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✅ Pros

It comes with a removable battery.
Review Pros
The company promises 40 km autonomy in fully electric mode and approx 60 km with assisted pedaling.
You can get a good range from high-capacity battery.
It has foldable design.
Braking on the Fiido seated scooter is solid, with dual mechanical disc brakes on the larger-than-average 31.8 cm tires.
It also arrives with a rear shock absorber that makes the ride smooth and bump-free.
The ride on the Fiido is really comfortable, as the twist throttle allows you to accelerate smoothly off the starting line and easily control speed.
You can get decent power from the hub motor.
It has 25 mile battery life.
Fiido’s D11 has a solid battery life.
Fiido D11 offers a 7-speed Shimano gear shift with 7 sprockets on the back and one on the front,
It folds down the smallest.
It has top speed of 15.5mph.
It offers great value for money.
Thanks to the lights, both front and rear, you can use the Fiido D2 without problems even in the evening.
It can be stored without much hassle or space taken up.
It is lightweight.
It is very popular.
Despite being foldable, in two places, the bike offers stability and sturdiness thanks to the aluminum frame.
The Fiido seated scooter has decent acceleration for its speed.
It is convenient to carry.
This e-bike is great for those who are intimidated by the powerful, fast e-bikes.
The engine has plenty of electricity.
It offers good value for money.
It has built-in air pump.
Fiido D2 offers three different modes.
It is suitable for kids and adults.
The rear light also acts as brake light when you hit front or rear brake.
It has excellent specs for the price.
It is extremely fun to ride.
The Fiido scooter has a fairly small folded footprint, as the handlebars fold down and to the side of the center compartment.
It offers great range and speed.
It is easy to assemble.
The Fiido seated scooter has a good range for a premium commuter, getting 32.5 kilometers in our performance tests.
It folds quickly and compactly.
It is practical for commuting and city exploration.
The workmanship is meticulous and the quality is good.
The D11 proved to be the quintessential pocket commuter. It was light weight, easy to fold and unfold, and had a great battery range.
It has shimano gears.
It is nicely designed with an effective fold.
With the shortest charge time, it certainly ticks that box.
The top speed of 25 Km/h is pretty zippy.
There are multiple modes to choose.
It folds quickly and easily.
It has reliable components.
With a 250W powered motor and similar battery they can go up to 80 km in assist mode with a max speed of 25 km/h.
It has hrottle with cruise control.
It is easy to setup.
The pedals of Fiido D11 are made of metal and provide a very good grip.
The wheels from 16 inches offer greater adherence.
Charging efficiency is relatively high.
Removable battery makes it fairly portable.
It is inexpensive.
It is full of battery safety tech.
The brakes on Fiido D11 were the best adjusted out of the box and I think they provide the best grip.
The D11 has very nimble handling characteristics perfect for weaving around town efficiently.

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❌ Cons

Battery cannot lock to the bike, thus being easy to steal.
Steep descents can be a little scary because of the thin handlebars and foldable frame.
It has weak brakes.
There was a reported problem that that saddle brakes from the pole.
Battery / seat can be easily stolen.
It has big crankset.
Mechanical brakes feel a little vague.
Build quality and after-sales support is a concern.
With the single-motor Fiido scooter, there aren’t any performance-related features, like p-settings, to control the acceleration style, braking, and so on.
It has soft steel fasteners at key adjustment points.
Pedal’s build quality is not good.
It is still quite heavy at nearly 20kg.
They do not have UK repair centre.
It is not so portable.
There is no suspension.
It’s got the shortest range, so you will be charging it more often.
Foldable pedals are not included.
Finishing kit is poor.
It doesn’t have the stylish looks of the Fiido D4S.
The Fiido is able to climb up a hill, but is going to go at a slow pace.
The battery capacity has been reduced, and the corresponding total endurance distance has also been reduced.
Range is overstated.
Shorter riders need to be cautious of battery protrusion.
The Fiido D11 may be a little small for those 6 feet tall or more due to no adjustable stem.
There is no suspension.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
If you want a foldable bike for commuting from the train station to the office, or simply prefer to pop around town without having to expend too much energy, then the Fiido D11 is an excellent option. Should your adventures take you into more rugged terrain, then it can lose its appeal rather rapidly. Stick to the roads and you’ll be very happy.
Fiido D3 Pro is an acceptable electric bike considering the price, performance and features. It can be used as a daily driver with a few upgrades like the brakes. D3 Pro can be an excellent alternative for electric scooters because of its better range, comfort and battery endurance.
FIIDO D1 Folding Electric Bike performs well, but its safety features put it ahead of the others. Driving 15.5mph for nearly two hours is nothing to sneeze at. Charging time is a bummer, but that’s a small price to pay for an affordable, well-rounded e-bike.
I like Fiido D11 a lot as it is light and compact to store. My ideal ride to the office on a well paved street. I don’t need the battery lock as I take the seat with me for charging. When going on gravel roads I prefer to use Himo Z20, which is a bit more robust and has wider tires. In general there are less issues with Himo Z20.
A great entry-level bike for those dipping into the world of the electric bike. With a decent top speed and commendable range, you won’t be disappointed. Perfect for the delay commuter or occasional urban adventurer.
The Fiido seated scooter is equal parts fun and utility, merging some of the best features of scooters and bicycles without being either. Standing on scooters, you have to keep an active rider stance and shift your weight to ride comfortably. Powering a bicycle by pedaling definitely takes more effort than twisting a throttle. On the Fiido, you don’t have to think about how you’re going to ride; you can jump on and kinda chill.
The Fiido D2s is a great little folding electric bike that isn’t going to break the bank. It offers a ‘no frills’ entry to the world of e-biking and makes commuting and shorter journeys a lot of fun. The bike uses tried and tested hub motor technology combined with a small integrated lithium battery with a range of around 20 miles.
The engine has plenty of electricity.It is convenient to carry. There are multiple modes to choose. Morevoer, the workmanship is meticulous and the quality is good. However, the battery capacity has been reduced, and the corresponding total endurance distance has also been reduced.
If you’re looking for an inexpensive folding e-bike then the D11 is pretty good for the money. At the moment it’s £800, and it’s well-specced for a bike below a grand. It’s quite practical, and especially so with the way the battery can be removed and carried separately to make the folded bike more convenient.
Among electric bikes, in this price range, it can be considered a best buy. In fact, we are in the presence of a product able to offer an excellent qualitative contribution, with resistant frame and tires, a battery optimized at best and a discreet weight, all at a more than convenient price.
E-bikes like the Fiido D11 show how less is more when executed properly. The D11’s foldable design and unique battery placement provided me with a unique experience that didn’t feel much like some other e-bikes. It feels like a gentlemen’s dapper bicycle designed for efficiency and aesthetics as opposed to power and torque.
Taken at face value, the Fiido D11 is a fine little folding e-bike, made better by its €859.99 / $999.99 price tag. But like most things in life, you really do get what you pay for.
Overall, the Fiido D11 boasts some terrific specs. It’s practical, and that is one of its greatest strengths. It’s not a Brompton or a Van Moof, but it doesn’t claim to be. Instead, the D11 beckons to the budget-conscious rider who lusts after an engaging e-bike experience without the high price tag. On that promise, the D11 certainly delivers.

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