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✅ Pros

FitTrack allows users to keep an accurate tab on their vital signs.
Review Pros
17 vital body metrics are offered.
It has sleek and compact design.
Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, FitTrack can be easily carried around by users without any hassle.
This smart scale comes with an easy-to-use app to make tracking simple.
It supports multiple users.
FitTrack app allows users to not only track their individual fitness levels but also set realistic goals for themselves.
It syncs with Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit apps.
It tracks 17 metrics.
It has sleek design.
The app lets you see the collected fitness data for past days.
FitTrack app is easy to use and tracks progress over time.
The user interface of the watch is easy to understand and navigate.
It comes with a simple and easy-to-use scale and app.
It supports up to 8 different profiles on the app.
As per the manufacturer’s guidelines, the official FitTrack has been designed to instantly recognizes up to 8 different accounts.
It’s compact and lightweight.
It gives accurate readings.
It’s great being able to easily see your body composition metrics on your smartphone app, which syncs automatically with the scale each time you step on it to weigh yourself.
You can get a fuller understanding of the various body metrics that you can work on.
It recognizes and tracks progress for 8 different users.
It is 100% safe.
It is very affordable.
It’s suitable for home and professional use.
Companion app is iPhone and Android compatible.
It allows you to track progress, schedule reminders, and set health goals.
The smart scale and the fitness tracker are useful together or separately.
The FitTrack Dara scale measures 17 different body measurements.
It features a sleek design that looks clean and futuristic.
Biometric scanner can make 17 different body measurements.
The sleek design of the scale means it should look great in any bathroom.
It has been shown to help you reach your fitness goals 8x faster.
You can see real time progress on areas beyond simple weight readings.
With a square shape and rounded corners, at first glance, the Atria watch looks similar to an Apple Watch or Fitbit watch.
The app also syncs up with Google Fit, Apple Health, and the majority of fitness-related apps.
It can accommodate multiple-user data.
Fittrack has straightforward setup.
The app is relatively easy to use and it will track your progress.
It helps keep an eye on weight loss efforts.
It has good small design.
It’s 100% safe.
It’s easy to use.
The scale can log data for multiple users.
17 different body measurements are available.
It measures many different types of metrics.
It produces more data on various body metrics.
FitTrack gives you accurate results.
It produces more data on various body metrics.
The measuring unit is extremely easy to employ.
The key benefit of these smart scales is that the FitTrack Dara offers reliable tracking of weight, BMI and other body metrics.
It is compact and portable.
The scales are very compact which is great as they don’t get in the way or take up too much floor space.
The user manual is straightforward and informative.
It is compact and portable.
It can be used with their app and fitness tracking watch.
It can weigh up to 180kg.
It is excellent for fitness fans.
It comes with 17 key health insights/measurements.
It has simple and easy-to-use scale and app.
App contextualizes your measurements.
Fittrack is very easy to use the app and scales.
It’s completely waterproof.

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❌ Cons

I was disappointed in the Atria watch mainly due to the heart rate sensor and some of the features that don’t yet work (weather and music control).
There are inaccuracies here and there.
It does not integrate with other smart health devices, like Fitbit or Google Fit.
There is no Wi-Fi support.
App could be more descriptive.
The tracked values are not necessarily precise.
If you have very large feet, the scales may seem too small for you.
Compact design won’t accommodate large feet.
At $90 a pop, this scale is definitely pricier than your average scale.
It is just a scale without the smartphone app.
I did experience some inaccuracies while stepping on this scale.
You have to step on and off the scale a couple of times for it to register the weigh-in. Again, this is a small issue only a handful of users have found.
Some measurements modes seem extraneous and not necessary.
There is no pregnancy mode.
There is mixed feedback on the accuracy of all the types of measurements that the FitTrack Dara smart scale analyzes.
Batteries are not included.
It might be too small for others.
It lacks safe mode for pregnant women and people with pacemakers or other internal medical devices.
You have to change battery every now and then.
It is a little bit expensive.
Water can make the sensor inaccurate.
It uses four triple-A batteries.
You need to connect your phone to the scale, or it doesn’t log the weigh-in.
It might be too small for others.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The FitTrack Dara smart scale tracks 17 metrics, including body mass index (BMI) and basal metabolic rate (BMR), to help you keep tabs on your health.
It’s safe to conclude that with this product, you can be the master of your own health. It provides many benefits and advantages for easy tracking of your health and fitness. Always keep in mind, however, to seek professional help from your healthcare provider.
The FitTrack Dara is an excellent mid-priced smart scale that impressed us with its ease of use and accurate readings. Its support for multiple users is also a real advantage for families, though you might need to do a little background reading to fully appreciate the full range of data it puts at your fingertips.
Living in this age demands fast-paced living. Staying fit and healthy is hard and almost impossible. With the scale, setting, tracking, and succeeding in your fitness goals is simpler and easier. If you’re looking to jump into the healthy living bandwagon or improve your current practice, give the product a try. The few pounds off your credit are worth the incredible features.
The information this scale gives you is pretty good, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes tech gadgets around their house. It’s not only for people who love tech but also for athletes looking to track their progress while training or anybody looking to learn stuff about their body to improve on their health. The FitTrack Dara App is excellent, it’s easy to use and has many great features.
It’s neat, aesthetically pleasing (meaning it looks great in my bathroom) and can hold a large amount of weight for myself and some of my larger family members. And since the app can keep data of up to 8 different profiles, none of our stats and metrics clash. A great investment and nifty tool to have if you want to get and ultimately stay healthy!
If you are looking for something that will help you manage your vitals and stay on track with your fitness goals, then yes, the Smart Body BMI scale is 100% worth it. The multitude of measurement modes, precise sensor technology, and tracking/goal setting features of the companion app helps you know your body and create a plan for better health.
From a design and operational standpoint, the machine resembles a conventional weighing scale, however, when looked at closely, FitTrack employs a patented dual BIA technology, which is designed to monitor 17 key health indicators related to one’s health – thus allowing users to measure, track, and trend their personal health data in real-time.
Overall, the FitTrack smart body BMI scale is a useful and effective companion on a weight loss journey. The multiple users feature is a bonus and means you can track data for up to eight different people. The majority of users find the scale to be accurate. You have to take the extra step of opening the app before stepping onto the scale in order to log your weigh-in, but this will soon become a habit.
Wrapping up, the Fit Track scale helps you keep tabs on your health; it’s like a complete health analysis built for you! It’s a safe and innovative way to monitor your overall health and fitness goals. It’s definitely a useful tool in your fitness arsenal.
I enjoyed testing the FitTrack fitness devices, but I was disappointed in the Atria watch mainly due to the heart rate sensor and some of the features that don’t yet work (weather and music control). The Dara smart scale, on the other hand, is great. I like the compact size and all the data it collects compared to other smart scales.
The FitTrack Dara Smart BMI Digital Scale provides 17 different body measurements so you can get to know your health and fitness on a deeper level. Paired with the FitTrack PRO app, you can store and track your progress over time so you can manage your weight and health accordingly. Sometimes it’s inaccurate, and it’s pricey, so you’d want to do your research and make sure this product is for you before purchasing.
The FitTrack Smart Scale’s are a great tool to add to your personal health and/or fitness routine. It gives you a much more complete picture of your health and fitness metrics when compared to a standard scale, including things like BMI, body weight, hydration levels, muscle weight, body fat percentage, and much more.If you’ve been looking for a top-rated smart scale, at a great price, then we recommend giving the FitTrack scales a shot.
The company offers these 2 products with an official app. They can be used together as they perform different functions. But they can also be used separately. If you’re considering improving your fitness journey, these are the types of devices to be used on the long term. Those on a budget might even find a good deal on these. For example, if you buy one fitness tracker you get a 50% discount on a second one which may be used by your partner.
Based on the scale’s quality, functionality, low price point, and other glowing reviews, I say buy.

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