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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

Full previews of every clip are available before purchase.
Review Pros
Ech purchase supports a fellow filmmaker.
Clips come color graded and ungraded.
Every individual can find a specific category.
It offers consistent 4K quality downloads.
They have good range of ethnic and life stage diversity.
At FILMPAC, you can easily license a Pac of footage individually, or join their empowering FILMPAC UNLIMITED Membership to access the entire library.
Filmpac provides full stock footage videos and individuals clips.
At filmpac, Everything is captured in 4k.
Whether you need stock footage for lyric videos, promotional videos, commercials, trailers, online courses, educational resources, churches, non-profits, etc., FILMPAC has you covered.
They are offering membership options.
Every shot at FILMPAC is designed from scratch to be useful creative stock.
The individuals can even schedule their screen share to show off all amazing features automatically.
They allow you to get 100+ clips for free.
Just with $99 you can own a Pac.

❌ Cons

Pricing for teams (Extended License) is much more expensive than the Standard License for single users.
Smetimes the .mp4 footage doesn’t hold up to heavy color grading and it isn’t as sharp & robust as the 4K raw footage that I’m getting these days with my Canon C200.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Filmpac is an ocean of stock footage that consists of 4K themed video bundles. This company work’s with the world’s famous brands like Capital records, Nike, Realplayer, and AT&T. If you were an individual who is into the field of filmmaking then, This is the perfect platform where everyone can find breath-taking visuals videos across the globe.
FILMPAC was born as a perfect source of footage boutique for filmmakers. With the aim of providing every one of these pacs so many high-quality usable clips, FILMPAC function as a toolbox inspiring creativity with thousands of clips & videos.
I discovered Filmpac about a year ago and I have a completely biased confession: I’m a big fan of Filmpac. I have personally purchased every collection that they have released and have used their lifestyle clips in several of my church projects over the past couple of months.

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