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✅ Pros

It’s marketed as a compellingly sexy cosplay take on a Marvel antihero.
Review Pros
The orders can be canceled within 24 hours, free of charge.
The payments can be cleared through PayPal, Bank transfers, Western Union or Credit/debit cards.
It has vast range of size options.
All items are hand made.
Without any doubt the fact that their cosplay costumes are actually rated lower.
If you’re buying this for your kid, you are in luck because there are many children’s versions of this Deadpool costume.
It has well-arranged website.
If you’re interested in a female version of this Deadpool costume, there are some options available.
The delivery was extremely fast, and they provided me with a tracking number too.
It is a comfortable and decent-fitting option.
It offers buyer protection through PayPal payment.
The shipping costs are on the expensive side, but on the other hand the order is delivered quickly.
They opt to use excellent materials that are right for the clothes.
All items are of great quality.
They apologized to me when I complained.
The shipping was very quick.
Ezcosplay has a wide variety to choose from like Kadaj’s hair from Final Fantasy.
The shipping time was also super duper fast.
Undoubtedly their clothes are customized similar to the genuine costumes associated with the person you intend to portray.
The length is perfect.
The costume was tailor made so it fit pretty well.
The costumes are of the best quality and fit.
Products look exactly like on website.
Ezcosplay are very friendly and helpful.
They’re fast at replying and they answered all of the questions I had asked very professionally.
Even customized sizes are possible.
Considering its a great quality costume and amazingly fast shipping, the price makes it that much more of a great deal.
The package did arrive sooner than I thought it would turning up just 10 days after ordering well packed and not damaged at all.
The ordering process is very smooth.
They emailed me extremely fast and would answer my questions asap so i had no issue there.
When I emailed the company they did reimburse me $15USD to fix the zipper.
The colors were right with the black pants and grey stripe down the legs.
The Ezcosplay customer support is available 24*7 on email.
EZCosplay offers 2 shipping methods.
They sent pretty tough studded belt.
The wig was a slightly bit lighter than the stock image.
Ezcosplay is the ultimate costume store for any role-playing that you want to do.
You can pay with PayPal or Credit Card.
Made to order sizes are possible.
It looks great and is very comfortable.
It provides best quality products with high-level tailoring.
The stitching and detail of this costume is wonderful.
You can buy high quality costumes and accessories that are from 40 to 80% cheaper than most cosplay costume stores.
The shape of the shirt is livable, and it’s the right color of material.

❌ Cons

It has high shipping costs.
There is no 24/7 customer service.
They hadn’t actually used the right measurements to make the bodice and thus giving me a wedgie whenever I put the bodysuit on.
The shipping costs are on the expensive side.
Returning is only possible in a few cases.
The shipping fees completely depend on the product weight and the shipping destination.
The mask itself is fairly flimsy and has trouble staying on.
Ezcosplay charges import taxes from the overseas customers.
Delivery time can vary considerably.
It has comparably high shipping costs.
The duration of shipping and delivery varies according to the load of the bought items plus the desired destination.
Delivery can take too long.
The items may take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive.
The stitching at the collar isn’t consistent.
Sizing was not up to the mark.
They used the absolute cheapest material possible.
They added the button holes for the lacing on the sides, but they decided that the right way to go was to lace it with some kind of ribbon I wouldn’t use to adorn the Christmas gifts I wrap.
The slider was actually extremely frail and broke quite quickly causing me to have to buy a new zip to replace the slider.
There is no free Shipping.
Returning is only possible in a few cases.
The jacket is a little too big.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
I can’t recommend EZ Cosplay to anyone. You could try to commission a custom costume and send it to your worst enemy, but they’re likely to be too smart to even try it on. In all fairness, it could be that it was the “custom” part of my order that threw off their fabricators. I’ve heard people that ordered from standard parts of their catalog received what they asked for, but I can’t see giving any more money to them if such a simple costume gives their seamstresses fits and this is their idea of acceptable.
Over all I really like this costume! It looks great is very comfortable. The only thing that id say I dont like too much, is that the jacket is a little too big. But its a good quality costume, fast shipping and a reasonable price! I recommend buying from ezcosplay.com if youre looking for a place to buy a costume, lolita dress, props, wigs or shoes~ now have a spam of Chihiro cosplay~
I will never be buying anything from this company again, it has also completely put me off buying costumes online at all. So please, if you are going to buy online try and make sure you are buying from a highly reputable source who you know has good products, cause I would never wish this experience upon anyone new or old to the art of cosplay.
I will definitely refer EZcosplay.com specifically to cosplayers and to individuals who want outfits to use on films, stage performances or merely social gatherings. This would help you save not just cash but additionally save you time and hard work in selecting the right fancy dress costume.
EZCosplay is an establishment for cosplayer. Inexpensive Chinese prices are combined with gorgeous, custom-made costumes. For everyone who doesn’t have the time, the talent or patience to tailor their own costume, this will be an amazing place to go and it will suite the taste of many people. Even if it is comparably unknown yet, we foresee a rise of popularity very soon.
The team Ezcosplay strive to provide quality costumes to its customers. Whether you buy anime cosplay costumes for men, women, or anime cosplay for kids,the costumes are of the best quality and fit. The team of Ezcosplay has a promising future since it continuously works hard in developing different costumes to meet the customer’s demand.
EZCosplay started from humble beginnings with just 2 tailors and 2 sewing machines; today they have a factory with 3 designers, over 60 sewing machines, 100 tailors and over 3000 different cosplay costumes listed.It is a comfortable and decent-fitting option. If you’re buying this for your kid, you are in luck because there are many children’s versions of this Deadpool costume.
This is a review of a very special webshop. Namely, from a webshop full of cosplay’s , also called costumes. And not just costumes, but from the most famous films such as Captain America, Superman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Superman or the well-known series Game of Thrones. The prices of the costumes range from around 100 dollars to around 1000 dollars. Many costumes are even made to measure. But that is also allowed for that price.
I am extremely happy with this wig and would happily pay the £30 if i were to purchase it. I definetly would buy from them again as i have had no issues with this transaction.
Ezcosplay is the ultimate costume store for any role-playing that you want to do. Buy high quality costumes and accessories that are from 40 to 80% cheaper than most cosplay costume stores. Find the latest ones and enjoy the privilege of a costume that is specially tailor-made upon your order.
Overall for my whole experience with Ezcosplay I’m going to give a wonderful 9/10 it’s honestly well deserved and I genuinely am over the moon with everything about this cosplay, I’m not being paid to say this this is my honest opinion.
It is a great website fro those who like to do Cosplay. Prices on shoes are quite affordable. All items are of great quality, look exactly like pictures on website and majority of ther costumers are satisfied.

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