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✅ Pros

The app’s paid version is not too expensive.
Review Pros
Lengthy classes and numerous exercises help students assimilate and enhance their pronunciation skills faster.
There are a lot of activities that focus on common difficulties such as /l/ versus /r/ and distinguishing between long and short vowels, both of which are useful in my context.
In addition to the lessons, ELSA Speak is continually adding new content about different language skills.
Image scan provides a direct translation of writing.
Its app has 10 million+ downloads.
The app personalizes learning for the user, tracks progress in several ways, and even allows users to personalize their learning through the creation of their own study sets.
It has user-friendly and intuitive interface.
The app is intuitive and aesthetically appealing.
The progress record is great, plus in general the app is easy to use, visually pleasing and has been designed intuitively.
It allows personalized learning according to interests and needs.
Personalized feedback and improvement plans are also offered.
All areas of this app were carefully designed to make navigation a breeze.
It has a free version.
Huge variety of lessons and practice exercises are available.
This app is the best practice platform for individuals looking to boost their English accents.
Elsa provide real-time speech recognition feedback on English pronunciation & fluency.
You get instant automated feedback on your recordings, which includes feedback on mistakes and how you can improve.
It comes with a host of well-thought-out supporting features, including an Assessment, Dictionary, and Word Bank.
The app lets you take a speech test that’s written by world-class experts and receive a detailed report of your pronunciation strengths and weaknesses.
You can improve English pronunciation quickly.
Step-by-step instructions are available to pronounce difficult letters.
The app is easy to use and very helpful.
Elsa provides a collection of YouTube free videos inside the app.
Videos show mouth and tongue positions.
The app also has practice tests that you can take to improve your language skills.
It offers 44 English lessons for free.
You can practice from over 1,600 lessons covering all English sounds and over 40 topics.
You can try as many times as you want until pronounce the words correctly.
It has helped many improve their confidence and pronunciation.
You get tips on the articulation of particular sounds, and you get a chance to put this feedback into practice straight away.
It is easy to follow your progress.
ELSA Speak offers a free 7-day trial of the Pro subscription.
The app lets you learn English with an AI speech coach.
It offers feedback on your pronunciation.
The instant feedback is the best feature by far.
You also get constructive feedback on your pronunciation.
It’s fairly priced.
It is easy to follow your progress.
It offers effective pronunciation training.
It has an extensive range of content, with four lesson types – listening, syllable stress, word pronunciation, and dialogue – covering 66 topics and 21 skills.
You can practice English with fun language games that cover core English skills like pronunciation, word stress, rhythm, intonation, listening, and conversation.

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❌ Cons

Login screen clutter is not good for an app like ELSA.
The ELSA Speak App free version has limited features.
Despite the variety of the content, the four lesson types become repetitive after a while.
The platform is strict with pronunciations as it takes note of accents to the lowest details of users’ tone.
There is no additional study material to learn English.
It has questionable pronunciation grading score.
Slow loading speed times have been reported.
There are no grammar or vocabulary lessons.
Practice exercises can be repetitive.
Elsa invests a lot of time and money to develop a high-quality app, but without real human coaching feedback, it seems deficient.
You can pass the syllable stress exercises even when you’re saying the wrong word. “PART-yada-yada,” for example, will get you full marks for “PARTnership.”
There is no additional study material to learn.
There is not enough emphasis or attention placed on grammar or writing practice.
According to some reviews, the app has some technical problems as some users complain about its operations.
You must have an ELSA Speak premium account to get the most out of the service.
While it does a great job at drilling specific phonemes, the app doesn’t cover connected speech and contractions, which are important for a native-sounding accent.
It’s awkward that the app is based on one particular model of pronunciation.
The learning structure to follow isn’t always clear.
Limited language options are available.
Practice exercises can be repetitive.
It is not suitable for writing and grammar.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Elsa Speak seems like a well-received app. It’s a great tool to have in your arsenal if you are looking to improve your English pronunciation skills.
This ELSA app has established itself as a leading platform where several people learn how to enhance their accents. There are lessons on this platform modified with artificial intelligence to meet the specific needs of its users. Besides that, it has a free version for native English speakers in need of Spanish lessons.
ELSA Speak provides a range of games and practice activities to help users improve their spoken English and pronunciation. The app personalizes learning for the user, tracks progress in several ways, and even allows users to personalize their learning through the creation of their own study sets.
Worth downloading. Recommended for students who want to practise the individual sounds of English. Value for money, plus it has a 7-day free trial!
ELSA Speak is an excellent app for what it is meant to do: practice American English pronunciation. The lessons are quick so you can do as many or as few as you want in a day. Even though you are practicing the same skill, there are lots of different exercises that can help keep it interesting.
Elsa Speak has a good worth of money and time because it offers many lesson modules covering various topics, including daily life, work, travel, education, socializing, health, and culture. This is the best platform for those who want to improve their pronunciation and speaking skills. Elsa Speak also provides advanced speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence to provide personalized feedback and suggestions.
ELSA Speak app is an English pronunciation app that helps you speak English confidently and clearly. You can study English for your IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC exams, and even for your ESL classes. It provides a simple clean interface and visuals and makes it easier for the users to work with. It is secured and safe for everyone to use.
If you want to polish your accent and sound more like a native American English speaker, is ELSA worth buying? Yes. Not only does it have an expansive and engaging list of topics, but it will give you detailed training on specific English phonemes, tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong, and track your improvements. (And you’ll probably learn new vocabulary while you’re at it, too.)
ELSA Speak app delivers on its promise to improve English pronunciation and help users speak with a neutral American accent. While it doesn’t offer comprehensive language learning, this app is a valuable tool for those with a strong grasp of English. With ELSA Speak, you can focus on refining your pronunciation skills without many distractions.

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