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✅ Pros

You can earn from verification.
Review Pros
Fidelcrest has one of the largest shares of prop trading firms with a profit split at 80%.
With a wide range of brokers and trading platforms to choose from, traders get a good inside look at what the industry standard of trading looks like.
The 1:00 leverage is another good figure for low-risk and aggressive traders.
You can use Normal and Aggressive trading strategies.
Three types of bonuses are currently available.
The Fidelcrest Trading Challenge and verification processes are very thorough, separating the savvier traders from those who need more practice.
They offer up to 30% Profit split upon completion of Phase 2 – payed instantly.
Low funding options are available for newer traders.
Withdrawals via bank transfer, PayPal, PaySafe (Skrill, Neteller), or Bitcoin are available.
Successful traders have the opportunity to double their initial capital with the scaling program.
Regardless of your experience level, risk tolerance, or pocketbook, you can find the perfect account for you.
They have a good support team.
The funding limit is $1 million.
Maximum leverage with all accounts is 1:100.
With a profit split of 80%, Fidelcrest offers one of the highest profit-sharing schemes.
There is 40% Profit split upon completion of Phase 2 – paid instantly.
You can receive up to $400,000 funding. The funding options are attractive for traders who don’t want to take too high a risk.
The Fidelcrest trading challenge is very thorough and separates skilled traders from those who require more practice.
Because you are investing the funds of the prop trading firm, you can take larger positions without putting your own cash on the line.
Fidelcrest offer traders up to 80% profit share. This is higher than competitors such as FTMO.
Other bonuses are available.
Multilingual Customer support is available.
With seven brokers and more than 1,000 financial instruments, you can find the assets that you’re comfortable trading on the platform suited to your strategy.
They got up to $400,000 in funding.
You can get up to $400,000 in funding, and the funding options are favorable for newer traders who aren’t looking to risk too much.
It has one of the highest profit split schemes, up to 90% for the trader.
You can use up to 1:100 leverage for both accounts.
You can choose the Fast Track option on some accounts and pass the two-step evaluation process with no minimum trading days.
They have a scaling plan up to $800,000.
Overnight holding and news trading is allowed.
Unlimited evaluation free retries are available.
There is up to an 80% profit split.
Overnight holding and news trading is allowed.
Multilingual customer support is available.
1:100 leverage is available.
You can have a profit of at least 5% to 20% of the initial account balance.
You can trade multiple assets – CFDs, stocks, forex, and crypto. Withdraw via bank, PayPal, and other methods.
Three funding levels are available for each type of risk.
Fidelcrest offers more options for trading crypto than any other prop firm.
The ProTrader accounts have funding of between $150,000 and $1 million.
With 13 different accounts based on experience, risk appetite and capital requirements, you’re likely to find an account that works for you.
Large variety and quantity of assets are available from different markets such as Forex, CFDs, stocks, and even cryptocurrencies.
It offers up to 90% profit split.
Fidelcrest pays out 80–90% of profits to funded traders. It doesn’t get any better than that.
Its profit splits are up to 90%, and the prop firm is widely known for its robust training programs and amazing support services.
You can get a bonus of up to 50% of profits earned in level 2 verification.
There is 5% profit target for Phase 1 and Phase 2 on MicroFX.
There is no risk.
If you pass the Verification Stage (Stage 2 of your evaluation), you will bank up to 50% of the profits you made.
Tradable assets include Forex pairs, commodities, stocks, indices, and crypto.
Traders have a great view of the industry standard for trading with various platforms and brokers.
There is instant and automatic account delivery upon purchase.
The customer support team is very responsive and has solid user ratings from traders.
There is high-profit split of up to 90%.
You can receive a bonus when moving to the Fidelcrest live account where you will be credited up to 50% of the profits made in step 2 (Verification).
It is easy to manage.

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❌ Cons

In step 2, the same profit target is maintained as in step 1, but the maximum total loss in this second step will be half of step 1. Although the percentage is still affordable, especially in Aggressive accounts, overcoming this step might be a bit more complex.
They have strict trading rules.
Holding trades over the weekend only allowed on Aggressive accounts
It is a new company (since 18 Oct 2021).
The 30-day trading period limits the potential for long-term investments on Fidelcrest.
Phase 2 of the evaluation has tighter trading parameters than the Trading Challenge. For most accounts, the max loss limit is half of what it was during the first phase.
Fidelcrest’s rules are not as flexible as other firms out there.
Company force their investors and also traders to sign NDA (a non-disclosure agreement).
New traders might find that the lack of educational resources leaves a lot to be desired.
No education is offered.
They have strict trading rules.
Step 2 is harder to overcome because the maximum loss is half that of step 1 yet the profit target is the same.
Evaluation is a two-phase and can take up to 90 days.
They have fairly strict trading conditions.
30-day trading period limits long term investments.
There are15% up to 20% profit targets on Aggressive accounts.
Fidelcrest calculates your max loss based on your highest account balance, not on your initial balance. That means you could theoretically make a profit on your account, but fail the evaluation.
Fewer education materials are available.
They do not have a great reputation.
It only allows holding trades over the weekend for Aggressive Models.
Fidelcrest is gaining credibility. However, some negative reviews have been about Fidelcrest’s strict trading rules, terms, and withdrawals.
The maximum trading days limit of 30 days does not favour traders who use long term strategies.
Long-term strategy trading is not favored by the trading limit of 30 days.
Trading Period The Fidelcrest trading period of 30 days is too short to allow long-term investments.
There is no phone customer support.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Fidelcrest offers unique features, as well as having other features very similar to those of leading companies such as My Forex Funds (My Forex Funds Review) or FTMO, which makes it worthy of being one of the top 5 prop trading firms.
Fidelcrest is a globally operating forex trading firm headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus. It is one of the best forex traders that gives skilled forex traders the ability to meet the specific requirement after accessing accounts with real funds. It also offers instant and automatic account delivery upon purchase.
Fidelcrest prop trading firm finds, trains, and evaluates Forex, CFD, and other prop traders who can then earn profits and commissions by applying for the company’s capital. Traders are discovered through the Fidelcrest Trading Challenge evaluation course.
Fieldcrest has a lot of things to offer traders, no matter if you are a new trader or an experienced trader. This firm’s main draw is its flexibility in choosing your trading platform and the attractive 80/20 profit split. As many prop firms offer only 50/50 splits, the profit split could be enough to propel this firm up your list. Although the service is popular with newcomers, it seems more suited for traders who have some trading experience.
Fidelcrest offers some of the highest profit sharing schemes in the prop trading space. The company also has a rigorous validation process to qualify aspiring investors. And whilst the firm has come under fire in online reviews for its tough trading rules – a careful read before you sign-up should help you avoid any surprises.
I would recommend Fidelcrest to anyone who is looking for a prop firm with straightforward trading rules and has developed a consistent trading strategy. They are a well-established prop firm that offers excellent conditions for a big pool of individuals with unique trading styles. The only thing you should consider is their risk desk team who determines if a trader’s trading strategy is something that the prop firm is looking for.
Whether you’re new to trading or are an established trader, Fidelcrest offers a lot to like. One of the main draws to this firm is the flexibility of choosing your trading platform and the alluring 80/20 profit split. The profit split alone could be enough to bump this prop firm higher on your shortlist, as many firms only offer 50/50. While the service does attract many newcomers, it might be best for traders with some experience in the financial markets.
I would personally advise having a look around at some of the other Top Prop FirmsOpens in a new tab.that have much better reputations at the minute. Fidelcrest mention on their website that they currently have over 6000 active traders this year with funded accounts, so the firm is definitely growing! I think I will personally revisit them every few months to check for more positive feedback in the forums and when that starts rolling in, go for the $400,000 funding.
Fidelcrest offers massive account sizes, quick funding, a ton of tradable assets, including crypto, and the best profit splits. If you are adept at risk management, you can take advantage of some great current promotions and skyrocket your trading profits.
Fidelcrest offers 13 accounts for various types of traders, providing access to more than 1,000 financial instruments. Its profit splits are up to 90%, and the prop firm is widely known for its robust training programs and amazing support services.
I would recommend Fidelcrest to anyone reaching consistent results with their trading strategies and looking for potential to scale up and trade with an account with a balance of up to $1,000,000 in the long term.
Fidelcrest offers some of the highest profit-sharing systems in the real estate trading industry. In addition, the company has a rigorous vetting process in place for new investors. And while the company has been criticized for its strict trading rules, you can avoid surprises by reading carefully before signing up.

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