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✅ Pros

I saw more of a difference in the thickness of the hairs and some increased length.
Review Pros
It works on the rejuvenation of hair follicles.
All the ingredients present in the serum are clean and toxin-free.
The serum is oil-free and is also non-sticky.
It helps to restore lashes from a thin and sparse state.
It is cruelty-free and 100 percent pure.
Their serum are hypoallergenic, organic, and environmentally friendly.
It is cruelty-free.
It does not feel heavy and doesn’t irritate the eyes.
The brush given with the serum is highly user-friendly, and you can easily apply the serum with it.
It reduces hair loss and strengthens hair follicles.
The ForChics brow serum is painless.
It goes on smoothly.
As the serum comes with the applicator, it is very much easy to use the product.
The serum shows results in 2 weeks and can reach its full potential in 4 weeks.
It has the efficacy of plant botanicals, vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids.
It fixes your problems from the roots and replenishes your hair follicles.
There are definitely more hairs there now than there were before.
The product feels very light.
It contains no harsh chemicals and hormones.
The ForChics team puts their products to extensive research.
It comes with a moneyback guarantee.
The serum claims to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free and also has all plant-based ingredients.
I really like the packaging.
It can give you richer, longer, and fuller brows in just a few weeks.
The mix of proteins in the serum stimulates hair growth and gives you thicker lashes.

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❌ Cons

Many users have reported no change in their lashes or hair fall from the lashes.
You do need to be aware that hair growth serums will never bring back to life dead hair follicles.
From the official site, it comes for around $29, which is not a very reasonable price if we consider the amount and number of times it is used.
The eyelashes that are grown from this serum are not going to stay there forever.
Users have reported visible results after two months.
It often causes discoloration of eyelids.
Allergic reactions caused by the product may lead to redness and itchiness of the eyes.
My lashes exceeded my expectations however the brows I wish has more improvement.
The serum is not the same for all.
A lot of users complaint that their serum started to give a foul smell after a month, while there were a few cases where the serum gave a bad smell right after the 3rd week.
Some said it was only visible if they clicked a picture and not directly to their eyes.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
This might be a great product for the ones, who does not mind spending a lot from their pocket. If you are having some really serious problem with eyelashes and they need some urgent care, and if you don’t mind spending some extra money, this serum is for you.
Forchics knows your needs. So, it has presented creations that have earned much praise from its users. They are so easy to use!
If you are looking for healthier and nourishing solutions for your eyebrows and eyelashes, then Forchics is the brand for you. Caring for your eyebrow hair and lashes permanently and not fixing it temporarily is a step up in the hair care game. It rejuvenates and replenishes your hair follicles too.
The ForChics team puts their products to extensive research, and we are confident that you will like the finished product as much as we do. They are confident in their ability to create some of the most creative goods in the world, and they aim to back that up with a risk-free 30-Day money back Assurance.
I am very happy with my final result so far. My lashes exceeded my expectations however the brows I wish has more improvement. I plan to continue using and seeing how it plays out – I also plan the get a lash lift and tint once salons open because I have a feeling it’s going to look absolutely stunning after my results with ForLash.
I’m not necessarily saying that this is the best eyebrow hair growth serum on the market (I haven’t tried them all) but it does work, and with a money back guarantee it is one of the safer options to give a go. In fact, I was so impressed by this product, that I have decided to add to my list of future reviews their eyelash growth serum too.

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