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✅ Pros

In hand the hair is insanely detailed and has some excellent coloring to it.
Review Pros
Like with FOCO’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns bobblehead, Pennywise showcases some really nice design that creates a more diorama like piece.
It’s made from handpicked coconuts and contains no added sugar or preservatives so it’s a great alternative to soda or juice.
Pennywise wears very bright, very garish colors, so he’s definitely going to stand out on your shelf.
The sculpt and paint work are very eye catching, melding something bright and cheerful with something menacing and disturbing.
Foco Coconut Water is 100% natural coconut water.
Foco is filled with electrolytes to keep you and your family hydrated all day long.
The work on the portrait here is insanely good.
The Joker comes in an open window box so you can actually see and feel the texture of the figure.
I really love the presence of the ominous sewer building on the bobblehead’s base.
Coming in just a little over 4 inches, the figure really manages to still capture an accurate depiction of the menacing and malevolent villain while still showcasing a unique style.
Foco Coconut Water tastes great and keeps you refreshed.
Fortunately these are very sturdy products as anyone who sees one of these on your shelf is going to want to pick it up and handle it.
It looks quite accurate while also having a bit of caricature to it, befitting it’s bobbleheaded nature.
Foco 100% Pure Coconut Water comes in a resealable container.

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❌ Cons

I love the presence of the balloons but, man, the paintwork on them is messy.
Overall Pennywise’s face paint is pretty good, but the line of separation between the hair and the white makeup is kind of messy, which is unfortunate as this is definitely one of the major areas your eyes are drawn to.

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Review Summaries
Foco 100% Coconut Water is single-sourced and all-natural. It’s preservative, sugar, cholesterol and fat-free, and it’s not made from concentrate. Whether you’re at home, school, or on-the-go, Foco Coconut Water tastes great and keeps you refreshed!
In a market crowded with stylized “vinyl” figures, it’s tough to stand out. With Eekeez, FOCO has indeed managed to create a product that stands out. With the very cool Tiki aesthetic, great paintwork, and some excellent sculpting, FOCO has crafted something that feels a step above most of what is being offered in this scale and style.
The composition of the piece is definitely one of the strongest elements. The weakest is the paintwork, however, as it suffers on the hairline and on the balloons. If FOCO can tighten up their paint applications, I think they could attract even more attention in the future as creators of pretty cool licensed bobbleheads and statues. This is a Good and a 1/2 collectible and should definitely satisfy fans of the character who demand something colorful and disturbing for their displays.

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