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✅ Pros

It protects your eyes and skin from harmful blue light.
Review Pros
It comes with a 2-year guarantee and replacement warranty.
Unlike Night Shift mode or some blue light blocking glasses, EyeJust does not have a yellow tint or change your color perception.
It blocks harmful blue light that damages eyes, sleep and skin.
It is made from anti-microbial, smudge-proof, tempered glass.
Their screen protectors are also anti-microbial so your phone stays germ-free, scratch-proof, smudge-proof and the bubble-free installation is super easy.
Each one comes in a variety of sizes depending on your screen size and will help restore your zzz’s and your peace of mind.
The screen protectors are invisible, won’t mess with the clarity of the images and the anti-shock technology gives you ultimate protection.
It offers optical clarity screen – distortion-free viewing.
EyeJust has partnered with doctors and other care providers to bring you a shatterproof shield for your screen that also doubles as a blue light blocker.
It has an easy application process with installation kit included.
It is tested and endorsed by Ophthalmologists and approved for blue light blocking efficiency.
It reduces blue light hazard symptoms including eye strain, headaches and poor sleep.

❌ Cons

It doesn’t protect you from all sources of blue light.
It is only available for select Apple products (iPhone and iPad).
It doesn’t cover the full range of blue light (380nm to 500nm), only a targeted range (440nm to 460nm).

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Overall, I would recommend this screen protector to anyone who spends a lot of time on digital devices and wants to try out a blue light blocking product before spending money on a pair of blue light blocking glasses.
EyeJust screen protectors are ophthalmologist approved and proven to reduce the amount of blue light to protect your health. Optical clarity invisible screen protection does not damage the brightness or change the color of the screen.
EyeJust is a brand that’s created ophthalmologist-approved blue light blocking screen protectors for smartphones, tablets and laptops that you can use to reduce digital eyestrain and keep your eyeballs healthy as you stare into the pixel-y abyss all day long.

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