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✅ Pros

You are strengthening and protecting your cardiovascular system by taking a shot of fire cider every day.
Review Pros
It supports immune function.
All ingredients used in Fire Cider are raw – no heating is involved at any time whatsoever.
It supports detoxification.
If you are looking for an antibiotic that is 100% natural and safe and as effective as antibiotics then you have no choice but to try fire cider.
Fire cider possesses strong antifungal properties because of garlic, onion, and ginger in particular.
It is anti-cancer and chemo-protective.
The Unsweetened version is 100% vegan.
There isn’t one ingredient in the bottle that isn’t super good for you.
I love the way it tastes.
It supports and boosts brain health.
Fire cider is one of a very few natural tonics and remedies that cover the whole nine yards when it comes to arthritis and pain..
It can kill many types of bacteria, lower blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, and may have protective effects against cancer.
Garlic, ginger, onion make fire cider a unique and one of a kind natural antiviral.

❌ Cons

This tonic is not cheap at $15 per 8-ounce bottle.

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Review Summaries
This tonic is not cheap at $15 per 8-ounce bottle, but with all these good-for-you certified organic ingredients, it seems like a good investment. Fire Cider, you left me on fire!
The health the benefits of fire cider are truly limitless and definitely worth trying to experience for yourself its health benefits.
This might sound a little biased, but Fire Cider is one of my favorite health promoting products I’ve ever come across. It’s on a whole different level at this point.

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