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✅ Pros

The quality of the material is great.
Review Pros
The website has vast collection of dresses, jeans, tops, skirts, lingerie, bags, shoes, belts and what not.
The Tie Up Long Line Jacket looks lovely when on and also feels quite nice.
They offer clothing and accessories for £5.
It is the best place to buy small items like tops and accessories as they’re cheaper to return if needs be.
Everything5Pounds offers brands such as River Island, Topshop and ASOS.
All the clothes that are sold are brand new and the quality is really good.
You do have to pay for postage and returns.
Everything 5 pounds also regularly has a sale on where prices are just £2.50.
Boasting over one million registered customers, the platform adds new items daily.
The site doesn’t only sell women clothing, but they also have something for men.
Some of the items were branded and direct from the brand would have cost at least 4 or 5 times as much, probably much more.
Items can be returned, for a full refund or exchange.
My clothes arrived very quickly with Royal Mail.
Once you place the order it is shipped immediately.
They came pretty quickly and were packaged really well.
Although the majority of the items available are women’s fashion, it also includes a menswear and homeware range.
The items you get on this website are from a wide range of brands and their looks are like they cost a lot more than £5.
Unlike many budget shopping apps, the pictures and information available for all the items are fantastic.
I really like that the concept is actually very environmentally friendly.
Exchanged items were sent back to me quickly and postage was free.
The returns process is straightforward.
It gives you the chance to get moderately expensive brands for a lot less.
You’ll find party items, wedding-appropriate dresses, summer dresses – absolutely every style going.
Many of the items are reportedly sourced from large high street brands.
They sell all their items at £5.
Refunds process is speedy.
The shoes on the Everything 5 Pounds site are particularly good.
The items are sent by Royal Mail tracked so you get an email alert when it’s on the way.
The clothes were much better quality than I expected.
They have a great plus size range.
All of the items arrived and all of them were brand new, as expected.
Everything 5 Pounds creates events where they drop new arrivals on a certain date and time.
They’re pretty much what I expected in terms of quality.
Company dealt with problems politely and efficiently.
Based on the items I ordered, some items perhaps resemble the quality of Boohoo and Missguided.
Every available item costs £5.
When the items arrived they were well packaged.
Everything on this site is a Fiver.
Clothing styles are geared around high street trends.
The items arrived pretty quickly within 2-3 days after purchase.
Everything 5 pounds sells a huge variety of ladies fashion, everything from shoes to coats.
They sell everything from shoes to clothes to accessories to menswear to kids clothes.
When it comes to returns, you can get a full refund within 14 days that the order was received.
On this website everything and anything is sold at only 5Pounds.
Everything5Pounds is based in UK but ships to lot of countries in the world.
The website is really simple to use.
They sell everything online for just £5.
Everything5Pounds is great for bags, shoes, accessories and has lots of cool clothes too.
They source their stock from top high-street brands.
They have good quality products.
As the name suggests, everything is only £5.
They constantly change stock.
The site is updated every single day with new stock.
Everything5Pounds makes deals, with manufacturers, to buy high-street stock at reasonable prices.
They have a massive range of choice.

❌ Cons

You have to cover the cost of the return.
Everything 5 Pounds shipping costs have changed which makes it more expensive.
The delivery cost depends on the number of items in your order and its weight.
One thing to watch out for is the postage – it’s not a set price, so it will depend on how many items you are purchasing and how heavy they are.
My initial order took two weeks to arrive, although it was allegedly first class post.
They don’t actually disclose the brand on the website and everything has the labels cut out, so getting a particular brand is pot luck.
The dress was extremely tight on me.
A few things on the site are worth less than £5.
Listings could have more detail in them, and search function is not intuitive enough.
The postage price depends on the total weight of the order.
The original price of the items is also withheld, so there is no way to well which items represent the biggest discount, leaving choice purely down to the taste of the user.
The main disappointment was the stitching detail on the collar of the jacket.
Shoes may well not fit and they’re expensive to return being large and heavy.
Outward postage can be quite expensive.
Stocks sell out very fast.
Their items are very hit or miss.
The labels are often removed to prevent identification.
There is a limited amount available so some of the best stuff can sell out quickly.
Their stock is limited, and when something’s gone, it’s gone forever.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
They have a massive range of choice and I can see myself spending a lot more money there in the future!
t’s most definitely hit-and-miss, and you have to take into account the postage you pay and the return postage you may have to pay. So I hope this has helped – I’m not saying Everything5pounds is the only site out there, but I can imagine it’s a typical example of what these sorts of discount sites are like.
Would I buy from this company again? Yes, I probably would if I had enough free time to trawl the site and pick out the best bargains. Although I had a mixed experience to begin with, I’m really happy with my final purchases – especially the shoes – and the company rectified any issues quickly and smoothly, no messing about.
I was pleasantly surprised. I thought that for £5 each I was going to get items that were awful. However, all of the items were as the photographs showed them online.
Everything5Pounds is totally worth a look as you may find fast fashion at worst, or a surprise gem at best. It is working for me as my wardrobe is very changeable right now and I won’t be wearing my nursing gear for long.
Yaaas! The online shopping site – everything5pounds is legit, affordable, and surprisingly, have good quality products.
I’ve been using Everything 5 Pounds (E5P) for years and the items on there are very hit or miss. Can I just tell you know, don’t bother with the homeware section. Never seen anything decent in it and you can usually buy bits and bobs in there at Poundland! That said, I really like that the concept is actually very environmentally friendly because it’s giving these clothes a second chance, rather than wasting them because they’re not ‘the latest trends’.
Everything 5 pounds is a brilliant site for buying fashion and at great low prices. In fact I struggle to pay normal prices for clothing now as I know I can update my wardrobe for a lot less! Fashion does not have to be expensive as these sites prove and I recommend anyone to give them a try.
Overall, I’m quite happy with my purchases – I don’t feel like I’ve pissed money up the wall and think that I’ll get more than their worth in wear. Cost per wear is an important factor people! I’d recommend them for a bargain, it’s pot luck but I guess that’s the fun of it.
As a shopping experience the app is fantastic, incredibly simple and easy to use. Like every bargain shopping outlet from TK Maxx to Wish, the quality of the items and actual discount you’re getting will vary from item to item. However, the womenswear range is surprisingly extensive and if bought in bulk there is no doubt a savvy shopper with a good eye could pick up some great pieces at a fantastic price.
Even if I try to look for something not good about the website I just cannot think of any. I am absolutely in love with Everything5Pounds. Trust me you are going to love your shopping more if you will shop from Everything5Pounds.
Overall, I’ve am happy with my items and they are of great quality.
Overall I’m pleased with my pieces, but I feel that attention to detail lets some of them down. The main disappointment was the stitching detail on the collar of the jacket as I feel that it really ruins the look of an otherwise lovely piece and I believe that quality should remain regardless of the price. Would I recommend the website? Yes! As long as you make your selections carefully I think you could pick up some great pieces for your holidays or even nights out.