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✅ Pros

It has a great design.
Review Pros
Thanks to very slight movement of the Level, I still need to keep my balance.
The Original is hand cast aluminum and the Plane uses recycled plastic and tired to form their base.
FluidStance protects the deck top with a low-emitting finish for hardwood floors and the aluminum base is made in a solar-powered facility in California with zero waste.
FluidStance also offers some accessories such as mats to provide protection and some grip to your deck experience as well as a storage option for individual decks.
FluidStance products are less aggressive and almost easier to integrate in your everyday life.
Thanks to the design of the bottom there’s plenty of places to grab it securely while you’re on the go.
FluidStance uses recycled materials and environmentally friendly processes in its products.
You feel more relaxed, alert and awake.
The Level is gorgeous to look at, it is solid to stand on and hold.
It is built to last.
It is well designed and crafted from quality materials.
It looks cool.
There is also a bit of fun factor as well as you routinely will find yourself taking your hands off your desk, engaging your core, and balancing in place.
90% of the production consists of products sourced from the U.S.
It slightly increases heart rate during use.
It is fun to use.
It is made of premium build materials.
All the FluidStance products work in functionally the same way.
It is super stylish.
FluidStance claims to have had the Level independently tested and averaged a 15% increase in heart rate versus sitting.
The company also works with the First Descents charity, giving them 1% of their equity, as well as 1% of sales.
The Plane is made in the US from 100% recycled materials.
It might even serve as a subtle form of workout.
It increases movement during the workday.
Its surface is non-slippery and offers a good grip regardless of whether or not you wear shoes.
Its price is more affordable than any other FluidStance balance board.
The die-cast aluminum base is stunning.
It’s certainly less expensive than a treadmill, provides about the same benefit as a walking desk, and takes up much less space in my already cramped office.
The Plane comes in four colors.
It encourages constant and varied motion in all three dimensions.
Standing on the board makes those really boring repetitive tasks seem less painful.
It offers better circulation, no legs or feet falling asleep.
It is fun.
The deck is solid wood, and bottom is military grade cast aluminum.
It is made of stable and reliable materials.
It is easy to use.
It is of good size.
It has solid build quality.
Time spent standing on the Level amounts to great exercise for muscles people use to balance every day but that most people take for granted.
The made-in-America board comes in four color schemes.
Top is larger and rectangular allowing you to spread your legs more and wide your stance.
It also allows you to balance, fidget, and even pivot while standing on it.
The board is fully recyclable.
It is conservative but modern design fits in with any office decor.
It has ergonomic design.
It has eco-friendly build.
It offers good weight capacity.
It adds a bit of fun, because who doesn’t want to twist around while they answer emails?
The Plane operates in a happy medium between safety and more extreme challenge.
The Level is easy to step onto and balance on.
It encourages good posture.
The wood looks pretty shiny, and the aluminum is die-cut in a very artsy, futuristic way, which makes it a definite conversation piece when in your office or home.
It brings playfulness, motion, and better body positioning to places like work environments where there is inherently less movement.
I was surprised by how freely the deck moved around on carpet, tile and hardwood floors.
If you’re a more sedentary person, who needs to move a little or a lot more for your health, this may be the best thing you can get.
There are three different models of the Level at this time.
The top deck is made of 100 percent recycled low-emitting rubber for both comfort and durability.
It gives your legs and core muscles something to do while standing.
It has solid construction.
It offers increased ROM during the day.
It is easy to use.
These balance boards are very easy to stand on without being boring.
From a design and quality perspective, the Level is certainly worth the price.
The base is molded from high-molecular HDPE.
This little guy is easily within the budget of anyone who’s both addicted to ergonomics and saving the environment.
It has attractive design.
FluidStance products include naturally sourced materials.

❌ Cons

I can’t imagine using it when doing fine Photoshop work or the like.
When I tell people it costs $189, they’re shocked.
It is on the pricey side.
Using on delicate floors, such as wood, could produce scuffing and scratching.
Only the price stops the FluidStance Level from getting 5 stars.
It can be pricey.These boards cost upwards of $200 a piece.
I really couldn’t think of anything, except maybe a chain lock to keep coworkers from borrowing it and not returning it.
The Indiegogo campaign pricing wasn’t cheap.
It’s a bit of an investment.
I’d rather pay for a device that’s likely to help me stay healthy than the healthcare I’d need if I didn’t make such efforts.
It is priced at $429 which is a hell of a lot of money no matter how you swing it.
Weight capacity and deck size could be a bit better.
The FluidStance Level had some problems for users that liked to wear socks, because, without shoes on, it was quite slippery.
You must wear footwear with a grippy sole.
The Level does have a really heavy-duty construction.
It can damage flooring.
It is an expensive product.
It is not ideal for delicate editing, such as masking.
Sometimes the board can shift and travel away from the workstation.
It can slide on surfaces.
There isn’t a good place for you to grip underneath for one-handed carrying.
While I have no doubt that these are very high quality accessories, the price is a bit prohibitory for cost-conscious consumers.
One user voiced his concern about the board’s rough open texture being susceptible to dirt buildup.
At $285, it’s certainly a bit on the spendy side.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Level has become welcome a part of my working life, so yes, I’d get another one. I’d recommend it for anybody who has to work at a desk and can at least take standing breaks. You don’t need to stand on it every working moment the way I do, but working up to that might not be as difficult as it seems.
The FluidStance Level is one of the things you never knew you would want until you try it, but I can honestly say it’s one of the best additions I’ve made to the office since moving to a standing desk in the first place. It is beautiful yes and it makes a statement, but functionally it works really well and really just makes standing more fun.
If you’re someone who chaffs at having to be sitting or standing at a desk while doing work to pay the bills, this may keep the fidgets under control. If you’re a more sedentary person, who needs to move a little or a lot more for your health, this may be the best thing you can get. It’s a bit of an investment, so you may want to try a less expensive model at first like the $189 Plane which is made out of durable recyclable plastic.
Even though my fitness tracker still tells me to move when I’m on the board, I definitely feel as though it’s very beneficial for a myriad of reasons: align posture, relieve stiffness, alleviate boredom. So if you have the money, and appreciate a device that will assist you in maintaining optimal health, the FluidStance Plane is worth a look.
The Plane is The Level balance board’s little brother. Priced at less than a third of the cost, this fully recycled and recyclable product seems like the brand’s best attempt at more affordable design. Just like the other products in the FluidStance collection, The Plane comes with a convex base, which creates a pivot point that allows for omnidirectional movement. Unlike other boards, this one comes in a more utilitarian package that is equally stylish and environmentally-friendly.
Clearly the engineers behind Fluidstance took into consideration a wide range of movements people would be attempting. It’s a great feeling knowing the board won’t slip out from underneath me. I’d prefer not to fly across the room after making one wrong step or loosing balance after sneezing.
We love the fact that the Original is an eco-friendly product. This is a step that many companies are starting to make these days due to growing climate concerns, and Fluidstance is among them. This does cause the price to be higher than a standard balance board, but you are paying for quality of materials, design, and the eco-friendly manufacturing process. Ergonomically it is a well-designed product that focuses on creating movement without creating further problems. Using this balance board in your daily routine will help engage core muscles and create an active standing environment.
If you’re a standing desk user, we highly recommend you check this thing out. At $285, it’s certainly a bit on the spendy side, but if you’re like me and you find it difficult to maintain good standing posture for a sustained period of time, then The Level should definitely be on your radar.
When I first heard about the Level I was fairly skeptical of the device and the price. And when I was sent the Level, I was still skeptical. After a day of using it that skepticism went away, and I am surprised to say that I actually quite like standing on, and working while, standing on the Level.
If you are using a standing desk while using a computer or are looking to introduce more activity into your daily routine, The Level is a great addition to help put a little more movement in your otherwise mostly stationary work day.
The FluidStance Level will change the way you work. I felt more relaxed, alert and awake, when working with it, and the health benefits speak for themselves. Most people will find it easy to use but there is scope to have fun and use it for harder balance training. The bamboo edition is beautifully crafted and adds a cool design element to your office space. Only the price stops the FluidStance Level from getting 5 stars.
FluidStance is definitely worth the splurge. And if you are under 200 pounds, you might not even splurge that much because you can get the FluidStance Plane which costs a little bit more than the small-sized Wurf Board.
I highly recommend either of these decks after going feet-on with The Plane and The Level for anyone who is looking to bring more healthy movement and fun to your daily routine. Although the prices may feel high at first glance, I find the quality and value of FluidStance’s decks are well worth the price, especially when you think about the cost over a period of 10 years or more.
I applaud the ingenuity in coming up with this standing desk aid, but I can’t imagine it will be of use to everyone. But if you have the money, and appreciate a cool-looking, innovative device that will assist you in maintaining optimal health, then maybe the FluidStance is worth a look.
I would definitely recommend this board for those who are concerned about the long-term affects the business of photography can have on their health, want to add practices that will keep their body in good shape, want to add aesthetically pleasing utility items to their workspace, and aren’t willing to settle for a poorly designed product that will wear out quickly. This board is definitely an investment, but one that will last and look great.

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