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✅ Pros

Emergency Essentials has a great support team.
Review Pros
They have over 1,000 products on their site.
They have been in business for over 25 years.
This food storage service has several options for preserving and storing your own food.
Emergency Essentials has every base covered in terms of dried food storage.
Over the years they have updated the site to make it easier to browse.
The website also provides preparedness tips and educational articles about building up survival food storage for hard times or just camping trips.
You can contact them via email and phone, and via chat.
Emergency Essentials is one of the best when it comes to product prices.

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❌ Cons

One thing to keep in mind when shopping from emergency preparedness retailers is if there is a spike in orders, your experience will not be as positive.
This site does not offer free food samples.
The company lacks specialty diet foods.
The enormous variety of products means you will be spending some serious time on the site.
The support feature it lacks is live chat.
The service does not offer gluten-free foods.

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Review Summaries
Emergency Essentials consistently has some of the best deals around. Aside from the great deals they have, they have probably the widest selection. Overall they’re one of the top vendors in the industry as they get so many things right.
Emergency Essentials has an amazing variety of food products and an assortment of preservation and preparation tools. This is a great service that works whether you plan to store food on your own or invest in a family-size supply. The company lacks specialty diet foods, but its other features make up for it admirably well.

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