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✅ Pros

The Advantages and Disadvantages to dating an Alpha Male are also told by him.
Review Pros
Some online profile coaching tips are also provided.
It is research-based advice.
There are also case examples from his coaching clients.
He also gives advice how to turn a bad date into a good one.

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❌ Cons

Book benefits action-oriented women, does not provide passive advice.
This could backfire since some men are turned on by the challenge of persuading you to have sex and creating the illusion they wish to commit to a relationship.
It is intended for women who ready to go on numerous dates before finding Mr Right.
Title, “Why He Disappeared” somewhat misleading despite providing powerful tips to attract and find boyfriend material.

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This is not for every woman, but if you are open to suggestions how to better understand why men choose to commit in relationships and you are willing to take action then try Why He Disappeared out.

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