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✅ Pros

Tyres are skinny but grippy.
Review Pros
The shiny chrome wheels perfectly suit the K10 body.
You get a shiny exterior, complete with chrome bumpers, grille, mirrors, and period-correct wheels.
We think this thing looks really cool.
The aerobatics are straight and solid.
It is very beefy and also has strong push rods.
As prices for everything are still going up, FMS is still doing their best to give the hobby an affordable and durable rig. $159 us great.
It is very easy to assemble and install the parts together.
I found myself wanting to run on more scale accurate drives rather than tough courses, it feels so much more at home with this car.
The dropped bed and roll bar is a nice touch as are the chrome wheels and tires.
The radio transmitter is small in the hand and easy to operate.
The rear of the tray features red brake lights that light up when the vehicle is in reverse.
For a 130 motor it actually goes well thanks to the short gearing.
It can handle stall very well.
It won’t compete with a dedicated crawler but it will surprise you on the surface you can run.
Even with its smaller size the FMS Chevy Apache is easy to work on, along with modifying.
Black plastic door handles and wipers add to the scale detail.
It gives off a Monster Truck/Tough Truck vibe with body bodies looking quite cool in their BIGFOOT/USA1 livery.
The details on the new Chevy Apache are fantastic.
Other than having to install the rear bumper, the new Chevy Apache was ready to hit the trails within 30 mins of its unboxing.
CG spot on with recommended 2200mah 3s 35C lipo, flew extremely well and straight with 3x clicks of elevator up trim.
Just as the other rigs from the FMS family, the Chevy Apache handles great.
Even with the low price point, I can see this being a popular rig for Christmas shoppers.

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❌ Cons

We found the springs under the 4x AAA batteries weren’t stiff enough and the radio would power-cycle and need to reconnect with the vehicle if it was shaken too much.
It is an expensive 1/12 scale RC car.
This is not a car for everyone.
A little bummed that the truck looks good but the tires are hollow (and probably a big harder than we’d like).
There aren’t taillights nor brake lights.

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Review Summaries
Once it have my hand and hold it and flew the FMS F3A EXPLORER it was an eye opening experience and fall in love with it…yeah yeah i know it does look like a fish but it feels great to fly it too..max level of enjoyment. Another master piece in my hangar.
It is an absolutely beautiful replica of the Type82e variant of the VW beetle used in WW2, with this particular paint scheme being from the North African deployment. This alone would not justify the price, it is the design and execution which is second to none and is consistent in quality with what I have seen with other ROCHobby / FMS vehicles. This is not a car for everyone but if you appreciate the look, features and quality then this car would be a worthy addition to your collection.
FMS has the hunger to be one of the top scale rig makers, they keep doing great work and continue to listen to their fan base, we expect big things from FMS in the future. The new Chevy Apache is a testament to the last statement, releasing body styles that no one has before and keeping it scale. The Chevy Apache will make a great addition to anyone’s collection!
This RTR model comes loaded with some great goodies – a 2.4GHz radio system, a metal-geared servo, 130 brushed motor and 2-in-1 receiver/ESC combo and a 2S 380mAh LiPo pack. All of that sits in a tiny truck that includes full ball bearings, planetary gears diffs, portal axles and a two-speed transmission!
The last FMS model we looked at was the Suzuki Jimny. This was a pleasant surprise, with a great mix of hard-body and scale features and able to deliver a reasonable off-road driving experience. This set the expectation for the Chevy K10 reasonably high. Did the K10 deliver? We’re glad to report that it absolutely did! If you’re a fan of 1970s square style pickup trucks and you’re interested in a vehicle in this size, the FMS Chevy K10 should be on your short-list. We really like this thing!

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