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✅ Pros

If you don’t plan on using these boxes, you can leave them on your doorsteps so that the Farm Fresh delivery driver can pick them up and recycle them.
Review Pros
It’s certified organic.
You can customize your order to fit the needs of you and your family.
It delivers to your doorstep starting at 8 PM the night before your ‘delivery day’ to 8 AM the day of delivery.
You can add items to a Never Send List so that certain products you’re allergic to or hate won’t ever be part of your box.
Home and office delivery programs are available.
Their delivery is done by an independent service.
I find the produce options more practical for real life.
An additional benefit of Farm Fresh to You is their excellent referral program.
There are many ways to customize.
They offer 100% original handcrafted farm products.
I love supporting a family run business.
Farm Fresh To You is a very convenient to service to have.
You also have the option of customizing your box so if you have picky eaters then not a problem.
They also have candles, eggs, flowers and more.
Their customer service is easy to reach and very responsive.
They have great office delivery programs.
The selections that are assigned to the box as they are quite impressive.
They have grown their business by doing the right thing at every step of the way.
It is organic and locally- sourced produce.
I love the fact that I can trust their farming process and the high level of organic certification that is used.
Price depends on various options and sizes.
The contents and frequency at which the boxes are delivered are entirely customizable.
You can go in and edit items for your shipment a few days before your order will arrive.
It is easy to cancel the subscription.
Over 100 artisanal farm products are included.
They have very detailed exclusions list.
Farm Fresh to You delivers fresh produce to both home and work addresses making it super convenient.
They have flexible subscription and great customization options.
You get the chance to choose what goes in each box by handpicking the produce.
It is veggie only box.
You can modify it a week before your scheduled delivery to either switch out some products or add additional items from their store.
You can even purchase a boxed snack pack of fruits so you don’t have to give any further thought to school or office lunches.
The produce is high quality.
You can always have fruit and veg on-hand.
They offer vibrant and colorful produce.
You can cancel or add a delivery anytime, or change the delivery date and frequency.
The delivery is free on all boxes at Farm Fresh to You – San Diego, Moreno Valley, and Sacramento are just some of the cities where the company ships.
There is a variety of customization options.
They have easy to use website with lots of functionality.
Their produce and farm products are completely pesticide-free and certified organic by CCOF.
Everything was very fresh! Nothing was wilted or looked old.
Website allows you to easily edit and add in additional veggies.
They have easy ordering process.
They offer 100% certified organic produce.
There is a no cook selection which is really great for families on the go, yet don’t want to sacrifice their nutrition.
Shipping fee is included in the product’s prices.
One more advantage is the flexible subscription.
You can see sample items of what each shipment option may include when you sign up.
There’s no commitment.
One of the biggest pros of this service is that you have the option to customize your box.
You can cancel anytime after your initial delivery.
There is up to date information on the website.
Shipping is included in the prices.
Their produce is from a gorgeous family farm right here in the USA.
They offer a number of different varieties of boxes to be delivered right to the doorstep of your home or office.
I haven’t seen anyone match their awesome selection of fruits and vegetables.
You can have Recurring-Add-On Items, which get added to your box automatically every month without you having to do a thing.
You can customize your box.
The prices range according to the chosen box size.

❌ Cons

It is only available in California.
The value for $46 was expected more.
I would have liked it more if there was a way to cancel your subscription directly from your profile.
Only seven items arrived.
No applicable recipes are included.
Only those that live in the delivery area are going to get all of the benefits being offered.
Their box is not completely closed and they actually reuse the boxes.
For $33, I could get much more in quantity at my local farmer’s market.
It is a bit pricey at $31 a box.
Service is available only in California.
I’m quite disappointed in the selections of fruit.
My oranges were not ripe, they were still green.
Sometimes to replace your exclusions, they make bad choices.
I personally like to look at the produce before I buy it.
They don’t deliver outside California.
The company doesn’t ship outside California, which can be quite disappointing.
Sometimes the fruits/vegetables you receive might be dirty or covered in soil, which is not a bad thing but can be messy.
I also would have preferred if PayPal was an accepted payment method.
I was a little disappointed in the amount of produce in my box.
Least favorite item kumquats was included.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Farm Fresh to You is a family-run, certified organic farm based in Northern California’s Capay Valley that has been in business since 1976. They also have a farm in Bardsdale which is in Ventura County. And, it’s clear that Farm Fresh to You values the connection between its subscribers and the farm. They do a good job of keeping subscribers connected to happenings at both farms through newsletters (that also have care tips and recipes) in each box, tours and farm events.
It’s safe to conclude that this delivery service is a great opportunity to incorporate healthy, 100% organic produce and farm products in your diet. The company provides a wide range of fruits, vegetables and carefully curated artisans, as well as convenient and flexible service, which is highly appreciated in many Farm Fresh to You reviews by customers. All in all, Farm Fresh to You is definitely a delivery service worth trying.
Customers can take advantage of a delivery of the healthiest produce and products right onto their table thanks to Farm Fresh To You. At the company, you can find all kinds of organic produce and farm products. With so many options and flexible subscription, it makes the company one of the best delivery subscription services.
The Regular sized No Cooking box is perfect for our family of four and allows us to consume everything in it before it goes bad. It is largely made up of fruits and only vegetables that are easy to prepare…quickly. It is perfect for the weeknights, my salads for lunch, fresh fruit for Cal and Ava’s school lunches, after school snacks before swim team, and nice weekend recipes I make.
All in all, I am pleased with Farm Fresh To You’s CSA program. The ordering and delivery process went on without a hitch. All of my produce arrived fresh and delicious, though I thought I would have received a larger quantity based on my selection of the ‘more’ box at its $46 price point. I’d be curious to see how much produce is actually included in a regular box versus the sample boxes shown on the website. I know I will enjoy further comparing the value once I receive some of the other CSA boxes in weeks to come. I also wish that I switched out those kumquats. To this day I do not know quite how to use them, besides candying them with honey (perhaps not a terrible choice) or eating them raw.
Farm Fresh To You gives you the wonderful opportunity to feature only the healthiest produce and farm products on your table. Everything in the company’s offer is organic and locally sourced and you can enjoy it either at home or at the office. There are plenty of options to choose from and the subscription is so flexible that you can order whatever you want, as often you want, without ever feeling trapped. The only downside of the service is that it is only available in California, which is a real shame, considering it is an amazingly convenient and reasonably priced service that allows you to eat healthily without any effort.
I’m quite disappointed in the selections of fruit as well as the price for what (and how many) you get. I live in California so I have access to a variety of locally grown produce and I’m not benefiting from the price or variety with this box. For $33, I could get much more in quantity at my local farmer’s market. I’m sure for those of you who don’t have such access, this would be a great box for you, it just wasn’t for me. I’m glad I got to try it out with a deal, so I’m not too disappointed.
As you may have guessed by our comments, we are going to give the Farm Fresh to You, a Thumbs Up rating. About the only thing we could really say negative about this farm operated company is that there isn’t enough of them. So only those that live in the delivery area are going to get all of the benefits being offered. They even have a office box package that is not only packed with wholesome organic produce but is a smart way for any Company to enhance the health of their employees.
In conclusion, Farm Fresh To You is an excellent choice if you love organic fruits and vegetables and want to enjoy them on a regular basis. They offer a good variety of products at reasonable subscription prices.
If you are looking for a flexible CSA box service, Farm Fresh To You is definitely worth it.
Overall I give Farm Fresh To You a big thumbs up! Even though it is a little pricey for the amount you get, the overall quality and convenience is worth it!
I would recommend anyone and everyone try at least a couple of boxes of Farm Fresh To You. It’s so convenient and I’d bet that it’s some of the freshest produce you’ve ever tasted. I am looking forward to plums, peppers and grapes that are all coming into season now, and persimmons and winter squash, cilantro and leeks (to name a few) that will come into season soon after.

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