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✅ Pros

It looks pretty similar to other wearable tech.
Review Pros
It straps into place with the metal bracelet and magnetic catch.
It has a comfortable design.
You can customize the length of the cooling/heating period in the app.
It is a stainless iron Milanese loop band.
The wearable basically looks like a cross between an Apple Watch and a more archaic wearable, thanks to its mesh band and clunky size.
It has 16 temperature intensity levels.
It has a decent battery life.
It comes with a companion app, which is easy enough to work.
The bracelet is battery-powered.
The Wave can be controlled by the lightbar on the device.
It comes with a nice metal band.
You can “adjust your thermostat” by either pressing the bracelet or using an app on your phone.
An easy to use app helps it to regulate your ideal temperature and ‘mode’.
Both cooling and heating effects worked well, even if it’s just fooling my neurons.
It has solid build quality.
It really works to make you feel cooler or warmer than you actually are.
The magnetically-clasped Milanese band is a nice touch, even if it disagreed with my arm hair.
I’m also not leaving the house without it (until Winter comes).
It is easy to use.
The Embr Wave lasts for 30 to 50 sessions, which translates to around two to three days of use.
It is a pretty neat experiment.
I’m a sucker for milanese bands and aluminum.
Switching to the app, you get more precise control over the heating setting.
The Embr can warm you up or cool you down, depending on your needs.
Battery lif is 2-3 days in normal use (25-50 sessions).
Considering that you may never have to be too hot or too cold again, the $299 price point doesn’t seem like too much to ask.
There’s a temperature control bar that allows you to choose your level of heating or cooling.
The Wave has 30-day money back guarantee.
It has an adjustable magnetic wrist band.
Thermoelectric cooling module is included.
The Embr Wave looks like a large fancy watch.
You can use this app not only to control the bracelet but also to better understand your own personal temperature patterns.
It is fun with accessible mobile app.
It works! It provides noticeable cooling and heating sensations.
The Embr Wave felt comfortable enough and no different to wearing a watch.
An LED strip runs across the Wave, letting you select the cooling or heating modes.
It shows promise for future, larger application.

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❌ Cons

I’m not entirely convinced that I can get on board with the $300 price tag.
It is expensive for the average consumer.
Not waterproof, fit for exercising, or for use in extreme weather.
It is a bit bulky and can get in the way of daily tasks like typing.
It is too expensive for functionality.
It works great, only wish is that the cycle would last longer.
A USB-C charging cable would be more convenient than MicroUSB.
5 rating because it’s still a temporary solution.
The Embr Wave won’t perform any miracles.
It is pretty bulky.
It is a bit bulky and can get in the way of typing on a laptop.
What temperature you feel is totally subjective.
It’s expensive and bulky.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Given how many places we go where we have no control over the environment, being able to make temperature control more personal is a great step.
As you might imagine, having this level of comfort at your fingertips doesn’t exactly come cheap. But considering that you may never have to be too hot or too cold again, the $299 price point doesn’t seem like too much.
If you’re willing to find a way to make typing work with it—or just don’t need to use a laptop at work—and you have $300 to spend, then you’ll be a thermostat fiend no more.
The Embr Wave won’t perform any miracles but it does provide a more pleasant sensation. I’m not entirely convinced that I can get on board with the $300 price tag but what temperature you feel is totally subjective—if you’re feeling the heat (or cold) right now, then this might just be this season’s must-have accessory.
There’s certainly a market for a wrist wearable that allows users to control their temperature while sitting on a stuffy airplane, in a crowded movie theater, or fresh off a grueling spin class. For the temperature sensitive, this could be a game-changer.
As someone who loathes carrying around extra layers, it was nice to have an alternative option to toting around a slew of extra sweaters—even a placebo-effect one.
Is it going to feel like you have an air conditioner with you on a 90-degree day outside? NOPE. But is it able to make a small difference (for me, and others per their website) in your comfort level each day? YES. And for me, that is worth the investment in my health and happiness.
The Embr Wave is a cutting-edge personal climate control technology that delivers on demand heating and cooling with the touch of a button. This wearable, wrist-watch size gadget makes being too hot or too cold optional. It delivers gentle yet effective waves of heat or cooling based on personal preferences that are programmable through a fun and easy to use mobile app. The future of personal temperature control is here – and it fits in the palm of your hand!
For all the added comfort the Embr Wave has given me in what’s turning into a heatwave, it’s still a niche device. It will make you more comfortable, but the effect of that comfort is very subjective. It also won’t actually change your overall body temperature, so it’s not a survival tool or a nifty way to lower your AC bill.
I don’t think you should spend $300 USD for an Embr Wave. Not unless you’re a professor at a university or a teacher at a highschool and happen to be teaching a course on relative human comfort with regard to local environment.

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