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✅ Pros

FFF supports female-founded brands, first and foremost.
Review Pros
They’ve built an entire community for their subscribers.
You can get on-trend, full-size items from brands like Tarte, Oribe, GlamGlow, Pier1, & more.
There are also FabFitFun Add-On and Edit Sales throughout the year.
The gift cards that came with this box are nice.
FabFitFun doesn’t cheap out by giving only samples: they offer customers full-sized and high-quality products in case they end up falling in love with something.
You get introduced to new products.
If you don’t like an item, they can be gifted or sold elsewhere.
I find the products to be incredibly useful, practical, and are things that I actually want.
There are customization options, too.
Prior to shipping, there is a window of time where subscribers can customize several items in each box.
Each FFF box is in support of a non-profit organization.
They send products from awesome and recognizable brands, from Pier 1 Imports to Coola.
There are customization offers for all boxes.
The box is always valued over $200—talk about a deal.
Items worth way over $200 for the fraction of a price.
FabFitFun tv is a free streaming service that features hundreds of videos made up primarily of workout videos and cooking shows.
If you’re a seasonal member, you can cancel whenever you’d like.
You can shop other products at a discount up to 70% off.
Shipping is free in the contiguous US.
FabFitFun does give you about 4 product options to choose from so you are more likely to get what you want.
FabFitFun guarantees each box is full of at least $200 worth of products.
With each box members are allowed to customize up to 3 products and the remainder of the contents are a surprise.
The products included in the boxes are high quality and make for great gifts for loved ones.
Their “TV” section has a wide array of videos including workout routines, recipes, yoga, dance, meditation, and more.
You can purchase additional items to include in your box at the FabFitFun add-on’s shop.
You truly get full-size products in your FabFitFun box.
One of the best things about FabFitFun is that they send mostly (if not all) full-size products.
A cool feature on their website that they have what they call FFF TV where they have all kinds of different videos from women they partner with.
Existing members have the joyous opportunity of sending a free FabFitFun starter box to friends.
In addition to the physical product of the box itself, FabFitFun has a robust and lively online community.
They’re all full-size products.
There are customization options for all members.
In addition to the contents in your FabFitFun box, you can pay for additional items to be shipped out with it.
There is $15.00 credit for each new member referred through your personally assigned link.
There are $200+ worth of product in every box.
They have a huge collection of products up to 70% off that you can add to your seasonal box for free shipping.
Each box is a limited edition and contains over $200.00 in retail value.
They also offers seasonal products.
This particular box was worth spending $40 on.
You can purchase Add-Ons at a deep discount.
I can customize some of the items that are in my box.
On-trend full-sized items are sent.
You can snag some amazing online deals from partnering FabFitFun brands.
This subscription box allows me to have my own little pampering session at home.
I really like the price point for this service.
Each box comes with 8-10 full size products totaling the value of the box to be $200 or more.
Each FabFitFun box typically includes 8-10 full size products.
FabFitFun gives you the opportunity to pick some of the goodies you’ll receive in your upcoming box.
Shipping is free to the contiguous United States.
There are additional membership bonuses and coupon codes for annual subscribers.
Their customers love the idea of trying out new products.
It includes full-sized lifestyle, beauty, fashion and fitness products.
They partner with awesome influential women & organizations.
As a subscriber, you get access to FabFitFunTV.
You get to customize your box.
Each FabFitFun box is guaranteed to have over $200 worth of full-sized products inside.
You can add-on items at up to 70% off.
Their site has a community space full of FFF.
The box is totally customizable.

❌ Cons

It’s an expensive subscription.
It’s fairly easy to pad the prices and make you feel like you’re getting a better deal when the products are being made specifically for FabFitFun.
All FabFitFun products purchased are nonrefundable.
There is that risk. What if I didn’t need a new hairbrush or a new sweater? What if I was completely set on my makeup?
If you know you’re very picky about products, colors or other minor details, this may not be the best subscription box for you.
it sucks to pay for something you don’t want or use.
Once you become a FabFitFun subscriber, you’ll notice everyone everywhere has plenty of the exact same items as you.
It took a full week after I ordered it to ship, and another week to be delivered.
I thought the Odeme What A Pair Set of 2 Silicone Wine Glasses felt and looked cheap.
The value of all of the other remaining products will still far outweigh what you paid for the box.
No refund are allowed if you don’t like the products in the box.
Their website is missing some details, like an About page informing the reader about the history of their company and what makes them reputable compared to their competitors.
There’s fewer items in this box than I thought there would be.
There is usually one or two items I don’t end up using.
While all subscribers can customize some aspects of their box, you get the most options when you sign up for an annual membership.
You may not necessarily like every single item in the box.
Some argue that the price of $49.99 per month is a bit steep.
You are bound to not like something in one of your boxes.
Not all items inside of the FabFitFun boxes are keepers, you’re most likely going to regift some of them.
You may get the same product multiple times over recurring subscriptions.
The realistic value of this particular FabFitFun is way less than the marketed (and perceived) value.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
What I love is that I get to splurge on myself. Splurge on nice, quality products that I would never purchase if they weren’t included in the box.
FabFitFun is more than a subscription, it’s a community, and they do their hardest to make you feel a part of it. They want their subscribers to be as involved as possible and do so with features such as customization, add-ons, FabFitFun TV, and more!
For me, FabFitFun is 100% worth it! But if I was ever looking to slash expenses, it’d be one of the first things to go.
FabFitFun is definitely worth a try in my books. Most importantly, you receive premium-quality products so far below the retail pricing that it’s basically a steal!
Overall, FabFitFun is one of my favorite subscription boxes and has been well worth the price. I love the variety of full-size items and the thoughtful curation of each box. Opening them feels like a seasonal gift! Although there is usually one or two items I don’t end up using, it’s still a great value (and I end up with a couple of gifts for friends). Since you can try your first box or a starter box for much cheaper, it might be worth trying out!
Personally, I love that FabFitFun gives a fun variety of full-sized products each season for $49.99. I’d much rather take that $12.50 per month and have full-sized products to use or gift, rather than a bunch of sample-sized products that will more than likely, just become clutter.
Since most of the products in the box are not actually chosen by the subscriber, this can also mean that a lot of products you get will remain unused or you’ll have to give it to someone else. It is a bit of a gamble but that’s what makes it so fun and exciting.
At about 55 cents a day, or $16.66 per month, I would say that the FabFitFun box is worth it. That’s the price of about 3 Starbucks drinks…
FabFitFun sends subscribers over $200 worth of trend-savvy, full-size beauty products, accessories, decor, and more every season. While some items are consistent for all subscribers, others, you get to pick. Members can also shop seasonal add-ons sales for deep discounts on a selection of products.
I realized it has pretty much everything I was looking for. FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box with full-size beauty, fashion, fitness, and lifestyle products.
Boxes curated with full size premium products spanning beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness. Boxes are sent quarterly (4X per year), each having a seasonal inspiration to its theme. Each box is a limited edition and contains over $200.00 in retail value. Boxes are shipped in December, March, June, and September.
It’s worth it if you are on the hunt for a little surprise box of goodies sent to you as a treat yo’ self-gift, but I highly encourage you to customize your FabFitFun box if given to chance to make sure it’s what you want.
All in all, the realistic value of this particular FabFitFun is way less than the marketed (and perceived) value. But on the other hand, a $200 box for $40 is still pretty impressive. It really just comes down to whether or not you will actually be able to use most (or all) of the products they send you to determine if this box is “worth it” to you.
I think if you’re box includes at least 2-3 items that you really like or want to try out it would be perfect to sign up. But I also think you need to be open minded. If you don’t like an item, they can be gifted or sold elsewhere (Poshmark, eBay, etc.) But If you know you’re very picky about products, colors or other minor details, this may not be the best subscription box for you.
I recommend signing up for this subscription service because it’s a simple and affordable away to give yourself some happiness. During this time of staying home, why not spend a few dollars to have a box of happiness dropped off at your house? It’s also a great mother’s day gift.

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