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✅ Pros

I found the test results to be an easier way to prioritize foods for an elimination diet rather than just completely cutting out all the foods I love for a month or more.
Review Pros
Easy-to-read results make it easy to understand what factors could be affecting your health.
At home, when it’s convenient for you, you collect your sample.
Everlywell guards your privacy.
There is free phone or video consultation with a board-certified physician and prescriptions if you test positive for specific STDs.
EverlyWell offers over 20 at-home kits, including tests for food sensitivity, STDs, women’s fertility, and stress and sleep.
Call and video consultations is available.
There are so many people there willing to help one another, and the community I’ve seen grow there is incredible.
EverlyWell has a strict confidentiality policy.
Payments are done on the site and you can use your HAS/FSA account to purchase a test from the company.
Accurate results are reviewed by a physician.
EverlyWell customers can request a full refund of their purchase price as long as their test has not yet shipped at this time.
It’s helpful to see which foods have a high sensitivity so I can avoid them.
They also have support communities in Everlywell if you’d like to connect with other people.
They have competent & professional staff.
It can help you reach a better understanding of how the ingredients you put into your body can play a crucial role in your overall well-being.
The results you get from their website will provide detailed explanations and beautiful visualizations.
EverlyWell also provided explanations of the significance of each hormone.
The EverlyWell test kits come with everything you need to draw a small sample of blood at home with easy to follow instructions.
Your DNA sample is tested against 96 different foods.
It gives you food culprits outside of Whole30.
The company has set up a FAQ section where users can find answers to common queries.
The results break down the 96 most commonly consumed foods in the western diet into 4 categories.
If you test positive for any of the STDs, a physician will make a phone or video call.
It’s so empowering when you start feeling better with the choices you make in your diet.
The instructions were super easy to follow and even gave you tips for collecting the best possible sample.
Once your test results are ready, you will be notified by email. accepts major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. They also accept FSA and HSA payments.
It has relatively affordable prices.
Your data is kept secure and can only be accessed by authorized persons.
Each kit includes detailed instructions, collection supplies, sample container(s), and a pre-paid shipping package to mail your sample to the lab.
Everlywell also offers a Food Sensitivity+ kit.
Results are reviewed by independent physicians.
All lab facilities are CLIA certified and HSA/FSA payments accepted.
They have CLIA-certified labs.
EverlyWell also has links for further reading on each test result so you can learn more about your tests and results.
The website layout is simple to understand and easy to use.
EverlyWell did deliver in all areas of affordability, ease, and convenience, as promised.
Discreet packaging and free two-way delivery is offered.
EverlyWell tests for the presence of antibodies in your blood which are specific to 96 certain types of foods.
If there’s any confusion, they direct you to their site where they have detailed video tutorials on how to take the test.
My results were broken down by specific values and showed where my health stands on a scale of low, normal, and high.
You can get results in less than 2 weeks.
The process is actually surprisingly simple.
It offers large number of accurate at-home tests to choose from, including STD tests, genetic tests, and general health tests.
The instructions in the box were really clear.
They have CLIA certification.
The instructions were very straightforward.
This is a more holistic look at food sensitivity.
They will then provide customers with articles and information to help customers make their own wellness decisions.
You can call their toll-free number or do an online chat.
I found the entire process to be simple.
Once your lab work is completed, a board certified physician will review your results and make them available to you via your EverlyWell dashboard.
There is a decent amount of information available in the EverlyWell dashboard.
They come with free shipping each way.
The EverlyWell test lets you begin your elimination diet with some likely food culprits, narrowing down the huge amount of foods you could potentially work on eliminating.
The sample collection kit comes with simple extensive instructions for collecting a quality sample.
Everlywell’s layout was pretty easy to understand.
They offer a pretty big selection of at-home medical tests, ranging from cholesterol to food sensitivity.
They have easy sample collection process.
They have secure website and mobile apps.
Scheduling a call is an awesome service that EverlyWell offers for free,
Results include detailed information and links to additional information so you can make the best choices for a healthy life.
Once you send your kit back, you receive your results in about 5 business days.
EverlyWell keeps the confidentiality of their patients without revealing their identity.
You collect your sample from home and on your own time.
The EverlyWell company makes testing kits for at-home blood tests you can do yourself to make testing convenient and affordable.
It offers very affordable STD panels.
The company has a strong online presence, and customers can be able to reach the company through its respective Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.
They work with leading specialty labs in the United States who are all CLIA certified.

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❌ Cons

You need to be comfortable with pricking your own finger then squeezing out the blood.
The test only tests for a certain number foods.
Some of the STD tests included in the comprehensive bundled tests are not available as individual tests.
It can take longer than usual to get test results back.
You need to check with your individual insurance plan to ensure that it can cover online home medical tests before proceeding to buy a test.
This test is a measure of food reactivity, which is different from having a serious food allergy.
EverlyWell does not offer insurance for the continent that you post, transmit, or download through or from the site.
Food sensitivity testing is not always a precise science.
It is not offered in NY, NJ, MD and RI.
EverlyWell tests are unavailable to residents of New York, Maryland, New Jersey and Rhode Island.
I didn’t feel completely 100% satisfied with these answers.
This test is certainly not the be-all and end-all to how you approach food.
I tried so hard to get an answer on what the “mild” intolerance rating means in an actionable, practical, real-world sense – not as a scientific number that mens nothing to me.
There is no weekend customer support hours.
There aren’t a lot of customer reviews online for
There is no live chat.
Tests are much more expensive than what most people would pay through insurance.
Kits that have been opened or used cannot be returned.
You must be 18 or older to take test.
The presence of an antibody doesn’t always mean you’ll have a reaction to a certain food.
If you don’t consume a specific food (gluten and dairy, for me), it won’t reveal in this test that you have a sensitivity to that food.
Your test kit will expire 6 months after you register your kit.
I do wish my results included were actionable steps to take as well as possible causes for that abnormality.
Unfortunately, is not contracted with any medical insurance companies at this time.
It might take you an entire month to completely finish this test before sending it in.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
EverlyWell is clearly a very budget-friendly STD testing option that doesn’t make any sacrifices when it comes to service quality, accuracy, and reliability. It offers numerous testing options outside of the STD sphere, with a multitude of additional features and benefits.
My results weren’t very exciting. There were several foods that I eat on a regular basis that I showed mild reactivity to, but that was as serious as it got. There were no foods showing moderate or very high reactivity. EverlyWell’s recommendation if you have mild reactivity to a certain food is to remove those with higher reactivity first. Since mild was as high as it went for me, it’s really my decision what I want to do with those foods going forward. They are less likely to cause physical symptoms, so my takeaway is to really listen to my body concerning those foods and see if they are worth removing from my diet.
The EverlyWell test kits come with everything you need to draw a small sample of blood at home with easy to follow instructions, and they come with free shipping each way. With the Women’s Health and Fertility test kit, just make sure you read the instructions beforehand carefully to get the most accurate test results!
I’ve had all the bloodwork done by doctors time and time again. Every time they tell me I’m 100% healthy. Meanwhile experiencing many horrible symptoms they prescribe drugs for. At my worst, I was prescribed 13 different medications. I am now on no medications. Treating the root cause of challenges in my body has allowed it to heal.
You need to visit today if you want to keep your health and wellness on track. The company provides a variety of health tests that you can use at home, and you will always find a test that is right for you at EverlyWell.
Based on my overall experience, I can honestly say that EverlyWell’sThe Foods Sensitivity Test gets a top rating, given the ease, accessibility, and unmatched turnaround time. They offer nearly instant gratification, completely eliminating the hassle of going to a doctor or other health facility to get your blood drawn and then waiting, which seems like forever, to get your results back. I thought the at-home finger prick might be a downside for me, but it was a piece of cake!
Some of its tests are straightforward blood tests like those you’d get at your doctor’s office — and are just as accurate. EverlyWell merely gives you the option of testing at home, rather than at your doctor’s lab. You can then share your results with your physician to develop an actionable plan if your results are abnormal. A few of its tests, including the food sensitivity test, are more questionable from a scientific standpoint. In fact, some allergy experts question the science behind the food sensitivity test. They say this test doesn’t analyze all factors associated with food sensitivity.
A couple of things I do wish my results included were actionable steps to take as well as possible causes for that abnormality. But overall I found the entire process to be simple, and I would recommend this to anyone looking for answers without having to step inside a doctor’s office.
I can see Everlywell being a good option if you want to discreetly be tested for STDs or HPV, which are tests they do provide.But the tests are much more expensive than what most people would pay through insurance. However, if you don’t have insurance or your insurance charges an arm and a leg for standard tests, this could be an affordable option.
EverlyWell provides a huge variety of quality, accurate tests to suit a range of budgets and health concerns. Once you find and purchase a test that addresses your health concern, you can expect a professional, confidential and expedient service. Just don’t forget that these tests are not diagnostic in nature, and you should review your results with your doctor. is the online home of EverlyWell, a company that says their mission is to make home health testing easy and convenient so people can make informed decisions about their health.
It’s a great option for those who aren’t quite up for doing a round of Whole30 but want more insight into their food intolerances. If you do take the EverlyWell test, make sure to also schedule a Clinician Care call once your results come in, and also join the Everlywell Community Facebook Group. It’s helpful to see how your results compare to others and commiserate with any red-flag food groups you might have to give up.
While the variety of tests is not great, EverlyWell has some of the best prices around. If you are looking for an affordable way to get tested for the most popular STDs, EverlyWell is one of the most private options. It’s great for those who want regular STD tests without spending too much money.
No matter which test you decide on, we think its an easier (and probably more accurate) alternative to fad dieting or playing the guessing game of what foods you react to. And we’re all for products that cut down on guesswork.
I loved knowing about “Mild Reactivity” food items because I can start reducing those in my diet. If I keep eating those foods frequently without knowing, there’s a chance that I’ll become highly reactive to those foods as well. The test is such a great way to take control over your health, and it’s so empowering when you start feeling better with the choices you make in your diet.

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