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Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

Pairing it with your device and getting a good signal isn’t difficult.
Review Pros
The biggest positive is the multitude of ways that it can be used.
Mushin training drills teaches you how to achieve and and maintain an optimum state during the shot routine and swing.
You can review your progress at myfocusband.com.
It can quantify the Mental Process, by each position, rep & session.
Using the FocusBand with the training app is one way to learn to calm your mind.
You can measure and train the mental process during the shot routine.
You can learn where your mental blockages are occurring during the shot routine.
FocusBand does offer live customer support.

❌ Cons

The app is average in terms of engagement.
Retailing for around $500, the FocusBand is certainly not something you’re going to see in every teaching pro’s arsenal anytime soon.
It’s also not a realistic purchase for the average golfer.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Despite extensive testing with FocusBand, I can’t come to a clear thumbs up or down recommendation. I think it’s a very interesting piece of technology, but the on-course payoff is unlikely to be immediate, if it exists at all. There are numerous PGA Pros using the FocusBand.
NeuroSkill Golf is the world’s first app providing shot routine Digital Golf Lessons. It digitally guides the user through the mental process. It is used in conjunction with the FocusBand Brain Sensing Headband, it simultaneously trains the mental and physical process.