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✅ Pros

This feels so sturdy.
Review Pros
With such a wide range to choose from there is something for everyone.
They seem strong–not like the cheapies I usually buy.
My glasses were sent to me via Express delivery, and they took only 3 days to show up at my door step.
The website has a great feature where you can see the glasses on different faces or even upload your own photo to see what they would look like on you.
There is no color distortion.
This online store has over 300 different styles of glasses and sunglasses to chose from.
They feel quite sturdy when I put them on and like they’ll actually stand up to going through my life with me.
Firmoo offers a 30-day return period.
These are lightweight.
There really is something for everyone.
They came packaged nicely in a brown padded envelope, but were fully protected inside the glasses case that came with them.
Firmoo prices are very competitive.
Firmoo has made its website easy to use for fast online ordering.
They have great customer service and deals.
They have 30-day refund period.
Everything was well packed and no damage appears to have been sustained in transit.
The glasses came with a hard case, a glass cleaner, a soft case and a screwdriver for minor repairs.
Choosing the glasses was actually quite easy – there were lots of stylish glasses to choose from – and a daily new styles page.
Frames can be bought from £12.
I also love how clear and how it blocks the sun rays when I use it.
The ordering process was simple.
It has helpful online resources.
It offers trendy styles, funky designs, and features.
It offers good online selection.
It really didn’t take long to find a pair that I thought would be suitable and the ordering process was really easy.
At Firmoo, products are unique and always trendy and stylish.
After you’ve selected your frame, you can choose the options for your lenses.
It is really a beautiful frame and a compliment getter for sure.
I found it easy to navigate their website.
They have this super cool feature where you can download a photo of yourself and virtually try on every pair glasses.
You can then add various coatings to your lens if you want more from your glasses.
You can see different views of the frames and read reviews about them.
Also included was a yellow cleaning cloth, which works great.
The prescription is good, exactly like my other glasses, which honestly can sometimes be a worry for me when I’m ordering glasses online, but these are good.
I was so pleased that my sunglasses were everything I wanted.
They are a very reasonable way of getting your prescription glasses for much cheaper than normal.
In addition to every pair of glasses, you receive a Firmoo branded case and cleaning cloth, along with an additional slip case, small screwdriver and extra screws.
They also offer blue light blocking lens.
The customer service was excellent.
You have different options like the normal glasses to pick which kind of lens you will get.
I was really impressed with the speed of delivery from Firmoo.
Firmoo uses filters to help customers narrow down the wide selection of frames.
They offer some of the best prices available.
Their product collection and quality are more than enough to convince people to give them a try.
The quality of the sunglasses really impressed me.
They claim to use FDA approved guidelines in producing their frames and lenses.
The ordering process was surprisingly simple.
They have fast delivery.
They were very well packaged and came with a great case, glasses cleaning wipe and even a tiny screwdriver.
The company can fulfill a wide array of prescription lens needs and offer several add-ons to its lenses.
It is lightweight.
These are definitely up there with more expensive glasses that I’ve tried – and at a very affordable price.
It came with black velvet to offer further protection from the elements.
They do have a relatively good return/exchange policy.
There is an option to make your lenses thinner (which is good when you could be mistaken for wearing milk bottles like me).
The lenses are crystal clear, and the entire glasses are feather light.
Firmoo stock hundreds of frames in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
Firmoo offers a choice of several in-house styles of frames.
Frames are made in a range of materials from plastic and metal to stainless steel and styles available include classic, vintage and designer frames.
It came inside a gorgeous sunglasses hard case with a unique ‘map’ design.
I was surprised that they arrived with both a soft and hard plastic case as well as a cleaning cloth and a wee little glasses repair kit.
It has minimalistic style.
Individuals can choose between near, far, and progressive lenses if they require prescription lenses.
Their website is very easy to navigate.
They have all sorts of deals and discounts on frames and sunglasses.
We also think their virtual try-on is a good feature, since a lot of people like to know what glasses look like on themselves before purchasing.
I have to say I’m 100% happy with these glasses and over the moon that I got the chance to try them.
The customer service is good as well.
They have a really wide choice of frames for men and women.
They provide a very consumer friendly service and offer numerous deals, along with select free glasses for new customers and free eyewear for bloggers in return for a review.
They offer prescription eyewear at reasonable prices across the globe.
Lens are also available based on prescription and non-prescription. Bifocal, progressive, single vision and many more are available to choose.

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❌ Cons

We don’t find the technology for this virtual try on to be very advanced or accurate.
Free shipping is only available for orders over $69.
We found evidence of some customers who had issues returning/exchanging their glasses and were not pleased with the communication process.
The black matte sunglasses were slightly too big for my face.
There are a few lens types to choose from.
Individuals will have to pay for return shipping.
· My only issue here is that the temples weren’t as fastened as I hoped. But I was able to fix that with a little screwdriver action. It didn’t unscrew or break up ever since.
If I could change anything about my order, I would not have chosen those coatings as — in this case — they make little difference.
You may need to go into an opticians to get them altered or adjusted slightly. (I didn’t but can see how some people should be aware of this).
It has short warranty coverage.
Firmoo does not accept insurance policies as payment.
Though their currency is set by default to US Dollar and they have a New York address, their production is actually based in China.
They are a little more flimsy than my usual glasses.
The focus on the very edges of the lenses was not great.
Taking your own measurements for pupilary distance isn’t the easiest thing to do so having someone to help you might be better than using a mirror like I did.
They have smaller selection of styles.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The glasses are nice. They fit well (just a little loose when I wear them on top of my head, though). They seem strong–not like the cheapies I usually buy. I’m keeping them in the hard case to keep them protected in my purse. I was a little worried about the blue tint. Yes, things have a bluish hue, but I actually like the way things look through them.
If you’re in the market for new glasses, whether standard prescription, prescription sun, or just plain cute sunglasses, I think you should definitely check out Firmoo. I definitely will be using them again in the future.
I can recommend Firmoo for your low-cost glasses needs. I think this kind of website is particularly useful when you need a new pair but can’t afford to pay the big bucks: with Firmoo you can still get a good-looking, classic or trendy frame and lenses with all the state-of-the-art options without getting into debt.
Both styles of the Firmoo non-prescription computer eyeglasses are excellent choices. I don’t just consider wearing them when working, but I also wear them outside when I feel like it matches my clothes.
I am pretty satisfied with them. They are not as longlasting as the branded ones of course but they are good enough for me.
I love these glasses and was very pleased with the online shopping experience. And I have entirely too much online shopping experience for my own good, so I think you can take my word.
Firmoo sells frames and prescription and nonprescription lenses online. Individuals can choose from a variety of frame and lens options to find the eyewear that meets their needs and preferences.
For me, I am delighted with these new frames, I am really pleased with how they look and feel on my face (they make me look intelligent over a glass of wine which is always a bonus) and when my Mum asked me to go with her to buy some new glasses, I told her that she needs to check out the selection on Firmoo first. So if I am prepared to recommend them to my Mum, I am more than happy to recommend them to you!
If you don’t need a prescription or you’re looking at sunglasses without a prescription, Firmoo is a great choice. However, we believe Firmoo probably isn’t the right choice for your primary pair of glasses, especially if you rely on your glasses heavily.
All in all, despite a few negative reviews on the Web, Firmoo I believe is legit. So throw that ‘Is Firmoo legit?’ question out the window because you know it is. At their price point, Firmoo does deliver what it claims to do. So many trendy styles to choose from with such a small fee.
All in all, despite some hiccups, I am pleased with my new glasses and hope they will last as long as my previous pair, which have been going strong for four years. I would recommend Firmoo; despite some minor issues with quality and precision, their glasses fit my needs and they have an absolutely wonderful selection of frames.
Firmoo’s sunglasses combines its laboratory experience with observatory homages to current eye-wear trends all at rock bottom prices. High quality, discounted and offering a wide range of eyewear why shop elsewhere when all sunglasses are £25 and under?
Firmoo is a great online glasses store for anyone who likes trendy frames. The brand makes it easy to order, especially with all the useful how-to videos and resources on the site. Firmoo has a great buy one get one free sale, deep discounts on frames and lenses, and a lot of options to customize your specs.
I am very pleased with my glasses. Firmoo have a great range of frames, and for a budget pair of glasses you really can’t go wrong. They are fun and fashionable and glasses are changed daily.
I think if we had all the money in the world we would go to a regular optician, but who does?! So these are a great budget option, especially for those people who buy the cheap varying lenses you see in shops as this way your prescription is accurate so saving yourself eye strain and pain.

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