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✅ Pros

The Fax.Plus extension feature allows you to send files to human-operated copier machines.
Review Pros
You can even keep your existing fax number for free or add new toll free and local fax numbers.
They have a solid mobile app.
The tool lets the users send 10 fax pages for free.
You can sign up using your email address or through either Facebook or Google.
Fax.Plus is a budget-friendly online fax service.
You’ll be able to send a fax anywhere around the world, all day, every day.
All users can view the help center.
Free version is available.
It is a user-friendly platform.
If you have simple needs and only need to send a handful of faxes every month, then there’s a free plan you can use.
Fax.Plus offers quite a bit of extra features and benefits at each plan level.
The service offers desktop and smartphone apps.
Fax.Plus offers the best mobile apps of all the online fax services we’ve reviewed.
It allows integration with high-tech tools such as G Suite, Slack, and Microsoft.
You can access all Google apps and send faxes from Docs, Sheets, Gmail, and Chrome.
It’s also HIPAA-compliant and has mobile apps.
FAX.PLUS has mobile apps for iOS and Android.
There are also several useful services like document signing, custom faxing from your own personal email, Zapier integration to get more done, and the ability to add checkmarks to your documents.
It is easy to use.
You can send and receive faxes securely via email.
There’s no time limit to the length of the free plan.
It lets the users conduct their online fax business worldwide with complete security.
There is also a search bar for locating faxes quickly by search terms like the sender, recipient, status, keyword, and date.
You can transfer your own fax number free of charge with no downtime.
A free trial is also available for up to ten pages.
You can also optimize faxes with a single click, which makes them easier to read and will send faster.
You’ll also find a bundled iOS and Android app, so you can read, download, and send faxes on the go.
You’ll have the opportunity to select a fax number during setup from over 40 countries.
FAX.PLUS has an easy to use web interface and user design.
With, you’ll also have access to features like contacts and groups, image optimization for higher-quality faxes, and online signatures on DOC, PDF, TIF, and JPG files.
If you’re worried about security – relax. The scanner’s software uses two-factor authentication, SSL encryption, and world-class server infrastructure.
It offers convenient integrations with apps like Zapier and Slack.
The Enterprise-ready plans of this email fax service give you access to multiple numbers.
Customers get a user-friendly interface, with a great mobile app too.
You can send 10 free pages before you have to sign up for a paid account.
They have a clean web interface.
The message can also be automatically resent to the recipient if it fails the first time.
Users have the option to add contacts individually or import them from an Excel spreadsheet. provides a sleek and professional interface, whether you’re using the website or mobile app (available on Android and iOS devices). protects documents with several security measures.
I had no trouble sending faxes with Fax.Plus from the mobile app or the web portal.
There are dozens of integrations to manage your faxes within the platforms you’re already using.
Easy fax scheduling option helps you save time.
It offers unlimited storage.
It has well-designed website and apps.
This service also offers advanced features like digital signing, scheduled faxing, and integration with Zapier.
The options are flexible and extensive,
They have custom solutions for enterprises with high-volume faxing requirements.
Fax.Plus’s web interface is clean and attractive.
It also comes with Office/Google Docs integration.
Fax.Plus is one of the few services with a free offering.
The Help Center’s dedicated search bar makes it easy to find specific help topics, and I like that Fax.Plus uses clear language in its explanations.
Basic service doesn’t cost much.
It has modern, sleek design as compared to other online fax services.
Fax files at rest are encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard.

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❌ Cons

Premium tier costs more, offers fewer pages than competition.
It has an awkward way of handling cover page.
The PDF AIIM scanner test chart was of terrible quality.
Document signing tool is only available on mobile apps.
You can only receive fax messages at your email address by purchasing the service.
The text from all of the transmissions was clear and legible; however, at times, the designs at the top became somewhat warped and lost a small amount of detail in the process.
There’s no fax cover page feature.
It is slightly more expensive than some competitors.
Some faxes we sent didn’t come through at all.
Free plan lets you send up to 10 pages per month. However, you can’t receive faxes.
Fax.Plus struggled with the graphics-heavy test document.
The live support is not as efficient as it’s supposed to be.
There’s limited file support.
It doesn’t provide live support.
Cheaper options are available.
While is an excellent online fax service, it’s slightly more expensive than some competitors.
There is no live support.
The software is also a little bit more pricey than others of its kind.
Digital signatures are limited to mobile.
You can enter text to send with the fax file you upload, but it will be added at the end of the file, not before.
There is limited file format support.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
With robust security and support as well as a sleek interface, is clearly one of the best online fax services currently available. It’s a particularly good option for large businesses that need to manage multiple users within the same account.
The service certainly has a lot going for it, with some excellent design choices that make it a user-friendly experience. The apps are easy to use too, making FAX.PLUS perfect for beginners. However, FAX.PLUS isn’t the cheapest option on the market, so if you’re looking to save as much money as possible then you may be better off with a less expensive solution.
Fax.Plus looks like a terrific fax service on paper. You can send 10 free pages before you have to sign up for a paid account, and it has a low, $5.99-per-month subscription plan for sending or receiving 100 pages (6¢ per page). Unfortunately, we ran into too many issues during testing: The PDF AIIM scanner test chart was of terrible quality, and some faxes we sent didn’t come through at all—the service said no fax line was detected, even though other services were able to deliver the fax.
Overall, no matter if you are a large enterprise that is looking to migrate to a more secure and reliable online fax service, a big company that is looking for a fax service with high-volume faxing solution, an individual or small to medium-sized business that needs to have access to an always-ready fax number, FAX.PLUS is your #1 choice.
Not only is Fax.Plus safe, it is reliable. The mobile and web apps are easy to use, and it has some of the most flexible pricing plans. You can schedule when to send your documents and have them delivered at the fixed time. There are a few Fax.Plus complaints, but not enough to discourage you. The live support is not as efficient as it’s supposed to be, and there’s limited file support.
Fax.Plus is a compelling alternative to the best online fax services like MetroFax, particularly if you only need to send and receive fewer than 100 pages a month or less. It’s a great pick if you’ve got basic faxing needs.
Fax.Plus is a budget-friendly online fax service. They offer a straightforward free plan as well as annual rates starting at $5 per month. Customers get a user-friendly interface, with a great mobile app too. This is definitely a bonus, since so many services on our list seem to excel at just one or the other. For a cheap online fax service, Fax.Plus offers quite a bit of extra features and benefits at each plan level.
Fax.Plus is one of the best online fax services for small teams. It’s simple to use, and the goal of the service is to save you as much time as possible. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your existing fax process while keeping things affordable, this is a great option. offers everything most users need to send and receive faxes online, and it’s easy to set up on any device. With email faxes, support for large teams, and multiple fax numbers for Business and Enterprise subscribers, it has the right tools for almost any use case.
Although the faxing quality for documents sent and received from Fax.Plus is relatively average, the added features and stress-free interfaces make it a highly desirable service for many of your faxing needs.
Fax. Plus is a cross-platform and user-friendly platform that lets the users conduct their online fax business worldwide, with complete security. The service offers desktop and smartphone apps!
Fax.Plus is an affordable, easy-to-use, and feature-rich online fax service. It has improved its handling of graphics-heavy attachments, too.

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