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✅ Pros

It produces clean good tasting water.
Review Pros
Tap water and outdoor filters are available.
Epic water filters have numerous tests results by EPI-accredited laboratories under NSF/ANSI testing standards proving that it filters out the said harmful water contaminants.
It’s easy to use.
The USP of this product is compactness.
It is easy to clean and maintain.
Epic publishes the full test reports for transparency.
The Epic Pure’s pitcher is made from lightweight, BPA-free plastic.
Each carbon block filter serves up to 150 gallons (568 liters) of water before it needs to be replaced.
Few filter pitchers match the filtration capability and impeccable engineering of the Epic Pure.
The filter parts and the pitcher body are 100% BPA-free.
Epic water filters reduce about 99.99% of over two hundred harmful water contaminants, including fluoride, chlorine, and heavy metals.
Epic Water Filters are simple to use.
It comes with lifetime warranty.
It is a well made durable Nalgene bottle.
It comes with heavy duty feeling lid and materials.
It comes with a filter timer.
The filter life is 3-4 months of typical use.
Epic Pure water pitcher removes 99.99% contaminants in tap water.
The Epic Pure’s solid carbon block filter is tested to NSF Standards and can reduce or remove more than 200 contaminants.
This bottle is so easy to drink from that when compared to other options it feels like you’re not even drinking through a filter at all.
It offers effective contaminant removal.
It is great for people on a tight budget.
It removes 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.999% of protozoa.
All Epic Water Filters’ filters are made in the USA.
The filter itself weighs just 2 ounces wet, making it comparable to Sawyer Squeeze or Lifestraw standalone filters.
It’s BPA-free and eliminates up to 99.99% percent of more than 200 tap water contaminants, including the most harmful to children, such as lead, fluoride, glyphosate and PFOAS.
Top-quality solid carbon filters are laboratory tested and exceed most NSF/ANSI Standards.
It is designed for both municipal water and well water.
There are ten styles of water filter bottles (view on, capable of filtering between 75 to 100 gallons of water.
The sturdy Tritan pitcher holds a generous two liters and is crafted for convenience.
The material is sturdy and durable.
It is compatible with any standard faucet.
It is eco-friendly and sustainable.
It is very easy to install.
All plastic (including straws) used in Epic containers is BPA-free.
It has incredibly low maintenance cost.
It is certified to NSF/ANSI STANDARDS 42, 53, 401, P473, and P231.
It eliminates 99% of contaminates.
The Epic Nano also claims to remove bacteria and viruses.
It can remove fluoride.
The design is simple but elegant.
It removes more than 70 contaminants that might be lurking in your water.
This Epic model is ANSI and EPA-certified in addition to the multiple NSF standards that it meets.
Filters are interchangeable.
It is a charitable company.
It replaces 750+ single-use plastic water bottles.
Epic water filters are simple to use.
It is quite easy to install.
It has a recyclable filter.
It is made in the USA.
It makes water taste good.
Epic Pure comes with an LED timer fitted onto its lid that indicates when it’s time to replace the filter.
This tiny single filter can filter a total of 651 gallons of water.
We love that each Epic filter is recyclable and replaces up to 1500 single-use plastic bottles.
The filter comes at an easy $135 only.
Based on the test results, Epic Water Filters is the industry leader in removing harmful contaminants found in tap water.
You can also use this pitcher to store.
Installing this water filter is as easy as it gets.
Everything is made in USA.
All the filters are 100% replaceable and 100% recyclable.

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❌ Cons

Replacement filters are expensive.
The initial price is higher than its competitors, but you get what you pay for.
We have seen many sites, even Amazon, with the dreaded “Out of Stock” warning under this product.
They are the most expensive among comparable brands.
They take a longer time to filter the water than granular carbon filters.
The handle is too wide and, therefore, difficult to handle.
Some users report that the Epic water filters are too bulky for some fridges.
Many customers, including me, have faced a slight and temporary decline in water pressure.
It is difficult to drink water from the bottom of the bottle.
It is not ideal for large families or households with multiple pets.
Carbon block filters are more expensive to produce than Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filters.
It doesn’t fit well in all fridges.
The reservoir sometimes slips out.
Flow rate is 1.25 gallons per minute (gpm), so you might see water pressure drop.
When it comes to performance, the Epic Pure water dispenser isn’t the fastest on the market.
Epic Water Filters is still a new brand and does not have a long track record.
Pitchers are not dishwasher-safe.
The spout is small and the water spills while dispensing.
It is not made in USA.
Filtration time is high.
While you can get a sediment filter as an addon, it could have been better if Epic had found a way to integrate the sediment filter with the main carbon filter.
Epic filters have a much shorter filter life than Sawyer or Lifestraw filters.
When it comes to pitcher filter systems, Epic has fewer options than competitors like Brita and ZeroWater.
It does not have any certifications; it is only tested.
It is not NSF certified.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I don’t use a filtered bottle on every trip, but when I do, it’ll be the Epic Water Filters Nalgene OG Outdoor. It’s plenty easy to drink from, keeps weight to a minimum, and is capable enough to handle just about anything you could throw at it. If I was in a situation where really nasty water was the only option, I might go with a Lifestraw or Sawyer for slightly better performance. But for basically all normal situations (and even day-to-day use), the Epic Outdoor series is my new go-to.
The Epic Pure Water Filter Dispenser is a countertop water filter that can remove more than 99.9% of city water contaminants, including fluoride and lead. This countertop unit uses gravity filtration, and has been tested to NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 401, & P473. Each Epic Pure filter cartridge has a 150-gallon lifespan, or 3-4 months.
Epic Smart Shield water filter is made in the USA and is 100% eco-friendly. It is sustainable in the sense that all the filters are recyclable. Therefore, you do not throw them away after replacement. The filtration system uses a sustainable carbon block filter made up of coconut shells. Additionally, the plastic used in the filter housing is 100% BPA-free.
Epic water filters launched the new and improved Pure pitcher in 2019 with their patented filter media made from solid coconut carbon fibers. The 5-stage filter removes 2000% more water contaminants than the top-selling pitcher brands in the market. With an efficiency of 99.99% against tap water pollutants, the filter has one of the longest lives among its peers and serves you up to 150 gallons of water in its lifetime.
Water pitchers aren’t rocket science, but the Epic Pure comes close. If the point of filtering water is to make it as safe as possible and enhance its taste, nothing does it better. The refined design eliminates the most common complaints about lesser pitchers — it’s simple to fill, well-balanced and pours perfectly. I wish it were dishwasher-safe, but it’s a small sacrifice for what might be the best water filter pitcher on the market.
Epic Water Pitcher is exactly what they claim—a brilliant way to purify your drinking water. The fact that it fits in a refrigerator door anywhere in your home makes it an especially attractive choice for anyone concerned about the purity of their home water supply. We highly recommend this product.
Epic water filters stay unparalleled in their ability to filter out 99.99% of over 200 harmful water contaminants, their sustainability, and ease of use. Even though they are pricier than their competitors, the cost does not come close to the value they provide for those who are looking to be prepared for emergencies and disasters.
If you want a brand that uses advanced filter technology to deliver the purest, cleanest water in the industry, you should buy Epic Water Filters. Their test results speak for themselves. Epic costs a bit more than the established brands and may take a bit longer to filter water due to its carbon block filtration system, but you can’t put a price on the cleanest and healthiest water.
The Epic Smart Shield is by far the best budget under sink water filter.
The Epic Smart Shield is a great water filter. It is not as powerful as some other under sink water filters in the market, but it is also not as bulky or expensive either. We tested it and were happy to see the results. This filter is a great choice for individuals or couples, especially if their house is lacking in space. But for families bigger than three, this should not be your choice
Overall I am pretty happy with the Epic Nalgene OG water bottles and would recommend them to my friends and family. They are very well constructed and durable. The water filter works very well at cleaning up bad tasting city water of questionable water quality. There are a few small quirks with using these but the benefit of filtered water without single use plastic bottles far outweighs the negatives.
The EPIC Pure water pitcher is great, whether you just want clear safe water, or you’re looking to try health solutions that go beyond pumping pills in your face. The initial sticker shock is a definite turn-off,and I’ll admit to you that when I got the filter and I looked into what using it would cost me, I rolled my eyes and uttered a “yeah right.” But I’ve used the pitcher extensively, comparing it to a very common competitive filter, and I’m now a true believer in this filter.
The excellent filtration performance of both the Epic Pure and Epic Nano pitchers earn them a high rating. Combine that with the attractive design, ease of use, and lifetime warranty, and you have products definitely worth considering.

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