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✅ Pros

Florasis products are true piece of impressive art worthy of a prime spot on any vanity.
Review Pros
The remarkable designs emphasized in every Florasis product speaks volumes.
Florasis typically has very luxurious packaging.
You can get gifts on orders over $140.
Some of these eye shadows can be used for contouring, blush, and highlight, so it counts as a face palette too.
They also have a loyalty program.
Multi-functional shades are available.
This palette is mutli-functional.
Even the inner flaps of the cardboard box were lovely and theatrical.
It has eye-catching packaging.
The palette was nestled in a tightly fitting plastic bubble wrap pouch that allowed the palette to travel from China to Massachusetts without incident.
Shipping was free.
It offers a wide range of cosmetics and luxurious gift sets.
Both the case and the peacock carved pans are stunning.
The shipping box was the most beautiful shipping box I have ever received.
In addition to being visually stunning, Florasis offers a comprehensive range covering all of one’s cosmetic needs.
Highly-pigmented glitters are available.
Their products have stellar craftsmanship and design.
The powder products present throughout this collection are of the highest quality and sit beautifully on the skin.
The carefully chosen colors throughout the line encourages the creation of varying looks ranging in intensity and style.
Free international shipping is available over $40.

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❌ Cons

It can be tricky to blend.
I also don’t think anyone wants to see glass listed as an ingredient in their makeup.
Applying with a brush was tricky because it wants to stick and dry to the bristles.

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Review Summaries
I am happy with the results of this palette but I wish the blue shade wasn’t in this because it contains PET (plastic glitter) which isn’t safe to use in the eye area. I also don’t think anyone wants to see glass listed as an ingredient in their makeup.
Whether you’re looking to dress your eyes, lips or skin in a veil of color, Florasis has you covered with their impressive product catalog.
I knew nothing about the brand except that this was the most gorgeously presented and packaged makeup I had ever seen. Florasis (HUAXIZI) explores wisdoms in traditional beauty rituals, inherits the philosophy of Chinese aesthetics and adopts modern technologies in creating our cosmetic products.
This Florasis makeup review highly recommends the brand. We love how they proudly take inspiration from traditional Chinese stories and incorporate cultural references into every product. Florasis makeup truly delivers products that are not only beautiful on the outside but perform well too.
The Florasis Floral Engraving Odey Makeup Palette has sparked my creativity. I am 100 percent a neutral color girl, but the blue shade in this palette has me mesmerized. The designs are captivating, and the shade range allows you to create natural and bold looks alike.

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