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✅ Pros

Call recording including VOIP call recording and live call listening are only available with FlexiSPY Extreme.
Review Pros
The software license you purchase with the app is transferable to any supported phone.
The system allows you to detect some restricted areas and inform you about each frontier crossing.
You can take pictures with camera remotely.
They are ready to help you anytime.
It uses GPS to track the phone’s location.
It is a reliable spy app – and has been around for many years.
FlexiSPY promise to answer all tickets within 24 hours.
Flexispy runs in the background which makes it really difficult to disable, which is a good security feature.
You can choose, which applications and activities have to be monitored and when the logs should be uploaded.
They are round the clock available to serve its clients’ with the live chat support and email service.
FlexiSPY is compatible with a number of devices.
You can record any call you want, you can even go to the settings to make the app record all the calls from a particular number or contact.
Every keystroke typed on the target phone is captured.
You can remotely take screenshots of the apps they use.
You can transfer your license to any device.
It is compatible with the main OSs.
FlexiSPY also offers a 10-day money-back guarantee for users who are not completely satisfied with their products.
They have a cheaper version to compete with other apps.
The FlexiSPY customer support is without doubt up there with the best online monitoring support service we have encountered to date.
It is easy to install and use.
FlexiSPY offers a 14 day no questions asked refund policy.
The recorded voice is very good quality.
In case someone uninstalled the app or altered the configuration you will know it first.
Most advertised features worked very well.
It has compatibility with almost all devices.
Quick installation is offered.
Customer support is free and you can contact them at any time.
If you use wire-transfer or Bitcoin as payment methods, a 10% discount will be available for you.
With FlexiSPY GPS location feature, you can see all the places the target phone visited.
It has the capability to allow you to listen to phone conversations, and to read all emails and texts.
The spy license can be transferred on any cross platform device.
Flexispy lets you track the monitored phone and display its location in real time on a map.
Installation was easy with remote installation service.
GPS and other tracking capabilities can help you locate the target phone if it ever gets lost or stolen.
Installation wizard not only leads you through all the steps, but it will also guide you through all the things you should do and how to do it.
Of all the spy apps we’ve tested FlexiSPY offers one of the simplest and most intuitive user interfaces.
The purchase of the FlexiSPY app goes through a trustworthy system so the process is fast, easy and secure.
If you’ve purchased a FlexiSpy, you may easily track the phone calling activity and receive comprehensive reports via email.
Flexispy comes with 10 day money back guarantee.
FlexiSPY is undetectable to all the major anti-virus apps and task killer programs.
They provide a handy installation wizard that guides you through everything you need to do to setup your phone and the target phone.
You can set up text or email alerts that will notify you if the phone sends or receives messages with certain words.
Support is responsive and helpful.
It doesn’t leave any traces of the back log files or suspicious files that can be viewed by visiting the task manager option.
It is so easy to get the full access to SMS, MMS, e-mail and other text messages on the smartphone with Android or other OS.
You can secretly listen in to a live phone call.
They have a 10 day full refund policy and they honor it.
Call Recording lets you record both incoming and outgoing calls.
Flexible subscription plans are available.
The software has no recognizable files and will not show up in the application list or the task manager.
It is user friendly and they have an installation service.
The software captures the activity you chose to monitor.
There is 24/7 live support for the users who have any questions.
if you do have questions, you can use the company’s online live chat support to ask a customer representative.
The Call Interception feature adds you as a silent listener to a phone call.
FlexiSPY offers you completely integrated real-time updates.
FlexiSPY have created an Installation Wizard to guide you through the process.
FlexiSPY can be used on a whole host of different mobile devices.
They are one of the best at support issues.
You can also record any phone call to or from the target phone.
They offer discounts for customers who purchase two or more licenses.
It comes with an installation wizard – which guides you easily through the installation process.
Flexispy prides itself in being 100% undetectable.
It comes with ambient recorder.
This app stays well hidden in your target’s smartphone thus giving no clue to him/her about being monitored.
Flexispy allow GPS location tracking as well.
Recording device surrounding is available.
The installation process is also very simple.
It shares an User Friendly Interface along with an installation wizard that easily walk you through the installation process.
FlexiSPY takes customer service seriously and this has earned them the #1 ranking in the industry.
Flexispy’s logging capabilities provide the most value to users.
FlexiSPY website also has a lot of helpful tutorials, articles, and videos that can walk you through the whole process if you get stuck.
They have a 10 day full refund policy and they honor it.
You can read the passcodes & passwords contained in Android and iOS devices.

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❌ Cons

You’ll have to perform a jailbreak or a rooting on the target Android or iOS device to be able to monitor it.
In comparison to their rivals, the Extreme package appears rather expensive.
FlexiSPY lacks one feature Geo-Fencing which alerts you when the target visits a restricted area.
Their call recording version is more expensive than other spy software programs.
The Premium package does not allow for call interception, call recording, or ambient noise recording.
GPS-based features requires a lot of data.
You can’t install on iOS unless that’s jailbroken.
It is obligatory to Jailbreak an iPhone to install this monitoring application or for instance any of the third party application.
It is unable to block numbers.
It is not perfect for web monitoring because it only sends you the history.
There are no additional resources such as a knowledgebase or a user manual readily available if you need additional help.
If you are looking to monitor a cell phone for a short period of time and the basic reporting features are all you need then FlexiSPY probably isn’t the best option for you.
FlexiSPY doesn’t offer discount codes frequently.
They have a pushy installation service team.
FlexiSPY doesn’t renew your subscription automatically.
iPhone’s must be Jailbroken – which is not possible for the latest models right now.
It is pricey for many.
$349 bucks is a bit steep in today’s economy.
This software lacks the ability to block numbers and websites from the smartphone.
It is expensive, but good things cost money.
File size (20MB) takes a little bit more space than most of the other spy apps.
FlexiSPY costs more than most spy apps.
There is no option to set alerts and notifications if any inappropriate content is stored on the device either.
FlexiSPY app price is the little bit higher.
Many clients complain about the inconvenient support.

⚖️ Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about FlexiSPY below.

Review Summaries
Flexispy has got basic features of mobile tracking software but it definitely lacks some features other applications have. The application is easy to download, operate and it has got pretty friendly interface. One more distinction that should be taken into consideration is the price. It is rather high for the application, from our point of view. However, taking into account that Flexispy is offers such powerful feature as live call interception and recording – it might be worth it; some users definitely choose this product because of this capacity only.
FlexiSPY app has a developer team which works hard in the past and that is why this spy app still stays the most sophisticated tracking system in the world. It is also one of the reasons why I recommend this app as the most advanced solution.There are many new apps that promise a lot but provide very little. FlexiSPY app has long past and the company still lives stronger than ever.
FlexiSPY is the most comprehensive of all the apps we tested, but in terms of value we still consider mSpy the best option. mSpy’s pricing is a bit better and their technical support is top notch.
Without any doubts FlexiSPY is the finest application that can be used to watchdog your red marked person at any time and anywhere. With its multitude Cell Phone and Tablet Monitoring Aspects you can easily keep track of your Children and Employees. From the basic aspects to its unique call Intercepting feature and Password cracking feature, It caters all the desired options to let you monitor the implied person then and there.
Flexispy is adequate cell phone parental control software if activity logs are the most important feature to you. You will not receive any advanced functionality with this smartphone software, but you will be able to view all calls, text messages and emails sent and received on the device. Not only are the logging features a benefit to using this software, but Flexispy is also compatible with Android, Symbian, Windows and BlackBerry devices.
Effective digital parenting is a skill. You can learn how to recognize fake online friends and teach your kid to be careful when texting with strangers. With modern parental controls like FlexiSPY, you can prevent real danger. Another reason to use FlexiSPY software is to monitor your employees. If you are in charge of a large company or corporation, you know it’s not easy to control everything and everyone.
FlexiSPY delivered on what they promised. Installation was simple, they were transparent about compatibility and limitations. Their knowledgebase and support were helpful, and overall I found the product to be easy to use. Therefore I recommend FlexiSPY for anyone wanting to monitor their phone.
FlexiSpy may be a little expensive, but it has flexible subscription plans. No doubt; as per the spy market, FlexiSpy is one of the most FLEXIBLE spying apps ever! Its advanced features like giving users the ability to record and listen to calls and do call interception are not common, not many spy tools provide such advanced features. So given that one has some tech knowledge and can deal with rooting and jailbreaking, Flexispy is a great option to pick.
The Extreme version is the only one of its kind at the moment – if you really need the ability to record calls etc. you have no other choice. It is expensive, but good things cost money! If standard monitoring is all that you need then it is a straight race between Flexispy, and mSpy – all in a similar price range at least for yearly contracts. They do differ in the features and services they can monitor so there is no quick answer – you need to look at each one and pick the features that matter most to you.
FlexiSPY stand out is their design and ease of installation and use, and their support. They have led the way with top support for quite a while. The information on their site is second to none, and when you really need help you can get someone quickly.
FlexiSPY is an exceptional piece of online monitoring software. It is a standout provider in the field and at the present time is offering features that no other provider has. FlexiSPY offers a user-friendly online desktop, a huge range of functions, and a reliable service. Importantly, as a company based outside the USA, they also hold a big practical advantage over many competitors as well.
Flexispy is an amazing product. No other company offers as many monitoring features as Flexispy. However, with such a great product comes a high price. For $349 dollars you really need to make sure that all the monitoring features outlined in this review are needed.
FlexiSPY costs more than most spy apps, but then it also gives you more features, better performance, and superior support. If you’re willing to pay a bit more for a premium experience, the FlexiSPY Extreme is your best choice.
The bottom line is, FlexiSPY truly is the ideal option for professionals and those who take monitoring seriously. Especially if you have the ability to spend considerably more money on it than other apps. But the others best check out some other spy apps like mSpy, or Cocospy. Trust me, I’ve tried them all, and even without the ability to listen on live calls. You can pretty much find out whatever you need from social media and texts alone.
In our article, we’ve tried to highlight essential features and options you may get with the FlexiSpy tracker. We are sure that staff works hard to simplify our lives and make them more comfortable. When you use their products, you can be sure that you get high-quality and reliable software.

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