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✅ Pros

You do not need to worry about the purity of Foria products since lab reports are more than satisfactory.
Review Pros
Unlike most disposable vape pens on the market, Flow CBD Vaporizer is also reusable.
They use THC free, broad spectrum CBD extract.
Prompt, friendly customer service responds to inquiries quickly and politely.
Foria is at the forefront of CBD products geared toward feminine and sexual health.
It always uses other organic ingredients whenever possible.
Foria Wellness CBD products are some of the first of their kind on the market.
Foria believes that there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to your body and both mental and physical health.
Foria sources pure, sustainably-sourced Colorado hemp in its CBD extract.
Their formulas use only the purest ingredients, including US-sourced, organically-grown hemp that’s lab-tested for purity from pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, and other contaminants.
Vaporizers are uniquely reusable, something you won’t find in the average vape CBD pen.
Free shipping is available on orders over $50.
All products are made out of a foundation of broad-spectrum CBD from sun-grown hemp.
No matter your mood or your needs, these formulas are available in a wide variety of formats.
They help women relieve discomfort during their period, removing local inflammation.
The brand is designed to help women with delicate issues.
It offers high-quality products that don’t break the bank in cost.
Their products are designed especially for your body to renew and to make you instantly feel comfortable.
There is 14-day customer satisfaction guarantee after the initial purchase.
All ingredients are natural and organic, tested for purity and delivered in state-of-the-art glass and ceramic cores.
It has women-centered product options.
It is the first CBD brand focused on pleasure and wellness.
Foria’s mission is to provide the purest CBD possible and combine it with nature’s other powerhouses to benefit the lives of people everywhere, especially women.
Foria has been an innovator in non-psychoactive cannabinoid products.
They have USA grown hemp.
Foria’s vaporizer not only tastes incredible but also provides calming relief within just a few minutes.
They offer totally innovative CBD products.

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❌ Cons

The oil, in rare cases, might cause allergic reactions and is incompatible with latex.
No free shipping option is available.
The product selection is not that diverse.
Money-back guarantee is only 14 days, though that builds confidence that the product is likely effective at least.
They are still building out product line, so some products may be sold out.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Foria Wellness stands out amongst competitors for its keen objective of merging CBD products with female sexual health. This mission has led them to create some unique products you won’t find anywhere else from a company with a purpose unlike anyone else’s. Foria Wellness may not necessarily be your go-to for everyday CBD products. However, they will be the go-to for women looking to improve both their sexual and overall health.
For women focused products like CBD-infused suppositories and arousal oil, Foria is one of the best brands on the market. They enlist the help of a professional herbalist to formulate some of their products in order to maximize their synergistic effect, which they accomplish by incorporating other beneficial plant botanicals. This company is also very focused on their customers, and offer open lines of communication to their customer service team for anyone who is curious to learn more about their products.
Meet the famous CBD brand originally made for women. Foria dramatically hit the scene by introducing a cannabis tampon for menstrual relief and a THC infused arousal lubricant for women. Since, they have developed non-THC products featuring their pure CBD extract, organic MCT oil sourced solely from coconuts, and other organic plant-based ingredients to boost the wellness of everyone, not just the ladies. We are impressed by Foria’s sustainable business practices and their exciting, unique product offerings.
Foria products are created to facilitate your life, let you live it to the fullest, and discover new experiences and sensations. Organically grown industrial hemp embodied in the highest-quality topicals, supplements, Foria weed lube, and many more products will not leave you indifferent. Don’t hesitate to make a purchase and you will see how well your body responds to it.
Foria Wellness may not be the first company to offer CBD and CBD-enriched products, but they’re certainly the first company to offer such a broad variety of products that are uniquely tailored to treating the whole person. Besides Foria Wellness, similar CBD companies include Medterra, cbdMD, and Green Roads World.
Foria’s products are made of only the highest-quality, American-grown organic hemp and formulated to help us (and our partners) live our lives to the fullest. If you want to take your sexual pleasure to the next level, say goodbye to period pains, and help your body achieve optimal health and balance, look no further than Foria.

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