptocurrency storage solution both in hardware and software. The wallet is entirely air-gapped, well designed, and has a user-friendly interface. To increase security you can buy metal mnemonics from the Ellipal website. Ellipal also allows you to stake your coins, earn interest, exchange, or buy cryptocurrencies through its apps. Therefore, Ellipal is one of the most feature-rich hardware wallets out there.
The Ellipal Titan is a fantastic wallet if you are looking for something mobile and secure that can be used on the go without the need to be tethered into a PC. The Titan passes all the security requirements, giving users confidence in the safety of their funds. The Titan is a good consideration for users who want to be able to interact with their funds on the app and wallet itself, making it easy to explore and use different Dapps, unlike the Trezor where everything needs to be accessed via third party API on a computer interface.
The Ellipal Titan mobile device has a lot to offer. Especially the level of security and the additional features like deep integration of Dapps could make it a competitor to Trezor and Ledger. There are promising developments happening in the cold wallet markets at the moment. We like the first impression of the Ellipal Device and will further test it.
The Ellipal Titan is a sleek and innovative addition to the crypto hardware wallet market thanks to its large touchscreen and novel design.
I personally find the approach that Ellipal takes with its hardware wallet very interesting. By eliminating interfaces such as Bluetooth and USB, the most common attack vectors are eliminated by default. With the large 4″ touch display, setup and operation is quick and easy. The scanning of the QR codes works in both directions without problems.
The processing of the ELLIPAL wallet is very high-quality and well processed. The touch display reacts promptly to any kind of commands and the device lies very comfortably in the hand. Furthermore, the ELLIPAL App works reliably and quickly. The wallet camera is really handy for scanning addresses (their QR code).The price is slightly higher than other competing models, but you get a perfectly working and secure hardware wallet.
Ellipal Titan is the world’s first air-gapped cold storage wallet that is fully metal sealed and tamperproof. This hardware wallet uses QR codes for data transmission and does not rely on connections such as USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. It works in conjunction with the Ellipal App and transactions are seamlessly performed with a few QR scans.
The Ellipal titan is a completely air-gapped hardware wallet designed to isolate your private keys offline and transfers its data through QR codes. The wallet is shaped like the regular smartphone and supports 30+ coins including all the ERC20 tokens. Unlike Trezor and Ledger’s wallets, the Titan is quite bulky to carry about for a hardware wallet. On the other hand, you don’t necessarily need to carry it about all the time, since you’d be storing a lot of funds there.
After our ELLIPAL review, we found the company to be one of the most promising in the whole cryptoverse, we love the Mnemonic Metal and think it is a must-have for anyone who’s looking to seriously securing its mnemonics, having them wrote down on a piece of paper will eventually become a thing of the past.
There’s a lot to like about the ELLIPAL Titan and the completely air-gapped way in which it works is a much needed step forward when it comes to crypto storage security. As hardware wallets go, it’s one of the best I’ve used and is certainly more accessible than the others on the market with small screens and cables.
Ellipal is a hardware wallet that’s in complete isolation from the world. You only need an Ellipal device and a mobile app to access your wallet.

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