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✅ Pros

It hydrates so quickly that the appearance of fine wrinkles is lessened.
Review Pros
Farmhouse Fresh Moon Dip Back to Youth Ageless Body Mousse is a truly luscious and luxurious ultra-rich body mousse.
It proudly uses 99.6% natural-based components in its healthy, fresh skin care products.
The jar comes with a handy-dandy application brush which keeps your hands free of goo.
It really smells like a freshly-made pudding, so if you love those, you’ll be really tempted to lick your face.
Handmade and 100% natural, these biscuits start off as a solid but can crumble between your fingers and turn into a paste when activated with water.
The carton they’re sold in comes with four biscuits that break up into 16 treatments that can last you about two months.
The FarmHouse Fresh Peat Perfection Mask rapidly relieves and instantly soothes skin irritations.
It does not have a bold or abrasive scent.
I instantly noticed that my pores looked smaller and my skin looked glowing.
It’s Dermatologist-tested, age-old peat mud, flush with organic bionutrients which developed over thousands of years from plants and minerals.
The texture of this moisturizer is so light that it will melt on your skin.
They own their own farms and take great care in making sure their products are botanically based and their ingredients are organic.
The FarmHouse Fresh Peat Perfection Mask is rich in vital nutrients and is a calming peat vegetative mask.
It is very emollient and deeply nourishing and moisturizing, and yet it melts into the skin effortlessly and leaves behind no greasy residue.
Pineapple and papaya fruit extracts work to soften up those nasty hard spots on my soles.
What I like especially about the formula is that it doesn’t contain water, so it doesn’t have the really aggressive preservatives I’m seeing in other natural brands.
This is a body mousse to be savored, and it is a delight to use.
The mask has creamy, slightly tacky consistency, and spreads easily with fingers or a brush.
I noticed that my skin looked smooth and soft.
Removing the mask was easy.
The biscuits also include organic lavender and rice powder to exfoliate, and whole milk and mango butter to moisturize and soothe skin.
When you apply the mask you can feel it working to cleanse your pores as it tingles away.
The plastic from the bottle is flexible so it is easy to squeeze, which is important.
I also love how fun this product is.
The cleansing was okay.
The paste consistency lets you use it as a mask too.
Filled with ingredients such as retinol, peptides, aloe vera and jojoba seed oil, this mousse boasts an anti-aging formula that leaves skin deeply hydrated, baby soft, silky smooth and supple.
Genuine honey and aloe leaf juice provide the moisture.
Deeply nourishing, its high content in essential fatty acids and vitamins from the A, E and B groups deliver long-lasting hydration that stays on the skin for hours on end.
If you’re not ready for the shopping, then you can even book a virtual skincare consultation via their website or find a nearby FHF Spa.
My skin looked more hydrated and my fine lines looked softer and less noticeable.
They offer a 30-day return policy starting from the date of purchase.
A rich and decadently creamy honey-butter moisturizer, it promises intensive repair and hydration for those of us suffering from itchy, dry skin.
It also has a nice cooling effect which was amazing in the hotter months.
This product is literally buzzing with liquid gold.
They also own an animal rescue and sanctuary, and have created a zero waste process.
When used at night, Wine Down’s® components operate as you sleep.
The tops of my feet feel as smooth as honey.
They believe in using only certified organic or naturally derived ingredients for their products.
The effect is cumulative, and my skin kept looking a little better each day I used the peel.
Aside from the certified organic honey, this wonderful and rich formula is perfumed with notes of mandarin orange, fig, red berries, and vetiver.
The smell is heavenly.
Kaolin clay helps balance oils and pull impurities away, making pores look smaller.
Personally, I have used it twice daily as directed for about two weeks and I feel the results match the product claims.
Crow Catcher’s formula is said to reduce the look of wrinkle depth by 58% in clinical tests conducted over a two month time period with women.
Not only the website is easy to use but also boasts a very visually appealing theme that keeps you hooked to shopping.
It has a delicious aroma that Farmhouse Fresh calls a “light milk oat scent” that is sweet, creamy and milky.
A majority of their products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, vegan, and gluten-free.
Crow Catcher Eye Perfecting Serum by Farmhouse Fresh is 98% natural, vegan, and gluten, paraben and sulfate free.

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❌ Cons

Honey Heel Glaze is pricey.
The glaze moisturizes, but didn’t rid my feet of those stubborn calluses.
FHF products are expensive.
The bottle is super top heavy, so it is hard to position the cleanser upside down in order to use every last drop.
FHF doesn’t offer worldwide shipping.
Crow Catcher looks expensive at nearly $50 for a bottle about the size of a nail polish.
After looking at the ingredients (why didn’t I do that first!) I saw that it includes 4 ingredients that trigger fungal acne, and 3 comedogenic (pore-clogging) ingredients.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I think anybody who feels iffy about highly concentrated chemical exfoliants will appreciate this one. A lovely pairing of effective ingredients and a delightful fragrance, this little miracle in a jar would make a thoughtful gift to any girl [or guy] who wants to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines.
This might just be my favorite Farmhouse Fresh product to date, and I don’t say that lightly because I am such a huge fan of their products, but this is one seriously luxurious mousse that leaves my skin baby soft and moisturized all day long.
Softer feet are great, but at $30 a pop, Honey Heel Glaze is pricey. It’s not an everyday purchase in my book. Maybe buy it as a self-care indulgence.
I’m a huge fan of facial masks and I absolutely love when they are unique and make the experience more relaxing and fun. This product is a great way to relax and think about your mom’s homemade Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Just make sure you don’t forget it’s a mud mask and try to sneak a taste.
So far I have noticed a slight improvement in the appearance of fine lines and lessening of dark circles. Crow Catcher looks expensive at nearly $50 for a bottle about the size of a nail polish but so little is needed that it should last quite a long time.
I typically focus the biscuit in my t-zone which has worked well to help balance my combo skin. A cool idea would be to get two different blends to multi-mask, or even crush together to concoct your own custom blend.
Speaking for myself, I really admire the whole idea behind Farmhouse Fresh. They promote natural, organic, and environment-friendly products. They’re a really great option if you don’t like to use harsh chemicals on your skin. Also, they’ve been sticking to their purpose all these years which makes them a really reliable brand. But at the end of the day, it’s really you who’s going to decide what works well for you!
I personally like a lot these new launches by FarmHouse Fresh. They do a great job at disclosing the ingredients, and when they use naturally-derived synthetic ingredients these rank a 1 on the EWG database, which makes them pretty safe.
After a week of using every other day, there was a visible difference in my skins texture. It also has a nice cooling effect which was amazing in the hotter months. It felt so nice and relaxing, plus my skin loved it. No break outs, no dry patches and no oil slick. Complete winner for me.
The texture of this moisturizer is so light that it will melt on your skin. You’ll fall in love with your satiated complexion’s lovely glow, regenerated appearance, and feel. Antioxidant-rich blue matcha, chlorophyll, and FHF-grown watercress extract to nourish skin with the greatest plant vitamins.
While the cleanser isn’t my favorite, Farm House Fresh as a brand is amazing. They stand for so many wonderful things, and they have a great range of body care (body wash, lotion, etc) that is fantastic. It’s gentle, smells wonderful and is made with some of the best stuff. So don’t discount them as a brand.

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