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✅ Pros

They are finished off with a funky name to make them not only fat, but weird.
Review Pros
You can refrigerate them for up to 6 months.
All Fat and Weird Cookies begin with a special base dough that is tasty enough to eat on its own without the addition of mix-ins or fillings.
The cookie was not too rich or heavy, so I am confident I could’ve eaten the whole thing.
These delicious treats will blow your mind with one-of-a-kind concepts and mixes.
There are so many choices and so many flavors.
It was crunchy on the outside, yet still soft and warm on the inside.
The base dough is further enhanced with the perfect mix of fillings and toppings to guarantee you’re still munching a cookie and not a mouthful of candies.
They have 11 flavors currently trending.
They’re stuffed to the brim with fillings.
There is also ready to eat cookie dough.
Each is described on their website in full detail so you know what you are getting into before you purchase.
Fat & Weird also has a retired cookie section that is filled with 50 flavors that are past their prime.
This cookie had the perfect ratio of dough, chocolate and caramel.
The buttery caramel paired nicely with the decadent chocolate.

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❌ Cons

Unfortunately, The Brad was quite brittle and challenging to nibble through.
They have slightly inappropriate names.
It was lacking some salty relief from all the sweetness.
Their stock is limited as they are very popular over Instagram.

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Review Summaries
I highly recommend trying Fat and Weird Cookie Company. The flavors above just scratch the surface of past, present, and future flavors offered at Fat and Weird Cookie.
You just need to hop on the Fat & Weird train. They are a group of awesome people trying to make you into a dessert-loving friend. I promise you will love everything they are.
This cookie is tasty, Instagram-worthy, and not your usual cookie. Instead, the Party Animal resembles an over-the-top birthday cake. Filling the cookie with frosting and finishing it with a decorated animal biscuit is a brilliant idea that earns The Party Animal a lovely 10 for the concept.
I highly recommend buying these, and I highly recommend warming them in the oven before you eat them. This is cookie bliss. They are fat or flat and just plain weird. They have slightly inappropriate names.

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