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✅ Pros

The FlexiSpot M2 is one of the largest desktop converters out there.
Review Pros
Small footprint
Easy, tool-free assembly.
The desk is very solid and stable.
Enough room for speakers, iPhones, iPads, etc.
FlexiSpot M2 is one of the most well-rounded standing desk converters currently available.
The desk is packaged very well, completely surrounded in styrofoam to protect the desk while in shipping.
Wide desk for large laptop and cellphone.
The desk raises straight up and down, as opposed to the Varidesk which raises up and towards you, which takes up more space.
Well built, sturdy bike platform.
Has a slot to hold a cell phone or tablet in an upright position.
Loctek D7D dual monitor mount are a great addition to office.
Purely vertical travel; no fore-and-aft movement.
The gas spring hovering system makes raising and lowering it smooth.
This desk has a large work surface and keyboard tray.
People who use a sit-stand desk say that they have more energy through the day.
The ideal for anyone gym-averse, but has fairly simple exercise needs.
Heavy Weight Capacity
It comes assembled.
14” of vertical travel with 13 stops.
FlexiSpot Sit-Stand Workstation has twelve adjustable heights and is available in two sizes.
Easy to fold up for storing
It glides up and down with ease.
Folds up and out of the way when not in use.
This product uses dual gas springs that move the surface quickly into place without disrupting objects on the surface.
Sleek design
This product will help boost your focus, no matter what age.
Set-up took less than 5 minutes.
It’s a very simple design with no complex components.
This product will help you really increase your energy.
Adjustable seat and desktop height
The dangers of sitting all day are huge and well-documented.
Versatility can change how you use your computer through the day.
The desk rises and lowers with one hand.
It doesn’t make much noise.
Even if you still want to go to the gym, using this product is a great way to add just a little bit more to your routine, without any time wasted whatsoever.
Very sturdy on the desk, no wobble.
Numerous height levels to choose from allow users to find the perfect height without problems.
Affordable option for home use.
The cord management covers are great and makes you desk look much neater than before.
Through dual arm mount, can have your monitor almost any way you wish.
Installing the desk riser is super easy.
FlexiSpot uses a scissor lift mechanism, constructed from 1/8″ thick steel supports to raise and lower the worktop.
They keyboard tray is very large which is awesome.
High quality leg materials
Adjustable desk and seat height for 6’3” frame.
It can be easily adjusted to multiple heights for anyone in the family.
FlexiSpot offers a single monitor arm for $39.99 and a dual version for $89.99.
Secure, yet easy to use locking mechanism.
Seems perfect for someone who works from home.
Easy adjustments up and down.
Easy Assembly
This specific product is such a fan favorite not only because of how useful it is, but also because of the sleek and minimal design that really stands out in a very beautiful way.
Memory Control
The FlexiSpot desk riser comes in two sizes, a 35″ version and a smaller 27″ unit.
The desk is wide.
This product frame is composed with some top-quality metal materials.
It is small and compact.
There are 12 different height level positions each being incrementally just over an inch different, making it easy to find the ideal working height.
If you want to update your fitness routine, this is a fantastic way to do so without taking up time you could be using to catch up on work.
Black and white are two most popular colors in the realm of standing desk converters
It improves your posture.
Solid, stable construction.
Super easy to set up
The models are covered by a 5-year warranty which seems fair.

❌ Cons

If you have health concerns, you should speak to your doctor before you try exercising with this product.
Desk platform doesn’t tilt.
When fully loaded and extended it’s very rigid with negligible sway or movement, at the top.
It only holds 35 lbs.
If you need to take part in more activity and muscle training, this isn’t always the best kind of workout to dedicate long amounts of time to.
Not much room for a mouse with larger laptops.
Some customers were displeased that this product was not made in the USA.
Backlit LCD display would be nice.
The design isn’t impressive .
Top is extra
Included zip ties don’t stick very well.
When using the attached keyboard tray, it cause the monitors to wobble just a bit when you type.
The keyboard doesn’t tilt.
No adjustable keyboard tray.
If you don’t usually work from a desk space, this probably isn’t the most ideal product for you.
There is a smaller surface area to work when standing.
Instability at standing position
The FlexiSpot M2 is one of many converters that increase the height of your normal typing position when seated.
It’s a big, bulky mechanism squatting on your desk; the aesthetics may not be to your liking.
One of the biggest disadvantages standing desk converters have, when compared to full desks, is their low weight capacities.
Electronics warranty could be longer.
It is expensive.
Your mouse may not track on the surface finish.
You have to have a separate keyboard when sitting.
Benefits of a standing-only desk haven’t been established.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro™ combines an on-demand, height-adjustable desk and exercise bike into one sleek desk bike. The revolutionary design lets you go from sitting to cycling to standing with one space-saving solution.
If you’re looking for a sit stand desk riser to fit in a tight spot, this combination will do the trick. The minor screen shaking while typing is the biggest drawback. It may bother some people, but it doesn’t bother many.
FlexiSpot M2 is one of the most well-rounded standing desk converters currently available. With that said, it is not perfect and it has numerous potential problems that will affect some customers more than others. The low lifting capacity, lack of dual ergonomics and limited adjustment range will have a lot of customers looking for alternative products.
We all know that it’s not good for our health to sit for hours at a time. Finding easy ways to add movement while still doing the activities that we like and need to do on a daily basis can be a challenge but the Flexispot all in one Deskcise Pro makes it easy and fun to go from sitting to low impact exercising with minimal effort.
The FlexiSpot Deskcise Pro is a fantastic product, it can bring a sense of design and structure to any space and it’s an investment that will quickly pay off. It’s a product that will provide you with the motivation and energy you need to power through your day.
FlexiSpot’s height adjustable desk riser works for use with your existing workstation by converting a fixed desk into a much healthier sit-stand workstation. It comes very well packaged in a tri-wall cardboard carton within which sits a custom designed polystyrene foam liner. It’s pretty much pre-assembled, the only part for assembling is the keyboard tray.
Assembly is as easy as can be. It ships in a large box, preassembled except for the keyboard tray which slots into place and is held with tabs. No tools required and the entire setup process can be completed on your own in five minutes once it’s unboxed. The M3B also came with a nice cable sleeve to keep things looking neat out of the box.
The Flexispot is a great standing desk converter if you don’t need more than 35 lbs. of monitors and items on your desk. If you have multiple monitors, or usually have lots of items on your desk, this is probably not a good choice for you.
It is well built, sturdy bike platform. Wide desk for large laptop and cellphone. Adjustable desk and seat height for 6’3” frame.Folds up and out of the way when not in use.
Many people view the sit-stand desk as an investment in their health. The increased activity and reduced sitting may lead to more productive work days at least, and a longer, healthier life at best. You might not be able to cut down your working hours, but with a sit-stand desk you can cut down your overall sitting hours.
The FlexiSpot is a desktop sit/stand workstation, meaning that it rests on top of an existing desk and provides adjustable elevation for monitors, keyboards, and other computing paraphernalia. You use it in its lowest position while seated and then raise it up to a comfortable working height when you’re standing.
Affordable option for home use. It can be easily adjusted to multiple heights for anyone in the family. It glides up and down with ease. It improves your posture.
If you don’t type very often, like video editors, photographers, or anyone who uses their mouse more than their keyboard, the Flexispot E2W could be a great, budget-friendly option for you as the instability wouldn’t come into play.
It is a graceful mashup of desk and exercise, the Flexispot Deskcise is a low impact stationary bike with an adjustable desk replacing the handlebars.
This product is extremely reliable. Anyone who is looking for a solid work surface that provides stand-up and sit-down capability would benefit greatly from this desk. This is an exceptionally well-built product that is great for offices with single monitor use

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