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✅ Pros

There is no yearly fee.
Review Pros
There is no subscription service.
The in-built VPN offers increased privacy and protection.
Using a Firewalla can help you protect your network against viruses, malware, hacking, and it even comes with VPN and ad-blocking features.
It monitors all devices on your network, and their activities.
There are one-touch buttons in the Firewalla mobile app to block ads, create a home IP address for remote access via DDNS, and scan for open ports on your network
The device then acts as a filter, blocking out any malware and malicious traffic that tries accessing your internal network.
Local VPN to connects to your home network even if you’re away.
I like the performance of Firewalla.
The Firewalla Red also enables parents to monitor usage of the internet and devices.
It also blocks dangerous connections.
It lets you block different types of usage per device at specific times.
Firewalla comes ready-to-use out of the box and is simple enough for anyone to set up and use.
It fits in the palm of my hand.
It also offers content filtering, which means you can control which sites users can access on your internal network.
It offers simple parental control.
There is no subscription, pay once for the device and you get all the included services.
It has built-in VPN server.
I can get alerts on my Apple Watch.
Graphics on usages are easy to understand for most users.
it is easy to setup.
It automatically blocks network attacks.
With automated alerts, users are notified immediately if anyone attempts to gain access to their network.
Firewalla is a super small device, roughly the size of a USB charger.
I like that there are no VPN subscription fees and I love that the VPN server is in the home.
It lets you track misbehaving devices and warns you when something is out of order.
it’s hardware-only.
It offers full management over your property community, particularly for good house units and different devices.
The Firewalla app provides you a Smart Parental Control to manage your children’s online times.
If suspicious things are going on, you’ll receive a notification on the Firewalla app, and you can act right away to defend you (virtual) home.
It is good if you retain going over your month-to-month allocation and do not know which units are inflicting the overconsumption.
There is ease of use.
Rules are easy to set up.
Firewalla doesn’t require any subscription fees.
Purchase it if you’ve gotten youngsters and wish to cease them from accessing sure actions and websites.
It has fir price with no subscription.
You can also make use of the Social Hour button and get some quality family time with all the digital distractions being switched off.
I like the compact size.
Setup, in general, is easy.
It also has a built-in no-fee VPN server that you can tap into when away from home.
With apps to control and manage the Firewall Red, home users also benefit from easy-to-use interfaces.
The $129 sticker price includes all updates to your hardware.
It has no hidden monthly costs.
It can block gaming, video, and porn.
It offers ease of installation.
It will feel more user-friendly and intuitive for home users who don’t have as much experience with router.

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❌ Cons

Every two to three hours after turning the Firewalla on, our home network would be completely inaccessible.
Do not buy it if you do not have a suitable router.
VPN server setup is too complex for most users.
If you are a home user, it might give you more information than you can comprehend.
Firewalla’s default alerts can be alarming for no reason. I don’t need to know if my phone uploaded 1MB to Google’s servers — it’s an Android phone, that’s expected.
Alerts can be annoying until you fine-tune them.
Do not buy it if your router already supplies a few of these options without spending a dime and the remainder aren’t price greater than $100.
Some areas are tricky to set up and use.
Do not buy it you are comfy utilizing customized firmware in your router.
I would prefer an included hard copy basic user guide.
Social media blocking does not appear to work on phones.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Add a Firewalla to your network and you can see and manage all network devices and their actions. There’s lots for techies to love in this tiny box, but even the average user can benefit.
Add the ad blocker, full suite of family-friendly features, rules, and VPN server, and you have a simple but powerful all-in-one network tool. It’s like supercharging your home network with features that usually either require a custom router firmware or an expensive paid subscription.
With the advert blocker, full suite of family-friendly options, guidelines, and VPN server, and you’ve got a easy however highly effective all-in-one community device. It is like supercharging your property community with options that normally both require a customized router firmware or an costly paid subscription.
The Firewall was very easy to install, and so far I like it much better than other similar devices that I have tried. It is set up wide-open in its initial state, so you get to observe and make choices as you go as opposed to others that have preset values that can be a headache to configure if the setup is complicated. I have read reviews that suggest that this device slows down the network, but I have not experienced that, and it has been simple and easy to use. I would prefer that a hard copy manual is included as opposed to having to look for the desired info on their website, but so far it is doing a good job and in my opinion, it gets a thumbs up!!
A smart way to protect your home network from attack, and keep your family safe from the worst of the web. Easy to set up, too, but you’ll need some network experience to fully use the more advanced features.
It might not come across as a serious solution with its goofy name, but the Firewalla surely surprised me with a lot of exciting features when I found out about it. Designed by former Cisco staff, Firewalla is a really simple, yet function-rich, cybersecurity solution that remains to be affordable and open-source.
Firewalla is a third-party firewall meant to complement the pre-installed security software on your computer. And it’s hardware-only, so all you have to do is connect the box to your router and your WAN port (the ethernet jack that connects directly to the internet). The device then acts as a filter, blocking out any malware and malicious traffic that tries accessing your internal network.
Firewalla is small but mighty. It helps me keep an eye on the devices on my network and what their data usage is. If I see questionable usage, I can block it with the push of a button. If I know my family needs to be off their devices during, say, dinner, I can block their devices from the network for a set period of time. A useful tool if you want to have some dinner conversation that isn’t done via text message.
Overall, I’m very impressed by the Firewalla. It offers a broad range of useful features and adds the detailed monitoring of connected device network flows, complete with alerts for abnormal activities. It’s so good that I’m actually considering living with just the one Google WiFi router in my home and giving up mesh networking for a while. Peace of mind is more important to me than network range and that’s what Firewalla provides.
Available for a little more than a hundred dollars, Firewalla’s dedicated threat management system is ideal for home users. While more powerful options are available, the Red unit is more than sufficient for the majority of home users and may be one of the best options if you’re looking for a firewall for home use. Furthermore, their delivery of information and focus on easy-to-use features makes the Firewalla Red stand out from the crowd.

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